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Hey guys,
Regarding the Devilman doujin/zine in which I participated, I will be posting the link this September 15! Stay Tuned!

Also my current social media links (Indie works) are as follow:

Current project's website:……

Facebook for my comic, in English: @cyborgkaleenglish
Facebook for my comic, Spanish:  @cyborgkale

Happy 2018!
I bring you some interesting news!
Starting this year, I'll be joining WEBTOONS to publish my webcomic.
The first chapter of my webcomic "Cyborg Kale" is being redrawn to improve the quality as well as adjusting the format required for this new platform.
I'll be also drawing the newest chapter's pages, so do not worry about that :)
You'll be also able to read the "old" pages in my official website:

I'll be uploading way more pages per month, with WEBTOONS you'll be able to receive alerts 
directly to your phone, tablet or e-mail every time I publish new pages. You will be required to make a free WEBTOONS account to gain access to the comic.

For the moment being, I'll be able to publish only in English. The Spanish version(and possibly more languages) will be unlocked with the help of Patreon goals...this will help me get free time to make the different language editions <3

I'll also be adopting the Patreon method, by suscription.The more support I can get, the more pages I will be able to upload...8 panels a month is too little, the world changes 
fast and this project is expected to have a long run, hahah.
With your support, I will be able to offer 15,25,40 or even 80 panels per month, animations, video and much more!
The Patrons who provide support will be able to vote to choose the themes for monthly illustrations (which can be complimentary to the comic, they can also be unrelated to the project, you will pick it with a poll I'll be posting on each update.
You can also get access to behind-the scenes, cultural reference explanations, concept art, prototypes and more!
There will be also special VIP access for patrons who pledge the highest tiers, they will receive customized drawings of their choosing, apart from the poll-voted themed drawings.

Thanks so much for reading, See you there!



Hey guys,
I am opening commissions for a while again!

Payment: paypal only
I can deliver these within 24-48 hrs after payment has been made.

There's a limit of 3 revisions. Each time an extra revision is made, I take another extra 24 hours to deliver.
After the 3rd revision, any extra revisions cause a fee of 5 dollars each.
There are no revisions after the drawing has been approved for coloring.
Please be considerate to others as I have people on queue with specific delivery dates.

Single characters

Sketch/ink commissions, single character, either full body or bust 10 USD

Simple cel shading color-full body or bust:20 USD per character
Felicia oldie by Silver-Ray

Sample Process:

Telegram stickers: 5 USD per sticker (simple cel shading)

Twitch stickers: 5 USD per sticker (simple cel shading)
Gamera and foes by Silver-Ray
Delivery time: 24-48 hours

Comic pages

Starting at 85 USD per inked page (4-7 panels each, A4 size,  must provide script, must provide character design or at least reference photos. Character revisions or redesigns come at extra cost)
Delivery time: depends on the project.

2D short traditional animation (Using Digicel Flipbook or Pencil 2D)

Flat colors
6 Frames: starting at 35 USD,
Simple static background, no background or flat color background.
Message me for inquiries
Extra frame= +10 USD (depends on complexity)
Delivery time: starting at 2-2.5 weeks

2D Spriter modular (12 or 24 FPS) sprite for video games:

I deliver these as animated gifs, spritesheets and separate transparent png files.

Minion,  idle+attack:
Starting at 30USD each for exclusive use,
10 USD for non-exclusive use (I can resell them on my assets store)

Boss or main character, idle+attack:
Starting at 70 USD each for exclusive use,
20 USD for non-exclusive use (I can resell them on my asset store)

Price can vary depending on complexity of the character.

I specially enjoy drawing:

Furries /Anthro (tame)
Horror video games (monsters, surrealistic horror, only exception in NSFW)
Specially enjoy:
Megaman/ Mega Man X
Toon anthro
Kemono anthro
dragons (feral, anthro)
the 80s
early 90s

Will draw  (as long as it's part of the image and not main subject):


Won't draw:
NSFW stuff.
Politically charged stuff

Complexity increases price (case by case)

Contact me:
Facebook: Franken Chio

My deviantart

My books

My Youtube

My apparel stores

My Webcomic
Cyborg Kale

Twitter (9-5 job related)

Instagram (9-5 job related)

