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Two days ago, my life suddenly changed.

It is difficult to describe all the inner turmoil I'm experiencing right now.

So, two days ago, my German teacher (a real incarnation of evil) walked into the classroom, and pointed her finger at five of us.

"You will go to a presentation of a book today!" she said. "It's in German, so I have no choice but to send you who MIGHT understand something."

My friends and I weren't very thrilled. It is true that we speak German better than most people, but that still doesn't mean that we want to listen to some guy reading from his book in German.

"The author's name is Thomas Schafferer", the teacher said. "And the book is "365 Tage (Buch)". Did you understand? You have to be there at 6!"

So the five of us set off to search for this Austrian Culture Forum, where the thing was supposed to take place. We arrived there just in time.

The guy in charge of the whole thing asked us to sign the guestbook, and to leave our stuff in the hall. I took my wallet and my cell phone with me, just in case.

My friend and I managed to find two free seats in the back row. All the front rows were already taken.

I noticed there were many girls from my school there, too, and the other German teacher who never teached me, but I have spoken to her many times before. She's even worse than the one teaching me.

She put on a fake smile and greeted us all. She's the one who messed up my German contest, so I refused to smile back... Just because she would never admit she messed up.

Soon, the director of the Forum stood up to greet us all, and to tell us something about this author. We all expected the author to be some old, gray-haired fossil.

So imagine the surprise on the girls' faces when a young man of about 30 years of age entered the room. Actually, we all thought he must be 25 or so, and later found out he was older.

I can't say that he was THAT good-looking. He's definitely not the Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt or I-don't-know-who type of guy.... No, but there was something about him that made all girls sigh and listen carefully as he read from his book.

I'm sure most of them didn't understand much, but it didn't matter.

I fell in love with his poetry, because it was so simple, and yet it sent the messages clearly.

After he was done reading, we had a chance to ask him something. I wanted to talk to him, but I was afraid my German wasn't good enough.

So that evil teacher dragged me there and said: "Come on, don't be shy!"

I'm sure she actually wanted to me to feel embarassed or something.

But as he offered me to sit down, all the fear was gone.

We began talking about everything, about his book, about the books and art in general (he paints, too!), about the plans for the future...

When my friends decided to go, he asked me to stay, which made them go: "OMG!", because I wasn't the type of girl they'd expected such a guy would like to even talk to.

That teacher was also beginning to turn green in face, because she obviously wanted to speak to him, as well. She came up to us, and mentioned I had a boyfriend in Germany. I don't see why she found that to be necessary (or how she even found out about that in the first place), but I just smiled at that and said that I might move to Germany someday.

So later Mr.Schafferer asked me if I'd like to go out for a cup of coffee with him, so we could talk some more. But then that evil hag said he couldn't go anywhere, because he still had to go somewhere else with them...

So he apologized, and I asked how long he would stay in Zagreb.

"I'm going to Graz tomorrow", he said. "I have a job interview. I can't live off art alone."  

He smiled at the last thing he said, and I could understand. That's why people always tell me to give up writing.

He gave me his book as a present, together with his e-mail address.

And the teacher made sure I left as quick as possible.

However... Now...

I wish to see him again. I KNOW he's probably already taken, and stuff, but... It was so pleasant talking to him, talking to someone who understood the things that interested me...

Guys who think like him are so rare these days.

I don't know whether I should e-mail him or not, after I have read the book entirely.

I am afraid he touched that part of me which only one man before him managed to touch, and I'm not talking about my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend, and I have no intention of messing up such a good relationship for something like this, but...

Damn, why do I have such a strange heart?!


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hmm a bit late on this one and Hi! well i see no hamr in this yes you should talk to him seems to be a nice guy and a cool friend so go ahead and just swap a couple of mails ;3