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Steam Wars Duke Vandenberg

My imperials are meant to have that Eastern European/German feel that the film's Imperials somewhat had. The flared out helmet has a more Prussian spiked helmet. A modified gas mask replaces his fierce angular face mask. The dark patina chest armor is a homage to his classic shinny black armor. The clunky weapon is connected to a power pack via the tube.
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I can imagine him speaking with a german accent muffled by his mask
BlackberryFinn's avatar
Me too.....

He just screams " Evil German Proffessor/Doctor/Scientist
magpie2004's avatar

yeah "ah, vello young Lucius, I see that you still allow zat dinosaur kellion to drag you avound, and master olan, still a vicious yet idiotic pirate who poitlessley tries to outvun meine fleet?"

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Duke Vandenberg looks amazing!
capall-rundaimhair's avatar
Oh my gosh you have no idea how happy this made me today :D
sillof's avatar
glad to hear it.
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Thats awesome
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One of your best works, very nicely done! And I love his clothes, each part looks like something from the original. The jacket reminds of the cloak, the chest armor looks like his chest... computer.... thing.... and the lower part of the chest armor reminds me of his belt, with its many buttons and accessories. Very good job!
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thanks, he is an oldie but still one of my faves.
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Something I noticed... Did his coat come from the Castlevania Alucard action figure?
It fits so well this version of Vader!
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I can just imagine it now an "Iron" Destroyer hunting down the fleeing blockade runner at full speed firing its cannon's destoying the engines bording the craft blow torching the doors and stormtroopers killing the defenders and lord Vaders marches in to seize the princess
sillof's avatar
Exactly, I would love to make these into a comic or cartoon.
avenger09's avatar
whats stopping you
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A corded ligthsaber, interesting. This is a great interpretation of Vader, it's somewhat subdued but he still has an air of martial power to him and even a little nobility. I maybe would have given him a codpiece.
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Thats amazing! Love the concept! Two of my 10 favorite things combined in one idea of awesomeness!!!
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thanks - they are two of favorites as well
acfierro's avatar
cool, i love the concept. You prove than the idea of star wars is more as an epic story than a sci-fi one
P5YCHIC's avatar
Holy Shia LeBeouf! That's fucking awesome! IF they ever remake star wars, I want this to be what vader looks like.
sillof's avatar
He is one of my all time favorite figures.
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pretty cool! the kaiser type helmet works perfectly with this version of darth! still, how would a steam punk lightsaber work? cool!:jedi:
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Just kidding. I have no idea but then again a real lightsaber is impossible as well. Although I did see a thing on the history channel about plasma working. So I guess I will say steam powered plasma
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The way you have the lightsaber here is actually how they were in the old days of Star Wars.

The Jedi and Sith carried around their lightsaber much like what you see currently, however from the lightsaber came a cord which was attached to a power box on their belt.

Like this: [link]
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