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When nights and days blur together,
like the lights from busy highways
Backpacks, terminals, and lights
walking, elevators, and sights
Back and forth I'd go
airplanes to airplanes I know
You've shown me the way
to live life, a better day
I love you
Dad, I love you
Like the lights from busy highways,
when nights and days blur together
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 1 0
Equals Forever
I am somehow forever entrapped in your love spell
No matter how many times you've crushed my heart
I come crawling back for more, pray tell...
How can we be falling like this, falling apart
Now I'm living a half life, full of shattered dreams
You used to tell me you loved me and you meant it
but now the soulless empty words can only be dreamt
My dark depression has found it's way back, my path unlit
Despite the hard times, my love for you equals forever
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 4 2
Losing Your Love
How did we come to this?
It's your love that I miss
All I want is for you to love me
Why is it so hard for you to love me?
You promised me forever
that you'd leave me never
What do I have to do
to prove my love to you?
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 1 0
Tears Of Blood
When you told me
you didn't love me anymore
All I could picture was me,
naked in a blood ridden bath of gore
I took a knife and slit my wrists
Tears of Blood stream down my face
I punched the wall with a clenched fist
more blood streaks down, leaving traces
Of red rose petals floating in my bath
candles and the things alike romance
the fake "I love you's" a detrimental path
but always in the morning a second chance
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 7 7
Dear Son
Dear Son,
Your growing up...Too fast
Your already...Crawling
And your getting into...EVERYTHING!
Dear Son,
Your toothy smile...Too cute
Your already...Standing up
And your still, getting into...EVERYTHING!
P.S I love you :)
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 1 1
   o     I
     t     n   L     
       h         a
         e         w
   l     t
     a     h     v
       y     e      i
         i             c
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 1 12
Trust Me
~Take my hand little one, because trust me, I will not lead you the wrong way~
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 0 3
Nearly in tears today
but not from sadness
Leaving here this day
I cry from happiness
Look back, I will not
goodbye Afghanistan
My tear filled face hot
headed to Kyrgyzstan
Announced next stop
is on the speakers
I trade my boots, drop
and wear my sneakers
"Home" is what I heard
She said the magic word
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 0 4
My Inner Ememies
My inner enemies have always stemmed from you
I moved away, but you still seemed to scare me
My nightmares are always flashbacks of you
in a drunken rage hitting, choking and hurting me
I was too little to fight you
But you still went after me
When I was twelve I finally got away from you
halfway across the country, You still haunted me
It took me years and years to recover from you
You alcoholic coward, now come and fight me
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 1 3
What Am I?
What am I...
I am a Soldier
I am a Poet
I am a Mother
What am I...
I am a Wife
I am a Daughter
I am a Pagan
What am I...
I am a Writer
I am a Friend
I am a Lover
What am I...
I am a Sister
I am a Woman  
I am a Gamer
What am I...
I am a list :P
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 3 5
Temporary Home
Monday I find myself "stuck" again in Déjà Vu
sweet home Afghanistan I begin another week anew
Tuesday is my Monday
I seriously hate this life gone astray
Wednesday is for my laundry
I'm not sure I like this quandary
Thursday The loud speaker voice says:
IDF impact, shelter in place, dawn IBA!
Friday serves the worst of food
where everything tastes so crude
Saturday I'm as lonesome as could be
Monday is almost here, it is all I can see
Sunday Is just like any other day, I wish to roam
alas this Godforsaken place is my temporary home
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 0 3
Dear Fella
Dear old Fella DIDN'T know how to use a pogostick
So he tried with all his MIGHT to break some brick
His Aunt's car broke down and he TRIED to fix it with his pogostick
But poor, poor fella, doesn't know how to properly use a pogostick
He came across some chinese food and USED his pogostick like chopsticks
Well sorry to tell you dear Fella, to eat you just CAN'T use a pogostick!!!
Frustrated Fella SEARCHED high and low "How do I use a pogostick?"
In the DISTANCE a child was hopping up and down "what is it?"
As he approached the little girl he saw she was using a POGOSTICK!!!
Dear Fella couldn't believe his eyes THAT'S how you use a pogostick?
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 1 5
Dear Allison or Wyatt
In the soon to be CRAMPED
darkness and comfort of my womb
The water sounds to SOOTHE
you while you suck on your thumb
Grow child grow so one DAY
I will finally be able to meet you
Though I haven't met you YET,
child of mine I already love you.
