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About the Competition

:pointr: STORY :pointl:

You hear Gems speaking of a Grand Battle, the winner granted the ability to receive more freedom and power than the Diamonds would ever allow. It’s a very mysterious offer from an even more mysterious group of Gems, and something is most certainly suspicious about them. But the opportunity to gain more freedom and power are almost nonexistent in these Diamond-ruled times.

Do you ignore the offer?

Or are you ready for battle?



:star: JUDGES :star:

:bulletblack: COVELLITE by serpyra
:bulletblack: CSARITE by SpadesArts
:bulletblack: TURQUOISE by webchow

:pointr: RULES :pointl:

:bulletblack:No sexual content
:bulletblack:No god-mods/extremely overpowered characters.
:bulletblack:No literature
:bulletblack:Gore is allowed but no eye gore and extreme gore
:bulletblack:Animations are allowed, but will be judged the same as comics
:bulletblack:If you want to kill another person’s gem, you must receive their permission, and they must note the judges saying that it’s ok.
:bulletblack:Your character must be a gem, Homeworld or any other Rebel type is fine.
:bulletblack:Tag teams/collabs and multiple (2 max) characters are allowed. If you team up with another person, you both must work on the entry (writer+artist; line artist+colorer; etc)
:bulletblack:Canon characters/fusions involving canon characters MAY NOT be entered
:bulletblack:Garnet-type fusions are allowed, but count as 2 characters. The fusions components must be entered/have references
:bulletblack:Reference sheets must be in full color and include front and back views of your character. Also include weapons, important items, abilities, or anything else you think would help others understand them. Doll Divines are NOT accepted.

:star: PRIZES :star:

  • Fullbody painting of your gem made by serpyra. Optional speedpaint video.
  • Full painting of any character of your choosing made by SpadesArts.
  • Chibi of your gem made by webchow.

  • Flat color picture of your gem made by serpyra.
  • Waist up flat color of any character of your choosing made by SpadesArts.
  • Chibi of your gem made by webchow.

  • Chibi of your gem made by serpyra.
  • Shaded sketch of any character of your choosing made by SpadesArts.
  • Chibi of your gem made by webchow.

  • Chibi of your gem made by a random judge

:pointr: HOW TO JOIN :pointl:

:bulletblack:Competitors [contributors]: If your audition makes it into round 1, you will be moved here for the remainder of the tournament. You must have submitted BOTH and audition AND a character ref

***This is NOT a gem court! It is an OCT.

Gallery Folders

Silver Sun OCT Auditions Open! by SpadesArts
SSOCT: Cove's room and misc Courtyard. by serpyra
Silver Sun OCT: Silver Sun references by SpadesArts
Judge and World refs
Silver Sun OCT: Silver Topaz by SpadesArts
Silver Sun Judge: Turquoise by webchow
SSOCT: Cove's room and misc Courtyard. by serpyra
Silver Sun Judge: Covellite's ref by serpyra
Round 1
Silver Sun OCT Round 1 Page 1 by stranger-to-you
Silver Sun OCT - Round 1 - Page 1 by AmericanGirlHope
Silver Sun OCT: Round 1-1 by MonoLore
SilverSun R1 Cover by Elyzalea
Silver Sun OCT (Audition Cover) by bunnyfufu299
Coal Enters the Tournament by Elyzalea
Silver-Sun-OCT [COVER] by ShiroShototsu
Silver Sun OCT: Audition by Leidan-Ele
Contestant refs
Gemsona - Carnelia by gummygunner
Gemsona - Coal by Elyzalea
Green Opal [SILVER-SUN-OCT] by ShiroShototsu
Obsidian, Scholar of Corruption by EMPJ
NPC refs
SS - Ivory Reference by RoseOnYourNose
Pyrite Sun/Coin :Ref and Bio: by hiddenhibrid
SS NPC: Matte Green Pearl by SpadesArts
Other Art
Fusion with Pyrope by JaggerSketch
Silver-Sun-OCT A Duo Gem Fused with Emerald by JaggerSketch
Get fusin' till you CAN'T FUSE NO MORE by Tankiethegreat
Benitoite's Gem by AmericanGirlHope





As stated, the Round 1 hiatus would end before/on January. Due to not reaching the minimum number of completed entries for Round 1, we have decided to close the group down and end it as a draw. We would like to thank everyone for their time and effort that they poured into their entries, and to those who finished we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts and would like to express how sorry we are that this couldn't go further.

As a somewhat compensation for all the hard work put in, I would like to offer anyone who is interested an automatic contributor/mod status in my new group Spectramites. This is an open species group inspired by all the gem court groups that's been popping up, it will have a story progression that I'm really excited to get into and is a lot lighter on the workload when it comes to art, nothing will be mandatory and the mods will also get to interact and contribute to the group more than simply judging entries. If you were one of the people who finished their round 1 entry and are interested in the group/or already in the group please note me (SpadesArts) first.

Again, thank you all for your hard work and we are terribly sorry to cut things off, but we don't want this group to hang in oblivion forever and felt closure would be better than to keep everyone's hopes up.


EDIT: :iconamericangirlhope: has offered to draw portraits of competitors' gemsonas as a thank you for their competition and effort. Thank you for volunteering to do this!

Entry numbers are still low, so Round 1 will be put on hiatus until enough are entered to give a specific date.

We need at least 8 finished ones to move on, the hiatus will end before January.



Our competitors have been selected and teams have been randomly created through our database. You have the entire Silver Sun Temple to explore and work through as your battleground.

You have until November 2nd to complete this round and proceed one step ahead to your freedom.



Emerald:iconbunnyfufu299: VS :iconhronawmonstamer:Pyrope

Azurite:iconfawmagpiewings: VS :iconsummabadger:Black Jasper

Iolite and Jet:iconjaggersketch: VS :iconmonolore::iconempj:Heliotrope and Obsidian

Rosaline Pearl and Rhodochrosite :iconsamiikinns: VS :iconstranger-to-you: Rainbow Topaz and Black Harlequin Opal

Green Opal:iconshiroshototsu: VS :iconamericangirlhope:Benitoite

Coal:iconelyzalea: VS :iconleidan-ele:Nacre

Black Pearl:iconkemateller: VS :iconlumipop: :icondotshard:Petalite and Plasma

Goshenite | Audition:iconlavitt: VS :icontankiethegreat:Onyx

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