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Teaser Chapter 3 of A Light from the Shadows
a small teaser from a story I am working on called A Light From the Shadows. It's a crossover fic, but you won't see that here, just some hints at it.
I am desperate for a review and a beta
consider this my resume
Chapter 3: the First Avenger
    “You know, sometimes, I think you like getting punched,” Bucky says to Steve as he picks himself up off the ground. Steve looks down at himself and sees the mess his clothes are in. He feels a trickle of blood on his face, and wipes his nose and mouth. Right now he feels absolutely lousy. Four times; the army had rejected him four times. He never felt like a failure before, but with each new 4F, he started to feel like one. Bucky got in on his first try; sometimes life wasn’t fair.
 All he wanted was to do what was right: stop the bullies, live up to his family name, make his mother and his Dad proud; wherever they were. He wanted to be someone that could help; he wanted to do something to help stop t
:iconsilmarlfan1:silmarlfan1 0 0
Yasha Stevan Buchanan Barnes by silmarlfan1 Yasha Stevan Buchanan Barnes :iconsilmarlfan1:silmarlfan1 6 0 WIP Drawing3 by silmarlfan1 WIP Drawing3 :iconsilmarlfan1:silmarlfan1 0 1 Joseph Rogers Versions 1 and 2 by silmarlfan1 Joseph Rogers Versions 1 and 2 :iconsilmarlfan1:silmarlfan1 2 4 Steve Rogers by silmarlfan1 Steve Rogers :iconsilmarlfan1:silmarlfan1 1 0 Arthadan Son of Amandil by silmarlfan1 Arthadan Son of Amandil :iconsilmarlfan1:silmarlfan1 5 0 Steven Grant Buchanan by silmarlfan1 Steven Grant Buchanan :iconsilmarlfan1:silmarlfan1 2 2 Finrod Eye study by silmarlfan1 Finrod Eye study :iconsilmarlfan1:silmarlfan1 4 5


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United States
I Like to read Fan Fictions online. mostly Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion stories. I like those about Maedhros and Fingon. Like Maglor too but not as much. Now Feanor, is a different story all together. I would love for some one to write about Feanor. And there are other stories that I would like finished.
I will not name names.

I like Tolkien's Elves and their background. I can't help it.

Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite style of art: traditional classical
Personal Quote: "I will always be with you. I will always be in your heart."
Hi, to all those out there that are watching me I have a request for a beta to this new fic that I am in the process of outlining. to those that Love Captain America and the Avengers, this is a multi Crossover with the Lord of the Rings, the Silmarillion and Supernatural; but only later. the main story arch takes place in the Captain America movies, and the in between. I have no idea what went on after Cap crashed the Valkyrie and I don't want to get into that mess to much but I need a good Beta that knows his/her stuff about Cap from the movies and Bucky as well; mostly because Bucky is the main character for most of the story arch.

I have a great deal of the first story all outlined and I have a great deal more all thought out. Ultimately this series will become a Captain America Civil War Fix-it fic with Cap going to Middle Earth just as Sauron is gearing up for war. It is long and drawn out but I hope that people will like it, but I need that Beta to catch my errors before I post them. the first story outline is currently around 3000 words long and all in bullet-points so I don't write it just catch the scenes that I want in depth writing about and not writing myself into a corner.

so Please if anyone wants to be my Beta, I would be forever grateful. also I don't type fast and My computer is in an upstairs room with no heating, so no in depth writing until the sun stays warm, and temps stay above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

sincerely yours,
Silmarlfan1: artist, Writer of Fanfiction 



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