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Aircraft Parts I

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Updated 17 December 2020 Su-57 scale corrected
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What's new in this update?

A little here and there

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How long will you redo your Helicopter parts since you deleted it?

That one is a mess right now

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You mean disarranged?

I mean it's a dumpster fire

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Any plans to make an AU Air Force chart? I've never seen you made one since after you did the Sudanese one.

there may be some updates coming down the line

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Are those in any particular scale (e.g. FD/Shipbucket)?

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Alright thanks!

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Yo SILVER. If F-22's had JASDF and Israeli liveries, why you didn't add them into their Air Forces?
so if other people wanted them? I just felt like doing those liveries, but in my AU Japan and Israel do not have F-22s, Japan may acquire them at a later date
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I get it. I see. Speaking of Harriers, your lacking some other variants, how about the other older harriers, apart from the
Sea Harriers?
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What is under Blue angels planes? Looks like next generation F14s but I couldn't find a side view

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An amazing amount of work! Looks SUPER. Very Glad to see you included my favorite jet the Grumman F11F Tiger!
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brother, would you allow me to submit the views of the FA-XX ?, I have yours as the side
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thank you :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Love this one! Flanker family is my favorite!
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The McDonnell Douglas F-36 JSF is now there with the other proposals!
thank you for this work surely addictive !
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I love your work
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