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 1 0
I want to take a knife to your throat and press it in
sweet revenge, to feel you quiver under my control
I want to chain you to a table like a crazy MAD scientist.
first your wrists, then your feet. Oh that? thats just a saw.
I want to tie your limbs to four different horses
slap thier hides and let them rip your ass apart
But Maria wouldn't want it that way...
The only 4th grader I ever knew whose smile was so
contagious it spread faster than the swine flu news
She was a friend to anyone, you me and that
child sitting in the distant corner by themselves
The sweetest person you'd ever meet
Will never Marry and/or have children
Because Maria was killed by a drunk driver...
Everyone from our Elementary seemed to mourn
you, me and that child over there, we all cried
The teachers couldn't teach
the students couldn't listen
The bully didn't bully
But the day passed
and I wonder what Maria would be like today...
She would be my age
she could have graduated
Maybe had gotten married
maybe had
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 2 2
Arrest Me
Take me by suprise and push me up against the wall
Press your very delectable lusting lips firmly into mine
As I taste your mesmerizingly avid kiss in my mouth
Your sinful hands strip the very comfort of my clothes
Luminescent light dances with our bodies rise and fall
Heartfelt music plays divine as we reach for cloud nine
Quite spellbinding, your tongue on the roof of my mouth
Rather radiant on the bed are the reddest petals of rose
The evanescent aroma of sandelwood clings to the air
I have a weakness for the way you're able to captivate me
Expressive are your eyes as they speak without words
They whisper that they love me faithfully and forthright
Enrapture me tightly with your embrace so I know you care
Cuddle with me the night into dawn, until the sunlight we see
Too fast this moment passed so I wish time to go backwards
Unanswered is this wish, we perhaps continue another night.
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 2 3
Creaking Door
I missed the fiery heat from the touch of your skin
The way you moved about with ease in tasteful sin
Your breath upon my neck, my short gasps for air
My lips as red as roses, your blue-green eyes aware
Adrenaline flowed though our veins without repentance
Flashback: Seventeen, you stopped me in mid-sentance
Creaking noises made as the white door opens wide
Too bad your mom just walked in and I must confide
It was funny when she threw a box of rubbers at you.
:iconsilly-billy-j3ssic4:SILLY-BILLY-J3SSIC4 3 5


I do not like you poets
I do not like you poets
breathing into my sorry head
like the air hasn't been wasted a half-a-million times
folding up my lungs
to place them neatly into a wastebasket
how can you make me stop hurting
& then just leave me
a limp lettuce leaf
on the backside of some dirty napkin verse
I am not the jealous type
but I'm going to call up Melpomene & ask her where she's been
send her drunk texts
all night
because I'm too tired of filling up my skull
with cicada skins instead of led
while you make it all too easy
to sleep through a heartattack or two
my pygmalion, my god, my thing of legends
tell me
when you were being taught the siren's song
was I writing myself a migraine?
:iconinsomniaplague:insomniaplague 200 125
Rise by Indogralleon Rise :iconindogralleon:Indogralleon 6 0
When Broken Worlds Collide: A Love Story
Like a bird who wasn't given wings
I sit alone... waiting for a change
I watch as the world, passes me by
but my cruel days are always the same.
My beautiful face seems to
be the only thing that matters.
I am a seashell, pretty,
yet empty inside.
I watch others play with envy,
"Why couldn't that be me?"
But none of them are to blame
I'd be the first to get rid of me...
I hate how my face is
always frozen, like a mask.
Your smile is so pretty, they say.
To me, it feels painted on.
I went down to the stream
Where I go to be alone
That is where I first saw her,
Hugging her knees, on her own.
Sitting at the river,
like calls like.
I never thought being alone
would be frightening, but I saw him.
She was beautiful as ever
Her face has no comparison
but why is she all alone?
Too nervous to begin questioning.
"Can I help you?"
Were the first words
I had ever uttered without
Needing to fake a smile.
"Just enjoying the view"
I muttered trying not to choke
I do not deserve her company
She must th
:iconherawesomeness13:HerAwesomeness13 7 11
Tr'eye'bal by Ashlo4 Tr'eye'bal :iconashlo4:Ashlo4 10 1
RIP Unborn Baby
Tiny little body
Quiet little heartbeats.
See this little pea? That's how big you are right now.
But Mommy doesn't know that yet.
