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Gadgets 3.0.2
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Published: October 9, 2015
System monitoring gadgets inspired by the well-known Windows Sidebar gadgets.

This is the final version of the Gadgets that is compatible with Windows XP/Vista.
If you are using Windows 7 or later, get the latest version of the Gadgets here.

If you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista, get the final release of Gadgets 3.0.2 here.
Requires Rainmeter 3.3.3. Get it here.


All CPU Meter
  • Displays CPU utilization for 1 to 32 logical cores.
  • Displays processor model and clock speed.
  • Shows used, free, and total RAM available.
  • Shows used, free, and total page file available (optional).
  • Shows core temperatures (optional, requires CoreTemp, SpeedFan, or HWiNFO; more info here).
  • Shows CPU fan speed (optional, requires SpeedFan, or HWiNFO; more info here).*
  • Displays graphical line chart of CPU utilization, with RAM and page file percent usage.
  • Shows Task Manager when gadget is double-clicked.
  • Scales to any desired size.

Drives Meter
  • Displays disk information for up to 24 physical drives (fixed and removable only). Gadget dynamically adjusts to handle adding and removing drives.
  • Shows used, free, and total disk space available.
  • Displays percent disk utilization for each drive, plus the total.
  • Shows throughput for each drive (read and write).
  • Displays disk throughput graph.
  • Displays disk time percentage histogram (optional).
  • Drive space bar graph changes color when disks are nearing capacity.*
  • Shows Explorer when gadget is double-clicked.
  • Opens drive in Explorer (or runs any user-defined command) when disk label is clicked.*
  • Scales to any desired size.

Network Meter
  • Shows data for all or selected network interfaces (info).
  • Displays internal and external IP addresses.
  • Displays peak network throughput.*
  • Shows inbound and outbound throughput in bits/sec and bytes/sec.
  • Displays graphical chart of inbound and outbound network activity. Does not require guesstimating your network speed, chart dynamically scales to handle both LAN and WAN traffic.
  • Shows statistics for the current session and the total to date.
  • Indicates internet connectivity.
  • Animated network icon shows network activity (in/out/both/neither/disconnected).*
  • Performs external IP lookup with Google maps.
  • Shows Network and Sharing Center when gadget is double-clicked.
  • Includes dedicated Wireless Network gadget for monitoring wireless activity.
  • Scales to any desired size.

Network Meter Pro
A precision network monitor with all the features of Network Meter, plus:
  • More accurate network interface statistics monitoring, including data when Rainmeter is not running or no user is logged into the system.
  • Not affected by Rainmeter restarts/refreshes.
  • Not affected by network adapter configuration changes.
  • Includes dedicated Wireless Network Pro gadget for monitoring wireless activity.
  • Note: Requires installation of a Windows service (included).

GPU Meter
  • Displays GPU model and clock speed (requires HWiNFO; more info here).
  • Shows used, free, and total RAM available, with memory clock speed.
  • Shows GPU temperature, core load, and core voltage.
  • Shows GPU fan speed and percent utilization.
  • Displays graphical line chart of RAM, core load, temperature, and fan usage.
  • Supports having multiple GPU Meters to allow monitoring more than one GPU (info).*
  • Scales to any desired size.

Weather Meter
  • Displays the current weather for any location from The Weather Channel.
  • Displays data in metric or standard units.
  • Shows current temperature, forecast high and low temperatures, "feels like" temperature, current conditions, current location and station, humidity, visibility, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, chance of precipitation, sunrise and sunset times.
  • Shows current moon phase and description.
  • Shows complete 5 day forecast in a "flyout" window.
  • Shows severe weather alerts for the current location.*
  • Includes additional language translations: Bulgarian, Czech, English (GB), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Serbian (SP), Slovak, Spanish (SP), Ukrainian (info, source here).
  • Supports having multiple Weather Meters to allow monitoring more than one location (info).
  • Scales to any desired size.
  • Includes variant gadget in a smaller size; expands to full size on mouseover.

