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So I'm not the only one who hooks his Captain up with a Mantis! 
So glad, 
Xin(female Mantis) and Silver(Human Male) OTP 
BenRG's avatar
Either that Mantis wants to eat the human or they're best friends. I'm hoping that it's the latter! :D
michaelgamer7's avatar
or maybe the Mantis wants the human to eat something else 
Eyebrow Raise 
TechUnadept's avatar
Better hope not, manti can only mate once decapitated.
michaelgamer7's avatar
Myth, although Female Manti do often cannibalise their mates, it is not necessary for the process. 
The unintelligent insects do it because the male is just another food source after it has given what is needed. No emotion. 
The sentient Manti probably couldn't do this on the account of they have feelings, maybe some psycho's out there who do it, but they would probably be considered sexual "predators"
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Needs a Lanius ^^
Morfeas333's avatar
One of the best crews I have seen mate!
carnival's avatar
ohhhh. mah gad! X'D BEST FAN-ART EVEEEEER X'3
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Faster Than Light
ElderScrollsForetold's avatar
Hahaha the Rock's like "Imma get this shit DONE" xD
KillerMaverick's avatar
Mantis is love.

Mantis is life.
michaelgamer7's avatar
My Mantis Wifu is named Xin

PS you romanced Garrus/Vetra didn't you?
KillerMaverick's avatar
Wow, I jump back on this old account after, like four years and this comment was responded to just a week ago. Talk about timing.

Anyway, for Femshep, yeah. For Maleshep I went with Tali.
michaelgamer7's avatar
Tali is my Mass effect Wifu, but Garrus is my number 1 bromance. 
Cubesona's avatar
AGH, this is great! I love your interpretations of the Rock-men and that Mantis!
Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
I like how you interpreted the aliens of the game. The Engi is my favorite, although the mantis is a close second.
EdanR's avatar
And then they all died.
A-Random-Otaku's avatar
I have seen enough hentai to see what the Mantis wants....
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shadowdragon1396's avatar
The human is like "why did I hire the female mantis?"
michaelgamer7's avatar
Mantis "Oh don't be a such a baby! You aren't going to lose any limbs.....probably" 
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wow this is literally amazing!!!
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