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Amy / 21 / Female / Canada / Fan Artist / Taken / Accident Prone

“If you make light of other people’s emotions, it will surely come back to bite you.” – Kyoko Kirigiri

Hey there! Welcome to my page! And hey, thanks for taking the time to read this! Makes me happy to know you take and interest in knowing me a little! I'm a fan artist living in Toronto, Ontario with a passion for design! I dabble in a lot of medias, you'll see some sewing, embroidery and some sculptures, but what I mainly focus on is digital drawings. I'm also a proud mother to 200 characters and growing!

I'm a video game fan if it wasn't eminent by browsing my stuff. From Legend of Zelda to Danagnronpa, my range varies. Though one thing stays true, I love a game that gets me thinking. None of those hack n' slash, button mashing games. If they get my gears turning, they most likely will be a hit with me! And of course, I have many other interests that are very prominent whilst browsing my gallery! I'm open and happy with all conversation so if you have any questions or just want to chat, leave a comment! (I don't really like talking in notes, the are bugged on my device and a headache to use. I won't respond to a note you send me to chat. Here's why~

I do not take requests! I will ignore any inquiries about requests. If you wish for me to draw you something, check out my commissions

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I always host Kiribans here! If you'd like you chance to win a free request at 110,000 page views, please follow up here~


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If you've ever wished to have any form of relationship between your Sonic character with some of my own, look no further:

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Sometimes, but not right now. I am very busy and am not accepting work of any kind