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deviantART was on TV + join the art challenge!
A long time ago (about 24 hours), in a galaxy far, far away (down the road in Hollywood), comedian and television host Chris Hardwick introduced a segment on his late-night Comedy Central show — aptly titled @midnight (get it?) — that got many of us at deviantART all aflutter.
First of all, if you love the Internets and you haven't seen @midnight yet, you're missing out on some serious lulz. A few nights a week, Hardwick invites some comedian pals on the show for some Geek-Centric Improv Comedy. Sort of like a British Quiz Show brought to you by Reddit. Or "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" with slightly less dancing, but an equal amount of thick-rimmed glasses and awkward sexual tension.
In a segment called "Star Weird" on Monday's episode, Hardwick's guests had to choose which of two artistic descriptions was an actual deviation on deviantART. YES, MOM, HE SAID DEVIANTART'S ACTUAL NAME ON TV! MUCH WOW! The comed
:iconheidi:Heidi 837 935
Star by Atriee Star :iconatriee:Atriee 237 22 His Dark Materials Ambigram (handwritten) by JZumun His Dark Materials Ambigram (handwritten) :iconjzumun:JZumun 24 9 [Wajas] Ruined Future Wallpaper by LadyKleur [Wajas] Ruined Future Wallpaper :iconladykleur:LadyKleur 15 1
fall in love with (splitting hairline fractures)
we swallow blues instead
of talking them out. oh,
kids like us are specters,
spectacles: boys counting
rib(cage)s & (de)composing
     don't you hate
         (this body)
             is a vessel
we're deities or tomb-raiders; no
in-betweens for writers these days
:iconcounting-vertebrae:counting-vertebrae 90 23
Motherland Chronicles #51 - Erin by zemotion Motherland Chronicles #51 - Erin :iconzemotion:zemotion 3,395 90 Motherland Chronicles #34 - In the Secret Garden by zemotion Motherland Chronicles #34 - In the Secret Garden :iconzemotion:zemotion 4,721 139 130514 Clutter by Uzlo 130514 Clutter :iconuzlo:Uzlo 147 5 Sphinxes by Uzlo Sphinxes :iconuzlo:Uzlo 469 24 Shadow City by JoseOchoaArt Shadow City :iconjoseochoaart:JoseOchoaArt 167 8 Errant Temple by JoseOchoaArt Errant Temple :iconjoseochoaart:JoseOchoaArt 1,859 86
4. University (Let me tell you a story)
Let me tell you a story,
let me tell you about blue veins rippling through fragile autumn leaves,
how I once lay on the kitchen floor for hours, wondering why we call
the saddest season ‘fall’, how freckles are leaf-littered across his shoulders;
Let me tell you a story,
let me tell you about hands slotting like jigsaw pieces, how his breath took
mine away, how he asked me why he was wearing the same suit to weddings,
to funerals, to christenings, and whether he really needed another change of
clothes on this journey, how the smell of vanilla reminds me of my mum’s sighs;
Let me tell you a story,
let me tell you about how my bloodstream was filled with water, how the rain fell
so heavily I thought the world was drowning, how he told me this town is just
devouring itself, how the apocalypse raged in his eyes, muted flames whispering
with every beat of his empty heart, with every heave of his deflated lungs;
Let me tell you a story,
we both know when the second world wa
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 11 6
I knew a boy who used to count each of his bones before he fell asleep just to make sure he was still together, still in one piece. He told me he was defected, with salt-skin lungs, a curled tongue, eyes that could not lie; spent his life hiding his flaws in threading jumpers, thick gloves and alcohol. Once, he tried to scratch out every freckle, carve open his smile, fill in the hollows echoing through his ribcage.
One, two, three…
Words dripped off of sallow stretched lips as his spider fingers traced over his skeleton, dancing across taut skin, sinewy muscles - inches from his organs.
Four, five, six…
Creases ruptured over the bridge of his nose, disgust at a particular scar puckered on his elbow - a translucent lilac bruised into his tanned skin.
Seven, eight, nine…
I remember when he broke his wrist, the dull heat radiating into my palm as his head pressed hard into my shoulder, the sterile scent of hospital wards slick on his breath. And his chalk bones fissu
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 31 19
Cyclical love
I see a beginning and an end
clasped within the lines of your palms, echoing
in the ripples of your irises;
I remember the apricot april morning
stumbling over your outstretched legs
in the park which I had never seen as
anything more than a cut-through, but
my life changed course and the park
became a destination and I still don’t know
when I noticed that I was waking up
twenty minutes earlier just to
talk to you before work, just to hear
your lilting voice flow through my ears and
fill my mouth with ideas;
And I remember the dew drops kissing my feet
when you convinced me that it was practically illegal
to wear shoes in june and I watched as
the grass pressed hatched patterns into your skin
and for a moment I wished that they were my fingers
holding you in eternal summer lawns, swan choruses,
whirring rollerskates, the smell of peach blossoms;
And I remember you blooming and shedding
the remnants of your cocoon as you pointed out
made-up constellations littering a swelling augu
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 155 66
2012-31 by SmallFly 2012-31 :iconsmallfly:SmallFly 4,201 181


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