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At every 3 years Lucasfilm has an official Star Wars Celebration. Since C2 Frank Diorio and I have lead a team of talented volunteers at the Diorama Workshop.  At this workshop we help teach kids and fans of all ages how to make dioramas, scenes from the movies.  It is free with admission.  Each small piece that the participants make will combine to recreate a scene from a Star Wars film that will cover hundreds of square feet.  Whatever they make is theirs to keep at the end of the show.    This years theme is Cloud City.  We are sponsored by Hasbro this year and will be located next to their booth in
Hall B. 

I will also be offering classes twice a day on customizing figures at 
the Diorama Booth and their will be other classes as well.

I will be hosting the Customizing panel for the 2nd time on the collectors stage on Friday from 12-1. We will be discussing every element of the hobby and giving away some figures made by some of the top names in the hobby.

Details for both can be found here

Thanks and hope to see you there.
I will be a guest of honor at the Cincinnati Steampunk Symposium this weekend. If you are in the area stop by. I will be displaying figures and hosting a panel on Saturday.
I am looking at doing some prints of some of my best figures for upcoming cons. What is your favorite figure(s) that I have made?
Just updated my site with a bunch of my recent commission work, including the figure that appeared on Supernatural and some work for some comic publishers.  Can see them here:
I just added a new line that I was commissioned to create by a new dinosaur themed hotel in Denver called the Dino Hotel. It is called Seustastic Park and can be seen on my site here…
Patton Oswalt commissioned me to create a line base Russ Meyer films.  He just posted about it on his blog SPEW.  Head over to check it out.…

Then head over to my site to see the figures.
1 hour to go on the hellboy auctions.  I also added some of my Steampunk, World War2, & Film noir figures to ebay.  Starting the bids off lower at 99$ and free shipping.  

They are all one of kinds and  made by hand for my own enjoyment.  I am just downsizing my displays and rather than throw them in a box I thought I would let others enjoy them.…
Well I am looking to move to a new house and if I am going to pack up my figures I thought I might as well pull the trigger and sell them too.  I have added a bunch of new items and lowered the prices on some of the older ones. Check them out and send me an email at if you are interested.  Here is the page with the listings
I have a panel on action figure creation at Star Wars Celebration in Orlandon Aug 23-26 should stop by.  It is on Sunday and s
some lucky atendees will even walk away with prizes including one of my figures.
Just released my new line CYBER WARS a kind of 90's cyberpunk mash up.  They are up for sale I wanted to offer them to people who follow me first before going to ... gasp...ebay.

Just added 5 auctions on Ebay for a total of 16 figures from the Noir and Steampunk lines. They can be found here…
Created a new logo for my site.  Check it out at and let me know what you think.
I really hate to do it and I never thought I would but I am liquidating a huge part of my personal collection. I am selling the figures from the western, steampunk, noir, and 1942 WWII lines. All will be sold individually. $150 per figure. I would like to sell the steam bounty hunters and the crime boss chair group as a individual sets. Email me if you are interested and 1st come 1st serve. Thanks
Which of my lines would you most like to see as a comic?

West Wars  (Wild West)
Steam Wars  (Victorian)
Samurai Wars (Samurai)
World Wars  (WW2)
Long Ago... (Medieval)

Sorry I don't have a pay subscription and thus can't do polls.

Just post some comments with your opinion.

I have added a For Sale section on my site.  It contains some of my most popular and requested work of all time.

and others.

These are all 1 of kind creations that have been featured in thousands of print & online sites.

Section is here

Sales will be done with Paypal invoices on a first come / first serve basis.

Thanks for any interest

A very talented artist Rodolforever has created an awesome poster of my Steam Wars Darth Vader in his really slick art deco style.

It was a real pleasure working with Rod and you should all check out the poster and his entire gallery.…

Thanks again Rod and enjoy everyone.
I have 3 new ebay auctions up.

the pulp retro redesign of reed richards
the super iron man armor
the reverend mother from my dune redesigns

I don't sell a lot but I have a few items up on Ebay right now for anyone interested.

Just uploaded ToyWars pt. 4 (my stop motion movie featuring my customs & dioramas) on youtube at…

I will be working at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando next week.  This is my 4th time helping Frank (niubniub) run the diorama workshop.  Stop by and say hi or learn how to make a diorama for your toys for free.  The little dioramas we teach you to make will combine to a massive diorama that will be hundreds of square feet.  We are building Hoth this year to commerate the anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back.

See ya in (or)Lando!