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A group comic about Big Cats, Adventure and Friendship! by Enaxn, FireofAnubis, BecSparrow and featuring several guest artists!

We are a closed group and do not take members, but feel free to watch us to keep up with the page updates! C:
Founded 7 Years ago
Oct 30, 2011


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Art Creation

5 Members
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About the Characters!

Main Cast: In alphabetical Order


Age: Early 20s
About/Personality: Although reserved and cautious in new company at first, Beccat is usually bouncy and she likes a laugh. She's quite clever (though doesn't have a vast amount of common sense!) and can sometimes come across as being a bit of a know-it-all. She doesn't mind jokes at her expense but doesn't like people genuinely thinking she's dumb. She can be quite sarcastic, and can sometimes err on the side of pessimistic, but is usually quite upbeat in front of others. She'll usually rise to the challenge if no one else wants to do it, but she isn't really a leader. She's just as happy to follow someone than to take the lead. Also she hates spiders. She'd freak out over a spider. She also loves coffee, but you don't tend to find much of that in the forest. If she meets someone who is a bit of a grump, or who takes things too seriously she'll deliberately wind them right up. She can be a right wind up merchant.

Good points: Mostly friendly, Loyal, Good sense of humour, Clever, Quick Thinking, Usually fun to be around
Bad points: Can be short tempered (and occasionally harsh), holds grudges, swears when annoyed.



Age: Early adult
About/Personality: Switchback is very obnoxious. She's spunky and bouncy and sassy and saucy and very headstrong. She is very lacking in the common sense department as well, and will charge head-first into countless dumb situations without thinking at all. That being said, she's still very sharp and wickedly intelligent, at least when she wants to be. She's also *very* expressive and her face always conveys her moods. She usually takes the lead because she's usually the first one going "OMG LET'S GO 8D", not necessarily because she's leader material. She's very smug, curious, and loves adventure.

Good Points: Chipper, cheerful, intelligent, and never boring! Plus she'll have your back always and forever, regardless of the circumstances.
Bad Points: Her curious nature and lack of common sense frequently lead her into sticky situations. Her high levels of sass can also make her seem kind of rude or abrasive, but she's not. She's just... very sassy. She can also be somewhat arrogant.



Age: 24
About/Personality: An all around nice guy, Zack is very relaxed and easy going. He prides himself on being a ‘positive energy’ of sorts, always there to support his friends. He can be serious in situations that require it but prefers to joke and mess around. He’s not a all, obviously he’s compliant, if he was instructed to lead he’d do the best he could but he is a follower by nature. He can be doubtful of himself but overall he’s the one to be the ‘rock’ and help his friends however he can. He can’t argue and he can’t boss anyone around, he’s a big softy really. He also lacks the ability to respect personal space.

Good points: Laid back, friendly and playful, he is loyal to his friends and very trustworthy.
Bad points: Can be hesitant in fights, he isn’t a coward by an stretch but will avoid conflict, however if his friends are put in danger he will push past this hesitancy. He also struggles to show his sadder side, he tends to wear a ‘mask’, preferring to act silly to hide his inner feelings as he partly doesn’t want to worry/bring down his friends but also doesn’t want to look weak. (A bit of a complex his upbringing caused).


Side Characters

:bulletyellow:Zafiro:bulletyellow: [Chapter 4]

Age: 22
About/Personality: Lover of ladies, adventures, freedom and challenges, enjoys try everything and pushing himself further, learning new things. He can be often seen showing off, having a huge smile across his face. Energetic, extrovert, loyal and affectionate with his friends. Altough he can goof around, usually surprises showing a really mature face in the hardest moments. Zafiro enjoys action and stimulating situations, and is known for being really good improvising plans in short period of time. However, is known for leaving his friends apart if a pretty lady appears in front of him, turning the goofy lion in such a gentleman in a few seconds. Emotionally stable, loves to pet his friends (usually males), and it’s hardly pissed off. Prefers to work in a team rather alone, and will try to keep the group together. Genuinely knows himself attractive towards females, and some males (?). His mottos are ‘’Rules are made to be broken’’ and ‘’Carpe Diem’’. Hates and has a huge phobia of tarantulas and cockroaches.

Good Points: Honest, Bold, Practical, Jovial, Positive, Loyal, Caring and Rational! The one who always keeps his promises!
Bad Points: REALLY IMPATIENT, Easily excitable, Impulsive, usually heads into trouble and fights quite easily. Stubborn, Reckless, Proud (only with males), Being a lover of ladies can change his priorities in just seconds, Easily manipulated (only with females), and somehow sassy around other males. Under emotional pressure can get blocked. Finds difficult to show his feelings, and tries to hide them.

:bulletorange:Fukuro:bulletorange: [Chapters 1-2]

Age: 18-ish
About/Personality: Fu is, by nature, a curious creature. Curiosity is both his strength and his bane, because he can end up getting into some of the worst situations. He's also incredibly friend, and will talk to just about anyone or anything; there isn't a mean bone in his body. He comes off as being a dingy airhead because he's constantly asking questions, doing head tilts, and pretty much acting like a cub. He has a lot of energy and often runs circles around anyone that's within two feet of him. Fu usually gets attached to anyone that's kind to him and instantly calls them "friend". He's super trusting, and can be led astray by this blind trust in a new friend. Its rare for him to ever be down and he's always optimistic about everything, even in the darkest of times. Even though he's pretty derpy, he does have a really good amount knowledge about poisonous plants, types of trees, and birds. Fu is pretty much still a cub at heart~

Good Points: Charismatic, cheerful, optimistic, vast knowledge base about forest flora/fauna, comical, sweet nature, gentle, unbridled energy.
Bad Points: Curiosity (it can be both good and bad), overly talkative, too trusting, naive, too eager.


This collection does not have any deviations yet!









Hey everyone! C:

It's been a while since the last journal and several of you will have noticed that after a short hiatus (we're all so busy IRL *sob*) Silva Magna is up and running and posting regularly again! :dummy:

We are now on Chapter Four which gives me an excellent opportunity to annouce the exciting new direction SM is taking!

Myself, Enaxn and FireofAnubis are still regular artists on this project, but due to Souls having a lot of work to do in her personal life, she hasn't been able to contribute along with us for quite some time sadly.

However, the remaining three of us love having so many different art styles in this project and so we've decided that from now on, the chapters will have our regular trio of Switchback, Zack and Beccat and each chapter will feature a brand new character and... a NEW GUEST ARTIST!

We're kicking off chapter four with the lovely Giiana and her smooth blonde lion Zafiro! :heart:

You can see her first TWO she started off with a real bang! PAGES here:

[Silva Magna]: Ch4 Pg43 by Giiana [Silva Magna]: Ch4 Pg44 by Giiana

For those of you wondering how on earth we're going to introduce and leave behind so many new characters over the various chapters... You'll just have to keep reading to find out! The plot is very slow to reveal itself, but it's coming gradually! We don't just want to go BAM! STORYLINE, we want it to flow smoothly C:

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading and supporting our comic! We love all of you, and your lovely comments make us excited to make more pages!

-Bec :heart:
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Here's a cookie for all four of you awesomes!
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