Okay everyone, I'm looking to design my next tattoo. Currently have Laurelin, the golden tree of Valinor, tattooed on my right rib cage (and will be adding Telperion to my left). But I need to fill in all the space around Laurelin.

Basically, I'm cutting my body in half and doing one side good and one side evil. Laurelin, on my right side, was a tree killed forever whereas Telperion lived on through his Nimloth and eventually the Tree of Gondor. So to fill in around Laurelin I'm looking to have the following quote illustrated.

This quote comes from the Book of Lost Tales 1: for lo! through Melko have terror as fire, and sorrow like dark waters, wrath like thunder, and evil as far from my light as the depths of the uttermost of the dark places, come into the design that I laid before you. Through him has pain and misery been made in the clash of overwhelming musics; and with confusion of sound have cruelty, and ravening, and darkness, loathly mire and all putrescence of thought or thing, foul mists and violent flame, cold without mercy, been born, and death without hope. Yet is this through him and not by him; and he shall see, and ye all likewise, and even shall those beings, who must now dwell among his evil and endure through Melko misery and sorrow, terror and wickedness, declare in the end that it reboundeth only to my great glory, and doth but make the theme more worth the hearing, Life more worth the living, and the World so much the more wonderful and marvellous, that of all the deeds of Iluvatar it shall be called his mightiest and his loveliest."

All the darkness (overwhelming musics, cruelty, violent flame, cold without mercy, death without hope, misery and sorry, terror and wickedness) I want illustrated to fulfill the meaning and actions of Melkor. It can be translated into modern day or kept in the realm of middle earth.

If you can come up with something I like and am willing to put on my body, I will most surely praise and reward you with money. (paypal or what have you)

Thanks guys!! I have NO artistic talent haha
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Are you still looking for help with a tattoo design? I love the idea.
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