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Details in MirachRavaia's own words:


I recently got a comment on my art which made me realize that there are many scenes and characters in Tolkien's book which almost never get illustrated, while you can find hundreds of illustrations for others. Just a few examples would be
- the events during the Scouring of the Shire
- the Ringbearers arriving and living in Valinor
- Galadriel living in Eregion or passing through Moria to Lórien
- Pippin exploring Minas Tirith with Bergil
- the "lesser known" kings of Gondor and Númenor and Chieftains of Dúnedain
- Túrin attacking Glaurung in front of Nargothrond's gates BEFORE the dragon's look paralyzed him
For this contest, you need to find one that you have NEVER seen illustrated before. I won't give you more examples so you can think of your own, but feel free to use these as well. You do not need to have a thorough knowledge of the books, you can just open them at any page and see if you can find a scene you haven't seen depicted before. There is a big chance you will find one soon. Think also of the fact that even the often painted scenes have "before" and "after" that get almost never depicted.


Illustrate a scene or character from any of the books written by Tolkien that has, to your knowledge, never been illustrated before. Do a google search for it to assure about that. Maybe somewhere there is some picture of it, but if you tried and did not find it, it is "never seen before" to you, and that's what counts. If you would like to paint a rarely seen character, but already saw that character painted, you just need to pick another scene with him.

Unlike in our past contest "Between the lines", the scene HAS to be depicted in the books, or character mentioned by name. It's best if you provide the quote from the books you used.You can base the scene on any short mention you find, like, for example "1463 - Faramir Took marries Goldilocks, daughter of Samwise" in the appendices.

DEADLINE: March 31st

1 entry per participant

Only entries submitted AFTER the contest announcement will be accepted (as others have already been seen before, logically... ;))

The "never seen before" does not apply to pictures posted after the contest announcement. If you already started working on your entry, and someone posts an illustration of the same scene on deviantart or in some other corner of internet after that, or you suddenly find one you could not find before, it's alright. If something like that happens, you can mention it in the comments, but certainly won't be disqualified for it.

It you are not sure about a scene you would like to pick, you can comment here: NEVER SEEN BEFORE - contest and ask about it. You can also comment and "claim" a particular scene, in case you want to prevent others from painting the same, as slim as that chance is.

Submit your entry to the contest folder in any of the participating groups:

:iconthelotrclub: - One of the biggest Tolkien themed groups, hosting a regular interview series "Talks with Tolkien artists"
:iconelves-of-tolkien: - All of Tolkien's Elves and everything related to them in one place, but we accept other Middle-earth related art as well.
:iconarda-inspired: - If you like reading, writing and illustrating fanfiction, as well as interesting monthly challenges, this is a group for you!
:iconthranduilfans: - Group dedicated to the great elvenking Thranduil to honor this beautiful being with all kinds of art.
:iconthehobbitfans: - Hello! We're a Hobbit themed dA group, collecting beautiful art based on the book and films.
:iconshadowsofmiddleearth: - A  group dedicated to the darker side of Tolkien's world.
:iconlord-of-the-rings-fc: - A group focused on celebrating the world of Middle Earth as envisioned by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Submitting to more groups is alright, as well as submitting to the contest folder of just one group, and to regular folders in others. All pictures in all contest folders will be gathered together for judging at the end of the contest.
Note that some of the groups might have restrictions about the pictures they accept. Refer to the general group rules to see if your picture is acceptable in a particular group (e.g. not submitting a Hobbit themed picture to a Silmarillion themed group and vice versa).

If you are not a member of any of the participating groups, you can still submit your art to the contest folder of TheLotRClub, which will be open for all contest entries from all deviantart members.
Do you know / are you an admin of a group that would like to participate and I didn't ask you? Send a note to MirachRavaia and your group will be included!


1st place
- a hand-painted t-shirt by MirachRavaia mirachravaia.deviantart.com/ga…
- a print of a map of Beleriand by Sirielle
- bust of a single character from Grim-Grinning
- "deviation of the week" feature in TheHobbitFans

2nd place:
- a Middle-earth themed spoon by MirachRavaia Middle-earth spoons

3rd place:
- a Middle-eartth themed art request by MirachRavaia

All places:
- The Lord of the Rings audiobook
- The Complete Songs & Poems collection by Tolkien Ensamble
- points distributed from the donation pool in Dreams-of-Arda's profile in a 4:3:2 pattern
- Thranduil papercraft sword from MorellAgrysis
- an art request from Reikiwie
- a feature by the participating groups and:
- llamas

- by a jury consisting of the admins of participating groups
(Judges can take part in the contest, but not vote for their own entry)

Supporting groups (not participating in the contest):


:#1: If you have any questions, pelase ask them here: NEVER SEEN BEFORE - contest :thumbsup:
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