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Gadgets 5.1.0
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Published: March 26, 2015
System monitoring gadgets inspired by the well-known Windows Sidebar gadgets.

Arguably, some of the best and most popular Vista and Windows 7 Gadgets for system monitoring were done by Unfortunately, with the deprecation of the Gadget platform and outright banning of gadgets by some corporate policies, these gadgets have become obsolete. Gadgets aren't supported in Windows 8 or Windows 10 without hacks and workarounds and often they break after applying Windows Updates.

I've searched everywhere to find equivalent gadgets, and finally found one on the Rainmeter forums, the "All CPU Meter" skin, by James Musix. The skin never made it out of beta, so I've completed his original work and expanded the suite to include a number of the most widely used gadgets.

All CPU Meter
  • Displays CPU utilization for 1 to 64 logical cores.
  • Displays processor model and clock speed.
  • Shows used, free, and total RAM available.
  • Shows used, free, and total page file available (optional).
  • Shows core temperatures (optional, requires CoreTemp, SpeedFan, or HWiNFO; more info here).
  • Shows CPU fan speed (optional, requires SpeedFan, or HWiNFO; more info here).*
  • Displays graphical line chart of CPU utilization, with RAM and page file percent usage.
  • Shows Task Manager when gadget is double-clicked.
  • Scales to any desired size.

Drives Meter
  • Displays disk information for up to 26 physical drives (fixed and removable only). Gadget dynamically adjusts to handle adding and removing drives.
  • Shows used, free, and total disk space available.
  • Displays percent disk utilization for each drive, plus the total.
  • Shows throughput for each drive (read and write).
  • Shows total bytes read/written since bootup for each drive on mouseover (optional).*
  • Displays disk throughput graph.
  • Displays disk time percentage histogram (optional).
  • Drive space bar graph changes color when disks are nearing capacity.*
  • Shows Explorer when gadget is double-clicked.
  • Opens drive in Explorer (or runs any user-defined command) when disk label is clicked.*
  • Scales to any desired size.

Network Meter
  • Shows data for all or selected network interfaces (info).
  • Displays internal and external IP addresses.
  • Displays peak network throughput.*
  • Shows inbound and outbound throughput in bits/sec and bytes/sec.
  • Displays graphical chart of inbound and outbound network activity. Does not require guesstimating your network speed, chart dynamically scales to handle both LAN and WAN traffic.
  • Shows statistics for the current session and the total to date.
  • Indicates internet connectivity.
  • Animated network icon shows network activity (in/out/both/neither/disconnected).*
  • Performs external IP address and location lookup.
  • Shows Network and Sharing Center when gadget is double-clicked.
  • Includes dedicated Wireless Network gadget for monitoring wireless activity.
  • Scales to any desired size.

Network Meter Pro
A precision network monitor with all the features of Network Meter, plus:
  • More accurate network interface statistics monitoring, including data when Rainmeter is not running or no user is logged into the system.
  • Not affected by Rainmeter restarts/refreshes.
  • Not affected by network adapter configuration changes.
  • Includes dedicated Wireless Network Pro gadget for monitoring wireless activity.
  • Note: Requires installation of a Windows service (included).

GPU Meter
  • Displays GPU model and clock speed (requires HWiNFO; more info here).
  • Shows used, free, and total RAM available, with memory clock speed.
  • Shows GPU temperature, core load, and core voltage.
  • Shows GPU fan speed and percent utilization.
  • Displays graphical line chart of RAM, core load, temperature, and fan usage.
  • Multiple GPU Meters provided to allow monitoring more than one GPU (for dedicated GPUs and 2-way SLI-equipped systems; for 4-way SLI systems, see info).*
  • Scales to any desired size.

Weather Meter
  • Displays the current weather for any location from The Weather Channel.
  • Displays data in metric or standard units.
  • Shows current temperature, forecast high and low temperatures, "feels like" temperature, current conditions, current location and station, humidity, visibility, barometric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and chance of precipitation.
  • Shows current sunrise and sunset times, day length, and sun angle.
  • Shows current moonrise and moonset times, moon phase and description.
  • Shows complete 5 day forecast in a "flyout" window.
  • Shows severe weather alerts for the current location.*
  • Includes additional language translations: Bulgarian, Czech, English (GB), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Serbian (SP), Slovak, Spanish (SP), Swedish, Ukrainian (info, source here).
  • Supports having multiple Weather Meters to allow monitoring more than one location (info).
  • Scales to any desired size.
  • Includes variant gadget in a smaller size; expands to full size on mouseover.

