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The Pantheon by Silverback1 The Pantheon by Silverback1
the worlds most powerful superteam from my Macroverse lineup, left to right - 

Collision - newest member of their team, Colin Cameron possess immense kinetic power, able to both absorb and redirect kinetic energy, happy to be recruited to the ranks of the most famous superheroes in the world
Redline - a speedster who's abilities make him a deadly force in battle, as quick witted as he is fleet of foot
Aura - a ruthless woman who's personal energy field allows her to distort the laws of physics within the radius of her 'aura', she is fiercely loyal to Jonathan Silver.
Engine - the most sophisticated weapon of war in the world, with a list of separate weapon systems that range from crowd control to planet killers - his appearance on the battlefield causes even the most powerful of villians to 
             second guess themselves.
Jonathan Silver - the smartest man in the world, an expert hand to hand combatant armed with a personal armoury - creator of Engine and founder of the Pantheon, recognised by the world as the leader of the most potent 
                         destructive force on earth and a man completely unafraid to use that to his complete advantage both financially and in the corridors of power.
Violet - mystic mistress of the magical arts, Violet is a woman who's power stems from the umbral realms - a sorceress of extreme power, few mystics of the world would dare challenge her
Erebus - a primodial god of darkness, bored after eons of inactivity and now pleased to be once more worshipped as a part of the Pantheon - his superhuman strength and shadowform constructs and minions rarely see him 
             pressed in battle. 

The Pantheon are the most famous and most powerful superteam of my Macroverse continuity, they are very much the 'you've come to our world to wage war. now you die.' types, ruthless and expedient and utterly effective.
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August 15, 2017
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