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At every 3 years Lucasfilm has an official Star Wars Celebration. Since C2 Frank Diorio and I have lead a team of talented volunteers at the Diorama Workshop.  At this workshop we help teach kids and fans of all ages how to make dioramas, scenes from the movies.  It is free with admission.  Each small piece that the participants make will combine to recreate a scene from a Star Wars film that will cover hundreds of square feet.  Whatever they make is theirs to keep at the end of the show.    This years theme is Cloud City.  We are sponsored by Hasbro this year and will be located next to their booth in
Hall B. 

I will also be offering classes twice a day on customizing figures at 
the Diorama Booth and their will be other classes as well.

I will be hosting the Customizing panel for the 2nd time on the collectors stage on Friday from 12-1. We will be discussing every element of the hobby and giving away some figures made by some of the top names in the hobby.

Details for both can be found here

Thanks and hope to see you there.
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Submitted on
March 28, 2015