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Silent Sinner in Scarlet, abbr. SilSinn in the 🎮 community, started writing ♪ after hours of playing old PC/​video 🎮 (feat. 🎼 generated by soundchips from 1980’s–early 1990’s). SilSinn found favor with the Yamaha YM2608/​OPNA FM-synth chip (found in high-end NEC PC-9801 & PC-9821 💻 that once dominated the 🇯🇵 domestic market) because of the relative ease of composing/​arranging ♪ for it and for its ability to mix FM/​PSG/​PCM 🔊 paradigms in a well-balanced fashion.

SilSinn chose PMD98 by KAJA as the preferred compiler for making OPNA ♪ evocative of both “PC-98”, arcade, & Sega MegaDrive/​Genesis systems. For inspiration, SilSinn thanks legendary composers ZUN, Tatsuo Takai/高井達雄, & Nobuo Uematsu/植松伸夫 as role models to follow.

If you are interested in a chiptune music commission, just leave me a private note above and I will give you my price (US$ via PayPal only!) Thankee!

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██████ IF YOU'RE


---██--- TO TELL

---██--- OTHERS THAT



Sinner: we are all sinners. ✞Silent: not all sins can be publicly discussed. ✟Scarlet: the blood of some Holy one crucified by ancient Romans ⁓2000 years ago… the ONLY blood that can cleanse each/​every sin in the world — even the silent ones.

Favourite Visual Artist
Aburtos, Zo-me, ScepterDPinoy, GabrielZr0, SteP, peoril, Choco-Rune, TheArmyDuo
Favourite Movies
Anything made by Studio Ghibli; almost anything based on Marvel Comics
Favourite TV Shows
Almost anything by Tezuka Productions; Chainsaw Man; Spy×Family; Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure; RWBY
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
JX, Aburtos, Nordischsound, TrojanHorse711, Daft Punk, Hyadain2525, Keine Ahnung, m.o.v.e., Los Rayos Gamma, kinoshita
Favourite Books
CJKV Information Processing, The Unicode Standard
Favourite Writers
Akira Himekawa, Naoki Urasawa, Ken Lunde, Silverio Pérez, Osamu Tezuka
Favourite Games
Bravely Default, Ever Oasis, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man X, Pokémon, Cave Story+
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Sony Playstation 3
Tools of the Trade
PMD98, MSDP, Audacity, GIMP, corrscope, VapourSynth, VirtualDub2, CyberLink PowerDirector, Piapro Studio, Synthesizer V Studio Pro, VOCALOID6
Other Interests
Wiki editing
Happy Goku Day!
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To the anon who gifted me Core: THANKEE!
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Artwork done by KannaKake & @sunnyloquacity while the music & vocals were my own work: I did like @VNaneP (sorry for the ping!) & made Otomachi Una sing Spanish (just like VNaneP did four years ago) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of a wholesome Mexican TV drama widely watched across Latin America (not sure if it was also exported to Spain, but it was a very good story!)
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