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Wood Texture Brushes

By silver-
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Was working on a other pattern set for photoshop so i made a brush set as well.
9 large wood brushes for PhotoShop CS3, enjoy :)
Please do fav them if you like them :lol:
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oof can we use them in MediBang?
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Such a nice variety. I can't wait to use them!
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very nice brushes, your brushes has been published here, thanks !…
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Buen trabajo!
Very good job!:) (Smile) 

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thank u kindly...
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great..thank you :)
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thank you very much...lovely:-)
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amazing! thanks so much, will post link if i end up using it online :)
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awesome, thank you so much!
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Hey there, thanks for the wonderful brushes. I used it here: [link]
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Amazing work on these. Used 'em once, will use them again gladly :)

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EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you!
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bows down, thank you
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I used your brushes here [link] hope you like it!

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This might sound like an odd requst, but... what font did you use for the preview image? It's really nice.
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Font is called Celexa :)
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They look neat, will try them out! :love:
Thanks for sharing! :)
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Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you...I look forward to using this

Fantastic compilation
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Thank you sooo much!!! I've been searching for wood patterns for hours to no prevail and found that these brushes work far greater than a pattern would of! ^_^ Much appreciated!
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