Battery Meter
  • Displays the current battery status, including time remaining and current percentage remaining.
  • Shows current voltage, charge and discharge rates, current and maximum charge capacity.
  • Shows battery manufacturer/model.
  • Displays power in either watts or milliamps.
  • Supports automatic failover on systems having multiple batteries.*
  • Shows Power Options when gadget is double-clicked.*
  • Scales to any desired size.
  • Includes variant gadget that works with HWiNFO.

  • Based on LuaCalendar, styled to match the Gadget suite.*
  • Scales to any desired size.
  • Includes variant gadget that shows the current day, similar to the original Windows Sidebar gadget.

  • Digital Clock displays time, date, day, week, and quarter of the year.
  • Shows computer uptime and session logon time (optional).
  • Shows configurable event countdown with customizable sound (optional).
  • Includes configurable chime and multiple alarms with customizable sounds (optional).
  • Supports Windows localized or custom time and date formats.
  • Supports world times, can be adjusted for time zones and daylight saving time.
  • Supports having multiple clocks to allow monitoring time in multiple locations (info).
  • Scales to any desired size.
  • Includes Analog Clock variant, styled to match the Gadget suite.*
  • Includes clocks ported from the original Windows Vista/Windows 7 Sidebar gadgets.

*Feature not part of original gadgets.

