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Just some danmaku on a black background



A shower of random danmaku (弾幕) from ZUN Soft’s animated PC-9801 logo from 1998. Minus the ZUN Soft logo. Use the near-black color (#010101) as chroma key in video productions. If you need a transparent background, use this one:…
UPDATE: restored missing black borders to the first seven frames worth of danmaku (the background is slightly lighter than the danmaku border). Now it looks better.

Animated PNG (APNG) version here:…

What would you put behind all that danmaku? Could this be the start of a new YTPMV meme series? I challenge you! If you do use this on a YTPMV, please credit me and also put a link to your YTPMV here as a comment. Thankee!
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Hi! I'm here from ProjectComment's Comment Tag with the tagword GIF.  First of all, this is a very smooth animation.  It reminds me of fireworks, especially with the near-white middles of the danmaku circles and the colored outlines.  Is this designed to be used over an image as an effect? If so, it will probably make it hard to see the image in the end of the animation, but it will still look very cool.  I don't have a whole lot to say when it comes to improvement, other than if it is meant to be a resource, mentioning earlier on in the description that it is useable by others to add to images.  The animation is well made and I would be glad to use it over an image for fun, especially a 'Happy Birthday' announcement.
Your tagword to find in anjyil 's gallery is 'sword'.