Another book, just in time for Halloween/Harry Potter Movie premiere/ Christmas season
It's a Mythical creature-themed coloring book, with depictions of monsters from around the world, and unlike other mythology books, this one covers some obscure Mexican monsters ;)

Writing is credited to Sofía Bulle, with Editing by Isha Quetzal
The book is also bilingual (English and Latin American Spanish)

Monsters Covered:

•Kasa Obake
•Chinese Vampire
•Deer Woman
•Koma inu
•Ushi oni
•Horse-Face &amp; Ox-Head
•Fūjin &amp; Raijin
•Dancing Old One
•Baba Yaga
•Azure Dragon
•Vermilion Bird
•Black Turtle
•White Tiger
•Western dragon
•Sea Serpent
•La Llorona

I will release more volumes soon, as we level up in skills and speed :)

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Hi guys,
Not art-related, per se:
I opened an Amazon store!
I'm focusing on dinosaur goodies, starting with Jurassic World items that you can only get in some places in Mexico ;)
Depending on its success I may also expand to HTTYD goodies, I also take suggestions!
If you're interested, please check it out!…

On art-related news, I uploaded new videos on my Youtube channel:…

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I'm alive, people X_x, just been busy offline

The kaiju book is still in the works! But I'm also still juggling with the everyday life of a freelancer, among other oddjobs.
I've been trying to figure out how not to worry about bills and health care insurance costs anymore, so I can FINALLY dedicate myself full time in the comics I really want to do (my own creations)
Yeah, there's a lot in progress. A lot that I don't actually post here. :p
Yes, half of it involves monsters. And sci-fi. And anthropomorphic animals. Possibly lasers too.

In the mean time, the guys I drew the card monsters with, gave me  a limited supply of cards, so if you're interested in acquiring some, you can send me an inbox :)

4 envelopes for 1 USD.
Shipping is 1 USD

I will also work in a quick gameplay translation so you can play it too :)
There's also a gameplay video here
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Current commission queue:
1.-Offline commission
2.-Offline commission
3.-Offline commission
4.-Offline commission
5.-Offline commission

Currently, I'm available for simple sketch commissions
Supplies used: mechanical pencil, erasers.
 Likes to draw: Dragons,dinosaurs, werewolves (hellhound type),anthro wolves & dragons, gargoyles, demons, mermen(gillman type), horror stuff, kaiju & monsters in general, aliens (xenos & general), predators(yautja).

Sketch (pencil): 5 USD base price (either full body or torso)
Extra characters: add 3 USD  for each character added

Payment method: paypal only
Send me a note if you are interested =)

  • Drinking: Prrrrrotein
-Still quite busy with books and stuff-

Gente de México, voy a estar en dos eventos próximamente:

Design Camp Monterrey en el Arte AC (Monterrey, NL)
18 de Mayo, a partir de las 9 am
Tendré ejemplares del nuevo juego por si quieren venir a checarlo :D

La Mole
26, 27, 28 de Julio
México D.F.
---Commissions closed at the moment---

I'm going to be REALLY busy with the new Game I'm working in,  plus some books (unrelated), meanwhile you can visit the Project's official page at
BILINGUAL POST. Please scroll down for english version.

*Las comisiones están abiertas:…  *

Gente, he abierto una pequeña tienda online, de artículos nuevos de dibujo, con envíos a México y al resto del continente americano. Son materiales singulares y a precio muy accesible (puntillas de colores, portaminas de varios grosores, colores acuareleables, etc) ;) ;
Los mexicanos pueden pagar tanto por depósito bancario como por Paypal, los demás países sólo por Paypal.
Ahí mismo, he escrito un tutorial en español para la gente mexicana que quiere obtener su propia cuenta de Paypal…

También tengo una versión extendida de la tienda, con material de segunda mano y nuevo (Éste sólo lo puedo enviar dentro de México)…

Pueden ver algunos demos y tests de estos materiales aquí:…

*Commissions are open… *
I have opened a mini-shop for stationery and drawing supplies:P, they are way more affordable than your standard art-supply store stuff plus they have an unique look :p, so if you are either a seasoned artist, a newcomer or a collector, I invite you to check it out ;)

NOTE: I'm currently ONLY shipping to the USA, Mexico and the rest of the American continent; if you are from overseas and want to purchase something, please contact me for shipping rates.…

You can see some testing of these supplies (Demo drawings) here:…
*rises from grave*
Wah, I'm back, some stuff happened,
First off, The Mostratón (kaiju themed convention) has been postponed until 2013 (We just want to have more material done), until then, I'll work on a pile of kaiju-themed art so it can be used at the event.

