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Brotherly Love

Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host Club.

-Edit: 6/21/2011-

Why is this my most favorited deviation!? I got artwork I spent hours of work on in my gallery. Please go check it out.

-Edit: 6/17/2012-

Its seems people have to an misunderstanding when they see this. I in NO means intended this to be implying yaoi -_-; The stamp above is meant to be in support of a brotherly bond not as lovers. I'm not an incest supporter. Honestly in sickens me. You however are entitled to your opinions and likes. Just please do not imply I am or force it on me.

Kaoru and Hikura Hitachiin, Ouran High School Host Club (c) Bisco Hatori
Stamp base by $zilla774
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I'm so going to hell for supporting this pairing!
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaay for the twins! x3

I know everyone in the comments is saying that they don't support them together, but... God do I love this couple. XD
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Brother stay brothers. Not lovers.
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^^; Actually the intent of this stamp was to support the brother's bond not any just seems some are too quick to assume otherwise.
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That's what I meant :) Brothers should just stay as brothers no yaoi reference was intended
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I dont even know this show, but I see fanart all the time of the Brothers being more like lovers than brothers..
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*sighs* yes and its sicking to see.
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yeah, I dont care if people want to do guy.guy or girl/girl couples, but if they're siblings it shouldnt be done..
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In other words... Yaoi. XDDD
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Thx ^^
Thx for the :+fav: ,too. :iconmegacookie: x100000000
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ur welcome.
:megacookie: x287328739873948750703989283834985749847838409283
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:jawdrop: That a lot of cookies
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