Battery Meter
  • Displays the current battery status, including time remaining and current percentage remaining.
  • Shows current voltage, charge and discharge rates, current and maximum charge capacity.
  • Shows battery manufacturer/model.
  • Displays power in either watts or milliamps.
  • Supports automatic failover on systems having multiple batteries.*
  • Shows Power Options when gadget is double-clicked.*
  • Scales to any desired size.
  • Includes variant gadget that works with HWiNFO.

  • Based on LuaCalendar, styled to match the Gadget suite.*
  • Supports localized month/day names automatically.
  • Scales to any desired size.
  • Includes variant gadget that shows the current day, similar to the original Windows Sidebar gadget.

  • Digital Clock displays time, date, day, week, and quarter of the year.
  • Shows computer uptime and session logon time (optional).
  • Shows configurable event countdown with customizable sound (optional).
  • Includes configurable chime and multiple alarms with customizable sounds (optional).
  • Supports Windows localized or custom time and date formats.
  • Supports world times, can be adjusted for time zones and daylight saving time.
  • Supports having multiple clocks to allow monitoring time in multiple locations (info).
  • Scales to any desired size.
  • Includes Analog Clock variant, styled to match the Gadget suite.*
  • Includes clocks ported from the original Windows Vista/Windows 7 Sidebar gadgets.

...get even more Gadgets!*

*Feature not part of original gadgets.

*** Requires Rainmeter 4.2 or later. ***
*** Requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later. ***

Version History
5.1.0 - 2019-07-13: Enhanced Weather Meter to add Swedish translations. (Thanks Redorbroder!)
                    Corrected Weather Meter sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset times.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter CPU icon for Pentium CPUs.
                    Corrected Digital Chronometer to show proper week number.
                    Revised Digital Chronometer and Weather Meter to show day and month names in proper case in all locales.
                    Revised Settings skins button appearance due to changes in Rainmeter 4.3.0.
                    Enhanced ActiveNet plugin to enable retrieving a network adapter's operational status.
5.0.0 - 2019-01-03: Reuploaded .rmskin to correct packaging error.
5.0.0 - 2018-12-21: Revised Calendar to handle issue where auto-configuration could fail in rare cases.
                    Enhanced All CPU Meter to support AMD Threadripper 32-core (64-thread) CPUs.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter Lua script to properly configure the skin on machines with multiple physical CPUs.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter to show proper CPU clock speed when using CoreTemp.
                    Corrected ActiveNet plugin to properly calculate threads per core on machines with multiple physical CPUs.
                    Enhanced Weather Meter so severe weather alert icon is color-coded by significance.
                    Enhanced Drives Meter to show total bytes read/written since bootup for each drive on mouseover.
                    Enhanced GPU Meter to show RAM usage on AMD GPUs (requires HWiNFO v5.80 or later and recent AMD GPUs/drivers).
4.1.1 - 2018-07-08: Enhanced Weather Meter to allow searching for location codes.
                    Revised Network Settings to more reliably display service status in non-US locales (again).
                    Enhanced Calendar to auto-configure localized month/day names.
                    Enhanced Digital Clock to show clock name.
                    Corrected Settings to prevent long text entries from displaying outside the bounds of textboxes.
                    Updated Welcome gadget for Rainmeter 4.2 and ConfigActive 2.1.
4.1.0 - 2018-04-27: Corrected All CPU Meter issue where fan usage may not be calculated correctly in rare cases.
                    Revised Network Meter external IP address and location providers.
                    Enhanced Drives Meter to add ability to monitor drives A: and B:.
                    Enhanced Drives Meter to use new UsageMonitor plugin to improve performance.
                    Corrected Weather Meter sun angle calculation when monitoring locations in non-local timezones during DST.
4.0.0 - 2018-03-17: Enhanced Digital Chronometer to use new SysInfo USER_LOGONTIME to get logon time.
                    Enhanced Network Meters and Wireless Meters to allow hiding current/total statistics.
                    Enhanced All CPU Meter to support Intel Core i9 18-core CPUs.
                    Enhanced All CPU Meter to support Qualcomm Snapdragon CPUs (preliminary; no temps or fan speeds at this time).
                    Enhanced All CPU Meter Settings to allow HWiNFO configuration.
                    Added pre-configured GPU Meters for systems with multiple video cards to make configuration slightly easier.
                    Enhanced GPU Meter to support Qualcomm Adreno GPUs (preliminary; requires HWiNFO support).
                    Major enhancements to Weather Meter to improve support for Weather Channel language-specific data and webpages.
                    Enhanced Weather Meter to auto-configure languages, added custom action menu to simplify manual configuration.
                    Enhanced Weather Meter show correct sunrise/sunset times (TWC does not have correct times in forecasts).
                    Enhanced Weather Meter to show day length, sun angle, and moonrise/moonset times.
                    Revised FixedPrecisionFormat Lua script to work with inline Lua.
3.0.2 - 2018-03-17: Corrected Weather Meter gadgets for date formatting issue when using leading zeros.
                    Revised Weather Meter to fix spurious "RegExp matching error" message in the log.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter clock speed display when using HWiNFO and having a CPU with more than 10 physical cores.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter processor name display for Intel Xeon CPUs.
                    Enhanced Chronometer Settings to simplify customized time display.
                    Corrected error in Digital Chronometer that did not display AM/PM properly after noon/midnight transition.
                    Corrected Network Settings to properly display service status in non-US locales.
                    Updated ActiveNet plugin to use latest Rainmeter SDK and Visual Studio 2017.
3.0.1 - 2017-08-04: More...

