After a great absence and a bit of looking for some inspiration, I, Erendis, have returned! Everyone has permission to stone me to death, I figure I deserve as much after so much fooling around. But we're on for a whole lotta fun this year, I promise.

So if you would, give :iconblakey00: a real round of applause for being the dutiful moderator and dealing with me and the club for so long. We really appreciate it, I especially feel some gratitude toward him for this. We love you, Adam!

And Cathy-chan, I haven't forgotten you! I promise, please, I'll still do art for you, if you but ask me once more. I am sorry for taking so long!! *bows over and over again*

But what you all really want to hear is that the Valar competition is still going, but now may have a decent prize which I think is most befitting. What has finally been decided for the prizes are as follows:

First Place: A three month subscription to deviantART! Wow! Though it won't take effect immediately, since the order for the subscription will be done via postal service. Some of us live by means of Snail Mail and a healthy fear of credit!

Second Place: Art drawn by either :iconyountie-elf: or :iconniphridell: If you have a request, please put it through me so I can talk with Niph about it. (We go to art school together.)

Well, at least I thought it was a good incentive for your guys' beautiful art. I've been completely blown away by some of your entries! So much talent here! However, there is also a deadline for any of the following prizes.

IT ENDS ON OCTOBER 3 which is a Monday for all you guys and gals out there. Voting will begin on OCTOBER 7. Late entries may or may not be accepted. One last time, here it is:
Here's the Valar comp again just to remind you all:

Contest : Like the Valar? Think they're swanky? Well, now's your chance to enter art based upon your favorite Vala/Valie! ENTRIES ARE DUE OCTOBER 3

Thank you so much for hanging in there everyone and do thank Adam next chance you get. I can't thank him enough.


EDIT: Multiple entries will be allowed at this time! We love to see your art and all the same, the artwork will be judged by the other club members in a vote.
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Now traveller, perhaps you're wondering how best to join the Silmarillion-Club! Well friend, it's quite simple. There are only three things we ask of you:
1: Please note the administrator to add you to the listing.

2: If you have any art that you would like to post, add links to these pictures.

3: If the administrator has favourited your work, also make this known, because by Deviant Art rules there can be no favourites that are club members' pieces. This is seen as an abuse of the favourite system.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Good links for the weary traveller:

The Council of Elrond: Large and very thorough Tolkien resource site. Definately worth a look!

Henneth-Annun: A treasure trove of fan fiction from a large collection of talented writers.

The One Ring: a resource of information concerning characters from all ages.

The Encyclopedia of Arda: a VERY exhaustive encyclopedia of all terms associated with Tolkien's Middle-earth, complete with interactive maps. Recommended if references are made that you or someone else does not recognize.

The Barrow Downs: good for LotR as well as Silmarillion. Complete with quizzes, artwork, humor, and a horrible name generator that makes absolutely no sense! ^_^

Of Lords and Ladies: a Silmarillion character fanlisting

The Tolkien Sarcasm Page: the infamous home of "Balrog :With Bunny Slippers?" and the epic (and extremely humorous) review of Ralph Bakshi's "Lord of the Rings"…

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You're back! Brilliant news :-)
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