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Astro Boy PC-9801 Vocal Ver. (Birthday credits 2E)

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© 2020 SilSinn9801


This hardware-color-correct PC-9801-style artwork is the English version of the secondary end-credits screencard I made for my own PMD98 (16-bit chiptune) + VOCALOID take on Tatsuo Takai’s original musical composition as arranged by Shigeaki Saegusa for the 1980’s color remake of Astro Boy. For the PCM vocals, I asked a young vocal producer named Heizee to make Rin & Len Kagamine sing Shuntaro Tanigawa’s iconic lyrics; the video itself was premiered on YouTube on Astro’s canonical birthday (April 7, 2020) in Japan’s timezone (13 hours ahead of my timezone).

With all said, here is the link to the music video on YouTube:

The Japanese counterpart to this screencard can be found here:
which has been used on the Nico Nico ニコニコ動画 version of the same video above:

The “Tezuka-style” Rin & Len sprites above were drawn by Zo-me:
(originally I would have preferred Zome upload them to her Gallery or as the legitimate author of them, but she instead suggested me upload them to my so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

This and other similar artwork is also posted on Pixiv:

I used GIMP 2.10 to overlay the graphics and keep them within no more than 16 hardware-correct NEC PC-9801 palette colors (making up a 12-bit RGB colorspace comprising 4096 colors, as opposed to the 16+-million-color 24-bit RGB colorspace we are used to on modern PCs) and to typeset all the text using the following two fonts:

“9801バージョン” typeset in “AstroN” (Interactive and Interface Factory,, which lacked glyphs for “PC-” (I had to cut myself those three missing glyphs by “chipping away at” some of the strokes of the glyphs for numerals ‘8’ & ‘0’ and shortening the glyph for the katakana vowel-length mark ‘’).
“ASTRO BOY” & “PC-9801 VERSION” typeset in “ITC Pioneer W01” (oNline Web Fonts, CC-BY 3.0,, which is very similar (if not identical) to the font used to design the original logo on the English dub of the anime.
Credits & copyrights typeset in my private bitmap-like TrueType font “Gensokyo”.

鉄腕アトム / ASTRO BOY © 1963–2020 手塚プロダクション / Tezuka Productions
鏡音リン・レン / Kagamine Rin & Len © 2007–2020 Crypton Future Media
VOCALOID © 2004–2020 ヤマハ株式会社 / Yamaha Corporation

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