I also contributed with a 4-page  kaiju-themed comic, for a social game called "Kaijuland", you can purchase it here:…

Catching up with comments now! D:
Man, did I miss it D:
While I was without it, I learned basic book binding, it's exciting to see the final result but I hate trimming and sanding those edges....however, there's 2 things I really want to do with this newly acquired skill >D...

Concerning this, to my new watchers, could you please answer my latest poll? thanks!

Also, as I stated in my previous journal, the convention in which the Mostratón crew was going to participate, got cancelled the same day it was supposed to open, but at least we managed to finish the Godzilla Head prop. We have yet to take pictures of the final product (I powdered the prop with talcum to take out the glossy effect of the skin)

I have also opened a horror-themed store at Zazzle:

Commissions are CLOSED at the moment:…
La Metrocon se canceló :(
Hiya, not much of new stuff to say...
My computers are broken and I'm borrowing my mother's netbook :'D

Commissions are open again, though I only can do traditional at the moment:

*Letter sized Pencil sketches from 15 USD
(plus 3 USD for each extra element like characters, background, etc)

*Letter sized, full color mixed media drawings from 30 (plus 5 USD for each extra element)
Media used: marker, watercolors, colored pencils.

FREE random stickers with every  purchase in art.
FREE small character sketch with every 60 USD in purchases (art or commissions)

I'm clearing my studio from old stuff, art included (as you can see from the last 2 deviations), I'm also still selling old art supplies from my school days, toys, and vintage stationery.



MEXICO ONLY (toys can be sent to USA, ask for info)…

Sorry for the lack of response, I've been busy with a new little project, plus I've been cleaning my studio, I've put some stuff for sale in several pages, including some  "How to train your dragon" goodies, most of them rare and exclusive from Mexico ;)

Don't miss them!



(under construction)



Si son de fuera de Monterrey y quieren adquirir algo (de preferencia canastita de productos, para ahorrar costos de envío), mándenme un mail y nos ponemos de acuerdo :)
Commissions are open =) Check the queue here!…

El merchandising del Mostratón se agotó, muchas gracias por su apoyo =)
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See list and pricing:…

Sólo México:
El merchandising de Mostratón está disponible en Amicomi!
Plaza de la Tecnología No.101 L306 2do P, 64000 Monterrey, México
Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm
Sat: 11:00 am - 7:30 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 5:30 pm

Tel (81) 83427109

Están los:
Gashapones de Gamera (Showa y Heisei)
Gashapones de Ultraman (Hayata, Ace, Ultraseven, Ultraman Taro, enemigos varios)
Gashapones de Godzilla y demás kaiju (Gigan, Mechagodzilla, Godzilla Junior, Anguirus)
Imanes de Godzilla y amigos (menos el de Ghidorah y Mechagodzilla)
Llaveros DOBLES de Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Taro
Llaveros sencillos de Ultraman y Ultraseven, RedKing, Zetton y Baltan Seijin
Monos de Godzilla Trendmasters, entre otros.

Para ver las fotos, vayan a:…

Para las figuras como el Ghidorah o Gamera grandes, contactar:

Gracias :3
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Soooo, we're just back from the Mostratón!

Check out this funny video made by :icongiosuke:, logo by me and music plus roars made by :iconjayceeloop:…
Past year videos:…

As stated in previous entries, it was a mini-convention, composed of a marathon of kaiju movies, along with video game tournaments, souvenir area and now an Artist Alley, everything themed with Godzilla-Gamera-Ultraman and the like, organized by :iconaugustosasa::icongiosuke: and yours truly =)

This year the location was set at a place called "Central Park Eventos" at San Pedro City, Nuevo León, México (not New York! XD)
The place featured very confortable lounge-like seats, and a stage that was promptly adapted to screen our movies, next to it there was a bar where the owners served snacks and food like pizza, hot dogs, burritos, cake, brownies, ice cream, frappucino, soft drinks and delicious chilled green tea!
Near the entrance was another spot that was used for the video games area.