  • All CPU Meter gadget based on All CPU Meter by James Musix.
  • Calendar gadget is LuaCalendar 5.0 by Smurfier, with scaling enhancement added by TGonZ0, and with localization and style mods by me.
  • Clock gadget uses techniques from the System skin in JSMeterVIII 8.0 by JSMorley.
  • Network Meter gadget based on NetTraffic by JSMorley.
  • Weather Meter gadget based on the Weather skin in Steampunk Cogs, Tubes and Gauges by Mordasius, on skins and translations in VClouds Weather 2 by VClouds, location code search based on WXDataWeather by JSMorley, and includes weather icons by JSMorley (and others) with modifications by me.
  • Weather Meter gadget uses a Lua script from Sunset-Moonrise by Mordasius to calculate sun/moon times.
  • Welcome gadget uses the ConfigActive plugin by JSMorley.
  • Additional code cleanup and tweaks by Milamber33.
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Hi friend. After last update, my All CPU Meter stopped showing Used Page memory. How Can I fix it ? I updated HWInfo64 as well. 
SilverAzide's avatar
Hello!  Nothing has changed with that, so updating should make no difference.  Are you sure your page memory isn't zero?  Open a Powershell prompt and enter the command:
Get-Counter '\Paging File(*)\% Usage'

The "% usage" line should tell you the percentage in use, and this percentage is used to calculate the bytes shown in the Gadget.  If it shows zero but you are sure your paging file is in use, then perhaps your Perfmon database is corrupt.  You can try the commands listed here:….
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Announcement to all Weather Meter Gadget and Rainmeter users:
The Weather Channel's wxdata weather feed appears to be transitioning to a pay service.  As of 10/1/2019, the site indicates the service has been deprecated.  It is currently live again as of 10/2/2019, but this situation may not last.  We will look into alternative weather sources for future versions of the Weather Meter gadget.

Thank you for understanding!
Rastarn's avatar

Would be eternally indebted if you would consider adding BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) data for Australia. Gadgets is the only skin I use and it seriously rocks, however, I'm missing my weather on the desktop.

Thank you so much for all your efforts, they are greatly appreciated!

SilverAzide's avatar
Do they have a free data feed?  Most weather sites don't; TWC was one of the last freebies, and it seems clear they are planning to kill it.  Most sites require scraping a web page, which makes the skin incredibly fragile because the tiniest change can break everything.  There are some US-only weather feeds, and some that have limited world coverage...  Yahoo and TWC were the best with the widest coverage, and now Yahoo is dead and TWC is dying.  :-(
Rastarn's avatar

They have multiple free formats available, including FTP and XML access as far as I know.

Detailed information is available here:

SilverAzide's avatar
Thanks for the link, this is a pretty cool site.  I don't think this site will work with Rainmeter though, all the data is delivered via FTP, which the WebBrowser plugin does not appear to support.  It needs to be HTTP/S I think.
Rastarn's avatar

For international, some skins using still appear to be working.