*** Requires Rainmeter 3.3.3. ***
*** Requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later. ***

Version History
3.0.2 - 2018-03-17: FINAL RELEASE for Windows XP/Vista compatibility; users with Windows 7 and later get the latest version here.
                    Corrected Weather Meter gadgets for date formatting issue when using leading zeros.
                    Revised Weather Meter to fix spurious "RegExp matching error" message in the log.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter clock speed display when using HWiNFO and having a CPU with more than 10 physical cores.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter processor name display for Intel Xeon CPUs.
                    Enhanced Chronometer Settings to simplify customized time display.
                    Corrected error in Digital Chronometer that did not display AM/PM properly after noon/midnight transition.
                    Corrected Network Settings to properly display service status in non-US locales.
                    Updated ActiveNet plugin to use latest Rainmeter SDK and Visual Studio 2017.
3.0.1 - 2017-08-04: Corrected several errors/issues in Digital Clock gadget.
                    Enhanced Analog Clock gadget to support chimes and alarms.
                    Corrected Drives Meter display issues that affected drives L:-Z:.
                    Updated RainRGB add-on to current version.
3.0.0 - 2017-07-28: Major revisions to Network Meter and Wireless Meter to optimize performance.
                    Added NetMonitor Windows service to provide more accurate network statistics monitoring.
                    Added Network Meter Pro and Wireless Meter Pro variant gadgets for improved accuracy.
                    Added automatic configuration to all Network Meter gadgets (requires Windows 8 or later).
                    Corrected LuaCalendar script error in calculating "{LastXxx}" event dates when weeks start on Monday.
                    Revised LuaCalendar script and Calendar gadgets to use localized day/month names.
                    Corrected Drives Meter error that caused excessive CPU usage and network activity.
                    Enhanced All CPU Meter to support Intel Core i9 and AMD Threadripper 16-core CPUs.
                    Added new Weather Meter variant gadget in a smaller size (mouseover expands to full size).
                    Added new Digital Clock variant to emulate original Digital Clock gadget.
2.3.0 - 2017-05-06: Revised Weather Meter to ensure flyout is positioned above taskbar.
                    Updated HWiNFO plugin to version 3.2.0.
                    Enhanced All CPU Meter to support HWiNFO in addition to SpeedFan and CoreTemp.
                    Removed "All CPU Meter (for HWiNFO)" variant skin, as it is no longer needed.
                    Converted all skin source code files from ANSI to Unicode for improved locale support.
2.2.0 - 2016-08-06: Enhanced All CPU Meter to support Intel 10-core CPUs.
                    Corrected Drives Meter issue where clicking drive labels did not work for removable drives.
                    Revised Drives Meter for Windows 10 issue where double-clicking the gadget did not bring up "This PC".
                    Enhanced Drives Meter to enable monitoring for up to 24 drives (C through Z).
                    Revised Wireless Meter for Windows 10 issue where double-clicking the gadget does not invoke the
                      "Networks Flyout (Connect To)" window (Windows 10 does not support programmatic access to this feature).
                    Removed unnecessary LUA script from Weather Meter.
                    Revised Weather Meter to retry call to if the response is an HTML error page instead of XML.
                      NOTE: This change can cause an infinite loop if RainMeter's WebParser plugin has an error; Rainmeter
                      must be restarted to clear the error. Previous versions of Weather Meter would just stop with a
                      connection error and would require a manual refresh.
2.1.1 - 2016-01-03: Added minor curve smoothing to graphs to improve accuracy (original appearance can be re-enabled).
                    Corrected Weather Meter time formatting when using Windows regional settings.
                    Added workaround for issue where NetIn/NetOut measures report speeds >1Gbit/s when switching adapters.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter gadget issue where page file free space showed negative values for some users.
                    Corrected error in All CPU Meter and GPU Meter gadgets that could fail to record the maximum fan speed.
                    Corrected Drives Meter issue where clicking drive labels only worked when gadget was scaled to 100%.
                    Corrected ActiveNet plugin for "arithmetic overflow" error (affected Network Meter on 64-bit Windows 10).
                    Updated ActiveNet plugin to use .NET Framework 4.5 or later for improved Windows 10 compatibility.
                    Updated HWiNFO plugin to version 3.0.0.
2.1.0 - 2015-10-24: Added Battery Meter gadget.
                    Enhanced ActiveNet plugin to enable obtaining active battery information (voltage, etc.)
                    Corrected Weather Meter weather icon display for "N/A" conditions.
                    Revised GPU Meter to handle case where the GPU fan speed is reported by the GPU sensor
                      instead of the motherboard sensor.
                    Corrected error in "All CPU Meter (for HWiNFO)" which displayed incorrect fan usage percentage.
2.0.0 - 2015-10-09: Enhanced Network and Wireless Meters to improve detection of active network adapters.
                    Revised ActiveNet plugin for Rainmeter 3.3 compatibility.