Movie Marathon:
The movies were screened in the main area, the chosen films were Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla (Heisei), Gamera: Guardian of the Universe, and Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy, with some earlier screenings of Ultraman animations and commercials while people arrived.

I got into the task of gathering a bunch of small kaiju toys and miscellaneous merchandise during this summer, so I could offer them to the visitors; I contacted friends and searched for vendors overseas, because local stores on and offline carried absolutely think being a kaiju fan in the US is difficult? :D Think again! :'D

Artist's alley:
We invited friends and fellow artists :iconangelica-bracho: and :iconesemese: to participate with goodies of their making plus they were doing commissions on-the-spot; they brought some really cute pins and stickers, you could arrange your own scenario with kaiju, buildings and explosions!

Art Gallery:
This year, the convention featured a kaiju themed gallery, I got submissions from :iconrendragonclaw:, :iconenshohma:, :iconastrozombbie: as well as
:icongiosuke::iconaugustosasa: and mine :p, Sasa was in charge of printing while I mounted them on the walls behind the seats as well as the video game area!
Thanks for participating you guys!

Video games:
:icongiosuke: was in charge of the gaming area, the chosen videogames were Godzilla:Unleashed and Daikaiju Battle Colosseum.
For this special ocassion, I sculpted a monster head, and made several copies of it as keychains, which were given away as prizes for the video game tournaments. Their crazy colors are in honor of those Godzilla Marmit/Marusan special figures (I always wanted one myself). I want to make more models in the future XD, they were a lot of fun!
I also made a bunch of pinback buttons and stickers with my own art to be given away as a part of the prize pack (yay for Power Rangers loot bags!)

Like every year, this one also had its miniature city for its destruction....think of a pinata taken down by stomping....or something like that XD. People volunteer to pose for photos and videos, they can even re-enact scenes from their favorite kaiju movie. The owners of CP also had a laser machine which they turned on in front of the maquette, it looked so pretty and shiny!!!

At the exit, Sasa taped a big piece of paper so visitors could scribble on it, like a massive guestbook page!
You can see everything from the photos above (the fotos were taken early, before we got busy XD, I hope visitors tag more pictures in our Facebook page)

So that's it, next year, we hope to make it yet bigger, and with yet more surprises!
I am really thankful to people who offered their support on this! I just cannot thank you enough! :'D

Now I'm back to continue with pending commissions, answering messages and comments, and keep uploading artwork! :D
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Chicos, todos los sobrantes de las convenciones están a la venta en la tienda Ami Comi (Plaza de la Tecnología en Monterrey)
Por si se quedaron con las ganas de algo :3

Están todos los stickers de:

:bulletred:Fan art gamer (Gears of War, Dead Space, Left 4 Dead, Megaman)
:bulletred:Los 6 ponies :D
:bulletred:Arte original de: dragones, criaturas fantásticas y anthro tipo kemono ó "disneyoso" :p sin publicar aquí
:bulletred: Lip Balm geek :3

UBICACIÓN : Plaza de la Tecnología Local 280 y 306, en el 2do Piso (Juárez No. 101 entre Morelos e Hidalgo). Horario de la Tienda: Lun a Vie de 10:30 am a 7:30pm, Sáb de 11:00am a 7:30pm y Dom de 11am a 5:30pm

Tienda online:


Una conve más por este año! Aguántenme otro ratito los de las comisiones que me he alentado un poco D':
Terminando escribiré las reseñas de los eventos, contesto mensajes y reanudo mi velocidad normal para entregar, no los he olvidado, chamacos :D

El siguiente fin de semana es el Mostratón…

Originalmente concebido como un maratón de películas kaiju (Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman y similares), y esta vez planeado más como una mini-convención :'D, ¡Estamos creciendo!
No seré expositor sino staff 8D, llevando souvenirs y figuras oficiales (en cantidades MUY limitadas) las cuales me he dado la tarea de recopilar durante este verano XD

En este año tendremos una exposición de arte kaiju, donde se invitaron a artistas conocidos para participar con piezas relacionadas al tema, para que no falten!


Torneos de videojuegos de Ultraman y Godzilla
Área de Snack
Zona e instalaciones bien nice, con sillones pachoncitos!
Maqueta para fotos y posterior destrucción al cierre del evento
Área de artistas independientes (arte original, pines, calcas, y hasta piñatas :D)


¡Los leo dentro de semana y media!