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Demyx Wig Process

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While I was making my wig, I decided to take I'll go through it all ^^

1: [link] is the wig I used. First thing I did after putting it on the styrofoam head was to pull out a small bit in the front for his center bangs and pinned an ex over them to keep them seperate.

2-5: I pulled up the hair that would be used for the mohawk and pinned triangle/x patterns with teh pins into the head to pull up the hair to be used.

6: This is what it looks like before any hairspray, at this point I realized that this can be used to make Saix as well. If you want to make a Saix wig, just spray the top part like crazy at this point and you're good.

7: Using a wig brush and/or a pick comb start pulling the hair up and spraying it when it's up. Take hold of the bottom of your stand and hold the long hair with it and hold the wig upside down, spraying as you go so it'll get a bit of spray at a definate up angle. Flip the wig back over adn set it down on your table/bench/whatever you're working on. Pull all the hair that you've been spraying up into a point, hold it and spray, this will give the slightly curved in look that Demyx has in the front.

8: Pull most of the hair back into a ponytail, leaving a small bit in the front. It's time for the bangs and Demyx has a couple smaller bangs on the side.

9: Remember that piece that was pulled foreword earlier? Divide that into three, using a pin to keep the fibers from coming back together.

10: First thing to do is lift the center piece and stick a pin under it. Twist the hair like a twisty and spray it, give it a moment to start to dry before letting go. Now take either the left or right (doesn't matter which one you choose) twist it to the side, spray it, and then use pins to keep it in place to the side. Then repeat with the other one.

11: Take that strand ont he side that you left out of the pony tail, trim it up making sure the ends are not perfectly even, twist it, spray it, and use pins to curl it into the face and hold it in place. Do the same with the other side, keepinng it at an even length or as best you can.

12: Time to release that pony tail and start trimming up the sides to create the mohawk. Cut it just short enough so it looks like uber short hair but not so much that there's no hair, because then you have ruined your wig. Let each section of hair be just long enough to cover where the next layer of hair starts.

13: One problem arises, some of the hair at the line of your mohawk wants to stick up like cowlick. That's an easy fix. Take the pins and make pins almost flush against the wig and spray it down. Leave that to dry and harden, and it will stay down no problem.

14: Establish your line on either side where the hair will continue down. Make it as close to even with the mohawk as you can. trim some of the upper layers so you can have soem flip up. Don't forget to spray it all as you go

15: Wack job time. Trim across the top of your mohawk so it looks more like Demyx and less like a cockatoo. As you can tell it wasn't even, so that's easily fixed. This inside is soft, spray it up so it'll stay up

16/17: A bit more trim up to make sure the top is even and flows down teh back easily. If you used enough hairspray, it shouldn't move too much. Just be aware that if you use too much hairspray you may have a deadly weapon on your head.

18: This is the mess, remember to clean it up. Mine was so coated with hairspray, there's no hope to save it and re-use it later. If I had thought about it before, I would have trimmed off the excess ends to make wefts for soething else later on in cosplay life. But I didn't, so I had hairspray leftovers that were hard.

19/20: The finished product. The wig slipped to the side when I took the pins out and then moved it to the other side of the table...I'll watch that and have to remember to pin it down for travel.

There you have it, my wig. It's nto perfect, but it's pretty darn good.

Demyx (c) Disney, Square Enix
Total time: about three hours.
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it sparkle? xDD
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The wig just doesn't photograph that well in my house >.<
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okay , but it looks really good :D
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Oh...uh... I was agreeing with what you said in your Artist's Comments but... I forgot where it is...
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re you agreeing with my ';pretty darn good'?
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Uh....probably... >__< Look! It's good, okay?! Don't complicate it...
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But I like complicating stuff...I mean, you're talking to the woman that took on her own costumes(Kyo, Demyx and SHalua), Namine Dress, AC Yuffie, and then two things from Slayers I can't remember the name for the life of me.
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LAWLZ! Num num num...
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Neato. Remember to get cosplay pics when you have the rest done.
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Oh don't worry, it will get up once the Jackets and such are done ^^
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