Where a comic stripe goes? Where an artwork with a text "woven" into it? We've got two folders to choose:

:bulletblue: Nyaremaire II - Graphic Novels
A place for various kind of graphic novels, comic stripes and artworks with text on them (be it a longer quotation or description put into the artwork itself). But this is not a place for humorous stripes! Non-humorous, serious works only. If a bit of humour happens in a longer story, it still belongs here. If humour is stripe's main purpose it goes to Alasse.

:bulletblue: Alasse - Humor
Everything humorous - from a funny comic stripe to artworks presenting places and characters in a less serious manner. "Gender blender" and men in dresses and makeup go here too, especially done in manga style. Also styles of manga which heavily change proportions and characters look (chibi, extra huge eyes etc.), even if intentionally it was not going to be humorous. All of these cases are judged on case to case basis, so some might still end up in other folders, while others get rejected if they do not fit humor completely yet do not fit anywhere else.

In the end let me repeat :bulletred: No movie fan art. Do not submit those for they'll get rejected.

In other news deviantART plans to offer possibility to watch collections in favorites section. Some beta-testers can already use it. When  it is available I recommend to everyone who is curious of works in progress and sketches to watch our Sketchbook folder in the Favorites section, with works added by you and faved by us. Check it and add your sketches: silmarillion-club.deviantart.c… :thumbsup:
In general we've got some goods hidden in the Favorites, so go and check the whole section :gallery:

Sun Feb 9, 2014

:bulletblack:  Case of Galadriel - to avoid confusion and speculations any image of Galadriel pictured with her mirror will be declined. The mirror - whether it has been created before the III Age or not - is strongly associated with the Lord of the Rings and as such does not belong to the club. I'll remove all images of the mirror we've accepted in the past.

Feb 12, 2013

:bulletred: We accept only art related to characters and events up to the end of the II Age of Sun, with the exception of characters from previous ages appearing later in time (including for example Aman in the IV Age), but in a manner unrelated to The Hobbit and LotR. In other words -The Hobbit and LotR art is not our focus and will be rejected.

:bulletred: Only original creations, it stands for copies of existing artworks, too. Exception - creative, artistic reinterpretations of works of others. In such case always credit the original art.

:bulletred: No movie fan art.

:bulletred: Gallery folders. We'll reject every deviation submitted to a wrong folder. Descriptions of gallery folders are in the folders themselves, in the gallery and our profile page, as well as in the Art submission guidelines.

All of it should be clear from our Art submission guidelines silmarillion-club.deviantart.c… Please read our guidelines before submitting art - to save your time and ours.

If you are not sure when to place your art in time of Arda check it at:
:bulletblue: The Encyclopedia of Arda www.glyphweb.com/arda/
:bulletblue: Tolkien Gateway tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Main_P…
or another source of knowledge on Tolkien's universe.


If you have any questions ask them here or in the Art submission guidelines comments section.

Mami02 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Hello! I'd like to submit an illustration based on a fanfic, but the Nyaremaire folder is closed ^^; What should I do??
Sirielle Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013   Digital Artist
Sorry, I've forgotten each folder is closed by default after creating, I just opened it.
Mami02 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
Thank you
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