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Hey! Vsauce, Michael here. (OC)

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lmao i tell everyone to follow my deviantart account for more art but i never freaking post here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well here is something!
this is a pokemon character i made recently, yeah he is kind of a joke but also not ironic i drew him at like 1 am
i got inspired to make him when i was watching a vsauce out of context video and i thought "man i want a joke oc based off vsauce" so i made one
he is like a living pun, i made him a ditto/victini fusion because Victini + Ditto (sauce) so
v(ictini)sauce(ditto) because ditto is slimy like sauce and i dont know anymore

his FULL name is Vsauce Stevens Michael and he is level 32 (based off you know who)
he is psychic/fire and can fly/transform but when he transforms it has some victini features like the huge v ears and buttwings etc and its very gooey
the cream colored parts of his body are fur but its very damp and gross to touch
the purple parts are goo/slime/"sauce"

the accessories are optional but id prefer him be drawn with them included because he is a fckin fanboy

i love him honestly look at his buckfangs

art + design by me!
program used: medibang paint for android
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