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✿ Silver . Female . College Student ✿
04.21.19: Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are all doing well and are munching on some candy like I am! In terms of updates, nothing's really changed since last month. I'm still pretty much gone from dA and my activity is still basically nonexistent. As I mentioned in my last update, I tend to be more "active" on TH as I sort through and play with my OCs. However, I will be trying to release some more adopts here and I am actually in the process of doing a collab, which will hopefully be up soon. Overall, if you urgently need anything from me, please note/pm me on dA or TH, but expect a delay (maybe). That's all for now, thank you!
Please avoid heavily referencing my OCs for your own use. This is not to say that I claim ownership of each individual characteristic present in my OCs. Contrary to what some people may believe, I have no problem with designs that are similar to those of my OCs and/or species. My issue is when people create designs that look like carbon copies of my OCs and/or their outfits. For the past three years, I have invested a lot of love, time, and money into creating my OCs so I hold them very close to my heart. Therefore, it can be very uncomfortable, not to mention hurtful, to see other designs that have been heavily referenced off of my own. I hope that you will take this into consideration and use fair judgement when being inspired by and/or referencing my designs. [Read more...]

If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to note me! I'm happy to address any concerns and will work hard to come to a mutual understanding <3

And if you think my OCs are "generic" or that I am taking this too seriously, I respect your opinion, but at the end of the day, it's MY opinion that is most important to me.

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✿ Eternelle . Seraphym . Lady of Roses & Lace ✿
The legend tells that, once upon a time, on a moonlit evening deep within the gardens of Seraphyx, a beautiful young woman suddenly appeared upon a bed of wild pink roses that no one could remember ever seeing before. The Seraphym in charge of patrolling that night found her fast asleep, naked under a blanket of fine white lace, with only a pale pink rose in her right hand. When she finally awoke two days later, the young woman couldn't remember anything about herself other than her name: Eternelle.

Eternelle would go on to exhibit a natural affinity to roses and lace, earning her title as the Lady of Roses and Lace among the Seraphym. Beloved by all for her elegance, grace, and majesty, Eternelle was able to create a happy life for herself, living life to the fullest. However, there would be nights where she would wake up from a long forgotten dream with tears in her eyes and a hand reaching out for someone or something that she did not know. It would only be later that she would realize the trials love could bring.

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Custom Box BG by Valyriana



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