Little fingers start to grow
out of tiny little hands.
See this little peanut? That's how big you are right now.
But Mommy doesn't know that yet.
Your tiny legs start to grow
out of your sweet little body.
See this little pencil tip? That's how big your footprints are right now.
But Mommy doesn't know that yet.
But, surprise!
"I'm pregnant."
Suddenly, tragedy.
Weak little heartbeat.
Weak little baby.
See these smiles on our faces? That's how loved you are right now.
But you don't know that yet.
Gone little heartbeat.
Gone little baby.
See us walking into the doctor's office? That's how excited we are right now.
But you don't know that yet.
And, surprise.
"I'm so sorry for your loss."
Sad Mommy.
Lost baby.
See these tears on our faces? That's how much we love you right now.
But you don't know that yet.
Tiny baby.
Lost baby.
A baby that had Daddy'
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 322 210
I'll Find My Way To Fly by CrumbledWings I'll Find My Way To Fly :iconcrumbledwings:CrumbledWings 344 30 Paper child by HelloMattie Paper child :iconhellomattie:HelloMattie 34 51
                             Love          Hate
                              Each        Time
                            that we have fought,
                             and had lost sight
:iconfreezemybrain:FreezeMyBrain 6 7
Butterfly Remains.
I crushed butterfly wings in my hand and watched as they turned to dust.
It reminded me of how I feel about all hope and trust.
The wind caught it and blew the particles away, far out of my reach,
it is similar to how far off my current dreams will always be.
Standing there, watching it float through the wind.
Hopeless. Helpless. Just like I've always been.
Slowly walking away, leaving behind the remainder of the butterfly's corpse.
Loosening my grip on it, and having gravity take it's course.
Dropping it.
Just like I do with everything.
:iconreintoxic:reintoxic 15 5
Leaves and Leaving
Turning leaves remind me that some people change along with the seasons.
Leaf. Leaves. Leaving.
Hush. If you listen real close, you can hear leaves laughing as they let go of the twigs that adore them. They flutter quietly to the ground, their graceful suicides silent to everyone except their beloved branches.
Look, the world is orange and jagged and rusted. It is decadence and leaves and leaving. It is home, it is heaven, and it is hell.
One by one, the trees ignite themselves and we watch their soundless self-destruction unfold. Whole forests seem to go up in flames without smoke. Sometimes we take pictures.
We are only left with black and brown skeletons that patiently wait to be buried under white.
I spend my entire autumn watching things die.
:iconprojectilewordvomit:projectilewordvomit 40 48
Sleep Only If You Dare
shadows in the darkness
bumps in the night
scared to be heartless
not ready to fight
demons in the corner
ready to eat you alive
hide under the blankets
not prepared to die
voices from your drawer
whisper haunted melodies
visions in the murkiness
relive old memories
creeping under the bed
a monster from the past
good and evil fighting
a deadly contrast
nightmares in place of dreams
demented faces everywhere
afraid to be awake
but sleep only if you dare
:iconsugarcovereddreams:SugarCoveredDreams 5 14
He Said He Wasn't A Surgeon
You said you weren't a surgeon, but
You have delicately removed the layers of my skin
Leaving the last coat useless and thin
Barely protecting what's left within
This is a battle I cannot win
You have taken your knife and cut down my side
Everything spilling out that I have tried to hide
My inner contents, a deadly landslide
Leaving me emotionally dried
My blood writes epics on the floor
Revealing the secrets stowed away in my core
I'm begging for you to find no more
But now I'm not just losing the battle, but the whole war
And new cut, right down my chest
Every memory I've tried to repress
Every sin I never confessed
Shown in a maze too complex
And suddenly, I've ran out of ammunition
And along with that, my ambition
To continue with this useless petition
I know I've been beaten, or so says my intuition
And I wish this was a badly written story, entirely fiction
But you're still going through each of my body section
Tearing out my skeleton for later inspection
Because right now, you'r
:iconsugarcovereddreams:SugarCoveredDreams 9 15
             so much,
Whenever you
:iconbanshee-x:Banshee-X 66 73
Max_Fang_Fanart by artofrona Max_Fang_Fanart :iconartofrona:artofrona 259 144 A little treble...rescanned by camaileigh A little treble...rescanned :iconcamaileigh:camaileigh 61 31


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Hi guys been busy with life !!! A lot has changed here I see!!!
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