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Emo Scar Meme is Emo

Will scrap later.

I've been wanting to do this for a while, and then I found this base: [link]

I dunno if I need to tell you anything, all that needs ro be said is in the picture. Dunno if I got everything, or if it is that accurate, but I'm in a rush, gonna go to the doctor in 1 hour, and I still need to eat and have a shower.
I feel very emo today... so instead of vent art, here, have some scar meme.

I couldn't show you all... since alot of 'em are inside me... if you look at my thighs, I think you get the idea..
I'll not reply to any comments, so feel free to say anything really... But troll or very mean comments will be hidden.

Now you know why people called me "zebrabutt."
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feel free not to reply. ive also cut my inner thighs a few times but damn thats high up, closer to important veins. are the scars inside you self inflicted, surgery or by violence by someone else 
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First of all I'd just like to say that this is a very old meme, so old that I actually thought I had deleted it a long time ago. I've been clean since 12.12.12, so you do not need to worry about my old self-harming habits c:
As to answer your question, they are self-inflicted and I'm blessed to not have cut off any of the main arteries. The last time I nearly did and had to go to the hospital to be stiched up. I have not hurt myself since, not just cause of the scare, but I really noticed how much I was hurting my family and friends by doing it. 
I'm really happy to be clean today! Thank you for your concern, I wish for your recovery aswell :rose:
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omigoodness! you've suffered a lot, and I'm glad you've made a comeback. ;u; <333333333333
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i wish i could make sure you never have to go through so much pain, so many scars just shows how much you've been hurt in your life..

and how exactly did something bite your armpit? xD
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I's from the chickenpox, but it looks like a bitemark :aww:
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I was Just replying Cause I Think your Mistaking that for Birthmark in arm pit
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i thought it said bite mark
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I never saw someone cut their thighs? why is that, can someone tell me O-o whats the point of cutting there?
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Since you asked a question, I'm going to answer it, once.
I don't know with others, but I did it 'cause noone would ever see it there. I'm not the kind of girl who shows my legs, and I never go swimming, so my thighs was the perfect spot, I thought.
I didn't want to be called an attentionwhore, 'cause I'm really not, I just felt horrible.
Although it started higher up than my thighs.. I have a few on my arms, but they are kinda faded.
But I'm done with it, so I don't mind sharing it really. I just recomend to never cut yourself between your legs like I did, 'cause you WILL regret it, when you grow up, and possibly get a partner. My thighs are too repulsive for any man to even look at..
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I think it would bleed ALOT and way more painful, i never have cut myself though, but I was curious cause I never heard someone would do that, like what if you have sport on school? I show my legs pretty much.. so I would never do it there
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And about the bleeding, yes it did bleed alot. I drowned my whole bathroom, usually. And if I cut about 1 mm deeper in that deep cut, I would've bled to death, so yeah, it's dangerous. Don't do it.
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It's not that painful, although I used to enjoy the pain. When I made that big cut, that needed 8 stitches in the hospital, I felt nothing. It didn't even hurt the day after. But the smaller ones hurt more, which is kinda funny...
I used to avoid sports in school. Sometimes I hid in the bathroom to change clothes (usually when I cut the day before or so) but lately I've not given a flying fuck really. It's in my past, and if anyone points it out, I'll just let 'em, they don't know me after all :aww:
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should do this too
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Oh and I'm sorry that your commission is taking some time, I'm done with Tori and about to begin with the background, kind of had my paws full with depression and angst
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