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Chad and Shizuka
Hey! Would ya look at that I'm not dead! Wow...It's been so long since I've even loged in. I've missed this site. Anyway here's a little something I wanted to make with my new Bleach Oc Shizuka Fujiwara. She's a secondary character on my new Ulquihime Fanfic, so I thought it would be fun to use this base with her and her crush Chad. The guy dosen't get much love from the fangirls. Which is strange cuz if I had to pick any main guy to date it would be him. Oh well, hope you like.




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Puerto Rico
Hair: Black
Style: Emo
Fave color: Blue
Area of Interest: Arts
Favorite Subject: English and History
Favorite Food: Tacos
I been challenged to write my top 50 couples of anything so here's the list:

50 Fave Couples List

1.Ichigo X Rukia-Bleach
2.Zim X Gaz-Invader Zim
3.Eddy x Christie-Tekken
4.Orochimaru X Anko-Naruto
5.Victor X Emily-Corpse Bride
6.Simon X Jeannete-Alvin and the Chipmunks
7.Kaito X Miku-Vocaloid
8.Naruto X Hinata-Naruto
9.Mike X Anne Maria-Total Drama Revenge of the Island
10.Seiya X Usagi-Sailor Moon
11.Jin X Nina-Tekken
12.Len X Rin-Vocaloid
13.Mordecai X C.J-Regular Show
14.Gin X Rangiku-Bleach
15.Toshiro X Karin-Blach
16.Spike X Julia-Cowboy Bebop
17.Edward X Winry-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
18.Sasuke X Ino-Naruto
19.Nnoitra X Nel-Bleach
20.Sonic X Elise-Sonic the Hedgehog
21.Duncan X Gwen-Total Drama Island
22.Muscle Man X Starla-Regular Show
23.Ichibi X Ritsuka-Chibigami Squad!
24.Geoff X Bridgette-Total Drama Island
25.Robin X Raven -Teen Titans
26.Shuunsui X Nanao-Blach
27.Garin x Isca-Neopets (Curse of Maraqua)
28.Alejandro X Heather-Total Drama Island
29.Brick X Jo-Total Drama Revenge of the Island
30.Shadow X Rouge-Sonic the hedgehog
31.Luigi X Rosalina-Super Mario Galaxy
32.Ushio X Natsui-Chibigami Squad!
33.Toshiro X Momo-Bleach
34.Roy X Riza-Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
35.Tails X Cream-Sonic the Hedgehog
36.Yoshi X Brido- Mario
37.Mario X Peach-Mario
38.Nowaki X Hiroki-Junjou Egoist
39.Finn X Marceline-Adventure Time
40.Richard X Vivian-Pretty Woman
41.Kanrik X Hannah-Neopets (Hannah and the Desert)
42.Sai X Ino-Naruto
43.Kisuke X Soi Fon-Bleach
44.Shadow X Sally-Sonic Archie Comics
45.Darkerou X Cyeena-Chibgami Squad!
46.Sonic X Shade-Sonic The dark brotherhood
47.Riujii X Aisaka-Toradora!
48.Yoshi X Brido-Yoshi's Island
49.L X Misa-Death Note
50.Ichigo X Nel-Bleach



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