Welcome to the Quenta Silmarillion, sit yourself down by the fire and hear the stories of old.

The Silmarillion-Club is a group on deviantART centred around the early events from the world created by J. R. R. Tolkien: from the beginning of time up to the ending of the II Age of Sun, described in The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, The Children of Húrin and The History of Middle-Earth.  

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:bulletred: Welcome to our 200th member - :iconpurrcifer: :woohoo:

:iconthemasqueradeclans: holds a contest related to Vampires the Masquerade. Deadline: April 18th, details: themasqueradeclans.deviantart.… Participants as well as prise donation are welcomed.

Members of our affiliates do have ability to submit art to our club with admins approval and monthly limit. It does have to fit with our art submission guidelines. All affiliates will be displayed in the affiliates widget on our profile, they will not be displayed in new blogs footer any more.


Jan 13, 2010

:bulletred: And we've got a new affiliate again :D
Our newest affiliates are:
:iconrealm-of-fantasy: :icondzieci-nocy: & :iconthemasqueradeclans: :new:
I removed clubs which aren't active anymore, including the other Silmarillion related club silent for ages.

:bulletred: Jan 8, 2010 Welcome our 100th member, :iconmeneldil-elda: :woohoo:

:bulletred: Art submission guidelines: silmarillion-club.deviantart.c… - we're awaiting your Silmarillion inspired art, but please check the guidelines before submitting your work :thanks:

Sharing art is much easier now and does not require re-submitting a deviation to dA again - club gallery displays only a thumbnail leading to the original artist's gallery :thumbsup:

:bulletred: Favourites section added back, you can check what was in the "old" club - favourites served as our gallery for last months before conversion into a group account. Members gallery should come back from favs into club's gallery section now, I'll remove those favs with time. Some of those artworks do not fit to the present art submission guidelines.

What else will happen with favorites folder? We'll see, if you have any suggestions please let us know.

:bulletred: A reminder for previous members - please, join us back to be officially a member and share your art, this is required since the club has been converted into a group account.

:bulletred: Since groups are new experience to all of us I recommend you the Groups Introduction parallellogic.deviantart.com/a… by parallellogic :thumbsup:

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Admin & Co-admins:
:iconsirielle: :iconkaaile: :iconalqualaure:

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:iconrealm-of-fantasy: :icondzieci-nocy: :iconthemasqueradeclans:
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