                    Enhanced All CPU Meters to optionally display CPU fan speed.
                    Enhanced "All CPU Meter (for HWiNFO)" to display CPU clock speed based on HWiNFO sensors (can be disabled).
                    Enhanced "All CPU Meter (for HWiNFO)" and GPU Meter to improve detection of the HWiNFO process.
                    Enhanced Drives Meter so clicking drive label opens Explorer for that drive (or runs any user-defined command).
                    Corrected skin positioning issue when skins are scaled to sizes less than 100%.
                    Added workaround for rare issue where HWiNFO reports all fans running at 10000 rpm during application startup.
1.9.1 - 2015-10-09: Updated RainRGB add-on to latest version.
                    Corrected Drives Meter display of long drive labels.
                    Corrected tooltip positioning issues in Calendar gadgets.
                    Minor code improvements.
1.9.0 - 2015-09-10: Added Chronometer gadget (analog clock).
                    Enhanced Calendar Settings skin to support LuaCalendar options.
                    Enhanced ActiveNet plug to enable obtaining physical CPU information (threads per core, etc.).
                    Corrected All CPU Meter core temperature display for single-threaded physical CPU cores.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter for CPUs with an odd number of logical cores (e.g., virtual machines).
                    Minor bug fixes.
1.8.0 - 2015-08-23: Revised Weather Meter to automatically select metric/standard system of measure.
                    Revised Weather Meter to automatically display dates and times per Windows Regional Settings.
                    Enhanced GPU meter to calculate percent fan utilization on systems where this data is not available to HWiNFO.
                    Corrected tooltip placement on Wireless Meter gadget when scaled greater than 100%.
                    Corrected "file not found" bugs that occurred when the path to the Resources folder contained a space.
                    Corrected ActiveNet plugin bug introduced in v1.7.0 which broke the Network and Wireless gadgets.
1.7.0 - 2015-08-11: Added GPU Meter gadget.
                    Added "All CPU Meter (for HWiNFO)" gadget variant.
                    Corrected scaling issues with Calendar gadgets.
1.6.0 - 2015-08-07: Added the ability for all Gadgets to be resized to any desired scale.
                    (Note: Weather Meter flyout and Settings skins are fixed at 100%.)
                    Added higher resolution artwork to accommodate larger gadget sizes.
                    Enhanced Drives Meter to allow monitoring any 10 drives (not just C through L).
                    Corrected Weather Meter Hungarian translation.
                    Corrected All CPU Meter to prevent hidden meters being positioned outside skin boundaries.
                    Corrected Wireless Meter signal bar positioning error.
1.5.1 - 2015-07-18: Corrected and enhanced weather and moon phase icons (no skin changes).
1.5.0 - 2015-07-03: Added Weather Meter gadget.
                    Added external IP lookup to Network and Wireless Meter gadgets.
                    Added background double-click on gadgets to match behavior of originals.
                    Corrected text placement and fixed formatting issues.
                    Revised ActiveNet plugin to work similarly to Rainmeter 3.3 (beta).
1.4.1 - 2015-06-10: Added support for SpeedFan to All CPU Meter gadget
                    Minor bug fixes.
1.4.0 - 2015-06-05: Added support for CoreTemp to All CPU Meter gadget
                    Added work-around for Rainmeter "SwapMemory" bug.
1.3.5 - 2015-05-31: Corrected errors in Network/Wireless gadgets introduced in v1.3.3.
                    Revised Settings skin UIs, bug fixes.
1.3.4 - 2015-05-15: Added disk time histogram to Drives Meter.
                    Removed dependency on Wingdings 3 font from all gadgets.
1.3.3 - 2015-05-09: Enhanced number formatting style to match original gadgets
                    Added Settings button, bug fixes.
1.3.2 - 2015-05-03: All CPU Meter enhanced to detect core count automatically.
1.3.1 - 2015-04-27: ActiveNet plugin enhancement to retrieve the active adapter's interface ID (no skin changes).
1.3.0 - 2015-04-25: Major Network Meter enhancements.
                    Added dedicated Wireless Meter gadget to monitor wireless activity only.
1.2.0 - 2015-04-18: Enhanced Network Meter to handle specific network interfaces and improve accuracy.
1.1.0 - 2015-04-15: Added calendar variant to show current day similar to original Sidebar calendar.
                    Fixed missing font issue.
1.0.3 - 2015-04-10: Corrected Drives Meter not displaying graphs for drives 7-10.
                    Adjusted appearance of CPU Meter to more closely match original gadget.
1.0.2 - 2015-03-29: Completed Settings skins styling.
1.0.1 - 2015-03-27: Added ability to hide disks in Drives Meter.
                    Corrected text placement, bug fixes.
1.0.0 - 2015-03-23: Original release.

  • All CPU Meter gadget based on All CPU Meter by James Musix.
  • Calendar gadget is LuaCalendar 5.0 by Smurfier, with scaling enhancement added by TGonZ0, and style mods by me.
  • Clock gadget uses techniques from the System skin in JSMeterVIII 8.0 by JSMorley.
  • Network Meter gadget based on NetTraffic by JSMorley.
  • Weather Meter gadget based on the Weather skin in Steampunk Cogs, Tubes and Gauges by Mordasius, on skins and translations in VClouds Weather 2 by VClouds, and includes weather icons by JSMorley (and others) with modifications by me.
  • Additional code cleanup and tweaks by Milamber33.
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