I just tested VCloudsWeather2 and the weather codes work ok. Sadly, not compact like your skin ;P

SilverAzide's avatar
Yes, the TWC wxdata feed came back online after being down for nearly a day.  Keep your fingers crossed that it stays up!  :)
Rastarn's avatar

Thank you for the responses.

MrLint's avatar

Hi, I just upgraded to win 10 1903 and the weather gadget just seems unable to load any weather data. the settings will open and I can put in a location code but gadget is just sitting blank saying 'connecting' at the bottom. reinstalling the package didn't seem to help anything. I'm kinda lost on what to look at next.

SilverAzide's avatar
This issue has nothing to do with Window 10 or upgrading, and reinstalling won't fix anything.  The problem is Weather Channel's data feed went down today and has not come back up as of this writing.  All Rainmeter skins using this feed are affected.  There is nothing that can be done but wait for TWC to fix their feed.
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gaffarsheikhNew Deviant

Hi, I love your Gadgets 5 Rainmeter skin, I am using it, I want a only "day" in Calendar. Please see image. Thanks

rainmeter calendar Gdgets 5.1.0 By Silverazide D8n
SilverAzide's avatar
Glad you like the Gadgets.  I don't have plans for a "day only" calendar at this moment, but I could create this in a future release.  It would be pretty easy to do.
gaffarsheikh's avatar
gaffarsheikhNew Deviant
rainmeter calendar Gdgets 5.1.0 By Silverazide D8n

Very impressive Skin you made. I like and using it on my several PC. I just want little more in calendar, i want "day"only calendar

rainmeter calendar Gdgets 5.1.0 By Silverazide D8n
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Hi, again. I will take this opportunity and I will take the liberty of requesting a new feature or idea for the Network Meter gadget, that maybe it can be interesting to the other users:

I have some computers on a LAN workgroup and and I would like to have an easy and intuitive tool to see the status of these equipment, just know the online-offline status and other data like the NETBIOS name and their IP.

Thanks for reading!
SilverAzide's avatar
This is -- in theory -- possible, especially if the gadget is revised to use HWiNFO instead, since HWiNFO can monitor other machines.  Quite an extensive amount of work tho...
Bedfford's avatar
Yes, detect all machines is complicated. But I thought of a simpler approach, like run periodically a ping command from a predefined IP list of machines. In fact, I actually use some background scripts batch to auto-connect a remote machine and mount shared folders.

Anyway thanks for considering this idea.
Bedfford's avatar
Hi, many thanks for your work!

I have problem with the Network Meter Pro variant: only work for the first load, then after a restart this gadget, they stop reading any network traffic:

Untitled by Bedfford  

My specs: Win7 Sp1 X64 + latest versions of Rainmeter and gadgets.

SilverAzide's avatar
Make sure the NetMonitor service is installed and running.  You can see the status of this service in the Network Meter Settings, or in the Services applet in the Administrative Tools control panel.  If this service is not running, then you'll see no activity.
Bedfford's avatar
Thanks for your reply. 

I installed a fresh copy of Rainmeter (portable mode) and gadget suite over 4 computers (with NetMonitor service installed and running).

I can temporarily solve the problem by changing to the normal variant and then back to the pro variant. But at every reboot the problem reappears in all computers.
SilverAzide's avatar
You've got some sort of problem then.  This has never been reported by any other user, and I can't even see how this is even possible unless the skin is misconfigured.  Switching skins should have no effect at all, as nothing gets "started" by doing this.  The skins just report what Windows and the registry already contain.  The "Pro" skin is not even doing anything but reading the registry, as all the work is done by the NetMonitor service, which runs whether Rainmeter is running or not.  Are there any messages in the log on the Rainmeter About screen?  Have you configured the skin to reference a specific ethernet and/or wifi adapter, or left this configuration blank?
technut74's avatar

I need help. I can't figure it out. What do I need to do to get the fan speed to show/work.

SilverAzide's avatar
Double-check the fan configuration in the file.  If the Memory Viewer shows your fan sensor on the graphics card (NOT on the motherboard), then make sure you set HWiNFO-MOBO-GPUFan=0x0 as described in the comments for this setting.  Then configure the fan usage and speed settings in the GPU settings section(s).  If the Memory Viewer shows your fan sensor on the motherboard, then set the HWiNFO-MOBO-GPUFan variable to the proper entry ID value for that sensor.
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