Feb 3, 2007

And there was one more hiatus...

Please, be patient with us. Real life doesn't allow us to login as often as we would like to.

You can always note admins directly in argent cases, such as copyrights violation or art removal questions.
Don't use it for general submission and joining messages, these should be sent in a note form directly to the club.
We'll answer as soon as we can :)

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I used this old entry, couldn't stop myself, the title was so fitting :floating:


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Jun 6, 2006

Hello all and sorry for the long delay. I've been very busy with my degree and jobs work experience recently, and judging by the lack of updates, so have my co admins.

Anyhow, I've been through all the messages and I think I've added everyone who wanted adding and submitted pretty much all of the suitable artwork I've been sent.


I got an email relating to something those of you who live in and around New York might be interested in:

'I (not me, Adam Klein, the guy who mailed me) wrote an opera based on the chapcet Of Beren and Luthien, called LEITHIAN, and it will be heard for the first time at 7 PM on July 1st, 2006 in New York City at a place called Liederkranz Hall. Actually it's too long for one 3-hour concert, so we're doing the first half, up to when Luthien discovers Beren in the pits of Tol-in-Gaurhoth. (I leave the accent off Luthien only because I don't trust the Web mail system to preserve it on your computer.)

The link to the press release about it is www.adamcjklein.us/leithian.ht…

I'm writing to you as part of a large web search to make sure I let as many people know, who would want to know, as I can. I'd hate for Tolkien fans who could have heard the concert to kick themselves for finding out too late. This is a one-time event and will not be rebroadcast while this Age lasts.'

Might well be worth checking out if you're that side of the water, and indeed, that particular continent.

OK, thats it for now, take care everyone.


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