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TF2 Poker Night

By silver-ruby
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Collaborative piece~ :B

Red team playing poker together on their night off.
Though I'm not sure if Engie should be accusing Demo of cheating.... Spy and Sniper have an awfully suspicious number of aces.....

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(Click to see our WIP sketch + thumbnailing process)

One of several Team Fortress 2 collabs done in openCanvas 1.1 by myself and ~finni!

Demoman+Spy by SAR; Engineer+Sniper by FIN.
Characters © Valve.
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Your artwork has been featured on our Awesome Alt Art blog! You can check it out at: [link]

All the best!
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Hi! Thank you for giving me credit, but it would be great if you gave the other artist who collaborated on this with me credit as well (I realize now I was vague in my crediting on my own artist comment and will amend that..): [link] She drew half of it, while I did the other half. :)

Thanks again, for the notification! :)
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Aaah this is so beautiful. I love the poses by everyone... catches their characterization pretty well! :>
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hahahaah... nice...
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I love playing TF2. I like playing the Engineer.
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6 Aces? What the hell XD I think I know why Engi is angry, I just hope he's not vagineer :D Oh, but if he's vagineer, so demoman is see-man
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Words cannot describe how much I love how Spy looks in this. His pose and body language just puts this huge smile on my face; he's gorgeous.

It's so nice to see Spy having fun with the guys :)
And also the fact that there's so much cheating going on XD
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Absolutely LOVE it!!! :D I bet Spy's the one who's cheating, the sneaky bastard XD

Also: he wears no socks? XD They must make his feet too hot and sweaty (ew... didn't need that thought)
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Awww, gawd! So true! XDDD' Great job! <3
Reiji-Neko-Mitsukai's avatar
*peers closer* Is it just me, or is Demo about to put his fingers up Engie's nose?
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D'aw, this is cute, in the way that only alcohol-fueled gambling and violence can be!

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I all ways liked your collabs. We still need to do that know, THAT one...*caff*

Over all though, it blends in together nicely, and I have all ways loved scene type images and this is no exception!
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Oh we totally do. 8D <3<3<3

Thanks! <3
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I think it would be too racey for DA but you never know, I know a bunch o'dudes would probably lose it though, LOL.

And of course. ;)
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