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Top Process Meter - Gadgets Patch 5.2.0

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Top Process Meter Gadgets inspired by the well-known Windows Sidebar gadgets.

The Top Process Meter Gadgets monitor the CPU, GPU, RAM, and I/O utilization of the top 10 processes on your computer, with styling to match the Gadgets suite.

These gadgets uses the Rainmeter 4.2 UsageMonitor plugin, and as a result do not have the performance problems and functional limitations associated with plugins in earlier versions of Rainmeter. UsageMonitor also is not affected by locale, and will work with any language.

Download the latest version here (5.2.0)

Top Process Meter on GitHub
Gadgets on GitHub

  • Displays 1 to 10 top processes, ordered by CPU/GPU/RAM/IO utilization.
  • Displays the amount of memory used by each process.
  • Displays graph of total CPU/GPU/RAM/IO utilization (optional).
  • Shows Resource Monitor when gadget is double-clicked.
  • Scales to any desired size.

*** Requires Rainmeter 4.3.1 or later. ***
Top GPU Meter requires Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update (v1709) or later.

*** NOTE ***
The installer is in the form of a patch, which will patch your existing Gadgets installation. If you don't have the Gadgets suite installed, these will install as standalone skins.

Version History
5.2.0 - 2020-01-28:
  • Revised all gadgets to use new default positioning options (requires Rainmeter 4.4).
  • Added Top IO Meter (contributed by djamman).

5.1.0 - 2019-07-13:
  • Revised Settings skins button appearance due to changes in Rainmeter 4.3.0.

5.0.0 - 2018-12-21:
  • Corrected issue in Top GPU Meter where usage percentage would exceed 100%.

4.1.1 - 2018-07-08:
  • Added Top GPU Meter and Top RAM Meter.  Renamed Top Process Meter to Top CPU Meter.
  • Corrected Settings to prevent long text entries from displaying outside the bounds of textboxes.

4.1.0 - 2018-04-27:
  • Initial release.

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felipetorrentsProfessional Digital Artist

I used this meter for the last year and it suddenly stopped working since I updated to 18363 version of windows 10. The log says "UsageMonitor crashed trying to update the PIDs". The graphs keep drawing but the lists are empty. What could it be?

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Huh, that's interesting.  UsageMonitor is Rainmeter's plugin for process monitoring.  Sounds like your PerfMon database is corrupted.  This sometimes happens, it's not too unusual.  Fortunately, there is a pretty simple fix.  See this post here:…
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felipetorrentsProfessional Digital Artist

That fixed it. Thank you!!

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yash1331Student Artist
Is there a way to display total GPU usage percentage like it shows in the task manager or the gpu software (afterburner/radeon software) WITHOUT installing any 3rd party software?

I tried UsageMonitor but the values don't match up with either of those so IDK which one is accurate......same with the VRAM usage as well. 
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To my knowledge, the only way to do that would be with HWiNFO.  So, no.... :(
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yash1331Student Artist
I got the info from task manager/perfmon by that plugin so at least it'll be 'accurate' if compared to task manager right after I commented here. Thanks for such fast response anyways :D
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Any chance we'll be able to use network mapped hard drives?

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Not with any of the Process Meter gadgets....

(I kid, I kid! :))  The Drives Meter doesn't show network drives because there is nothing to monitor.  You can see the disk size and space available and that's it.  You can't see read or write activity, amount of data read/written, or anything else, because Windows itself doesn't have this data available.  It's not even available with HWiNFO.  Personally, I find the usefulness of this skin is in seeing disk activity; I really don't care about disk space unless the drive is getting full.  You CAN fairly easily edit the skin to force network drives to be visible, but it will require a lot of additional modifications to turn off the associated measures that monitor drive activity.

All that said, I'm open to suggestion, so the idea isn't off the table completely.
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The digital clock doesnt show the time to new year, its in 0

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Correct.  You need to set the event countdown to a time that you want; the time that is set is just a default example.  Click the wrench icon to open the Settings, then click the Configure alarms... link.  Select an Event Name and enter the date and time you want, like "2021-01-01 00:00:00".  If you are using an old version of the Gadgets, or installed over an older version, the event timer will be whatever was set previously.
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Can't download this patch, a click on the Download button starts to download an empty .htm file... Very strange. Right click and "Save Link as..." doesn't work either.

Never mind. A forced refresh of this page (ctrl-f5) resolved the issue... :)

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Unknow0059Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm... It would be convenient if the RAM meter had percentages as well.
It's just inconsistent.
It's important to note I would not actually benefit from this since I don't use Rainmeter, just pointing it out.
Bazzakar's avatar

For some reason only the Weather Meter Stopped working

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Please don't post this on the Top Process Meter page.  See this:…
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2dev-artistsHobbyist General Artist

Excuse me but I can't see any download link😥

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It's in the same place as it is on every DeviantArt page.  However, DA recently changed the site in a way that might make it harder to find, depending on your browser and site preferences.  Also I have seen ads that pop over the button and hide it, so if that is the case, you might want to try a blocker.  Depending on your browser, look for the download icon below the main image (between the "share" and "more actions" icons), or it is a big "Download" button in the right-hand pane (if not covered up with an ad).
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I'm really using this well. 

But it would be better if displays 1 to 20 top processes.

Please fix displays 1 to 20 top processes.
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Just discovered this Gadget Patch! 
Really cool stuff!
I have the Gadgets 5.0.0 installed and installed the patch on top. 
All works great except for Top GPU Meter which is blank. 
Can't figure out where to edit? 
The GPU Meter from Gadgets 5.0.0 works perfectly. 
Any info is much appreciated! 

Read the RainMeter log file and I see this: This plugin is not supported on other platforms than Windows 10
The other Top gadgets have the same error but they seems to work? 
I'm on Win7 x64 - Rainmeter x64

Best regards
SilverAzide's avatar
Oh, sorry to hear this.  I was not aware of this issue (or forgot).  These Gadgets use Rainmeter's built-in UsageMonitor plugin.  However, certain features of this plugin require Windows 10:…

Category: GPU Engine | Counter: Utilization Percentage
Percentage of GPU usage of each process, across all GPU engines.
Note: Requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later.

I will need to document this more clearly and add some checks in the gadget to warn people about this.  Sorry about that!  The GPU Meter in particular uses a feature that is new to Windows 10; before that, the ability to see GPU usage at the process level did not exist.
redorbroder's avatar
OK! Thanks for the info. At some point I guess I have to take the plunge into Win10... 
But I hesitate, I hate cold baths... 
It would have been a cool bonus though using the Gadgets Patch, still, I'm very happy with Gadgets 5! 
Thanks and best regards!
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Hi, SilverAzide. Great work.
Found the different colours for each process line a bit distracting though. So I set all to the same colour.
On further thought, I recall the Firefox extension, Download Manager (S3), using different colours to depict different download speed ranges. So if you could also give more meaning to the use of colours by setting different colours for different CPU usage ranges, it will be even better.
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I'm impressed, many measures while remaining light weight.  I had to move from the glasses skin because not being updated for a long time it seems to use the old method of accessing system data and was using more than its fair share.
Only gripe is no ui scaling, not sure if that's a thing in rainmeter.
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Glad you like it... by the way, you can scale this gadget to any size you want.  Click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the skin and change the Size option to whatever you like; e.g., 1.25 for 125% larger.  Enjoy!
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Thanks so much, I've been wanting a top 10 process meter by CPU usage.

But also I want a 10 top processes meter by ram usage.

I'm looking forward to make you 10 top processes meter by memory usage.^^
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