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Step by Step: Josy

I finished this drawing in March. It shows Josy, a dog that I loved and that sadly passed away in the end of February. Drawing her was my way of coping with her death, and I wanted to give this drawing to her family.

I forgot to scan the final drawing, but I'll upload a photo later. For now I wanted to show you the steps of this drawing.

1) I started out with A3 paper (Tube Skizzenpapier, 185g/m²) and drew a "frame" that matches the frame I chose beforehand, because 'kinda A4' frames usually aren't exactly A4. I drew a sketch with a pencil (HB), laying out the composition and proportions (which I still messed up a bit I think). I used one of these photos as reference by the way: (Isn't she the cutest?)

2) At the top of the paper I chose the colours I'd use (Felissimos, I guess you know those by now...). I then started to erase bits of the drawing and colour it with the lightest colours, which you can hardly see in the photo.

3) I have erased all of the pencil and put down at least 3 light colours. I said so before, but if you erase pencil, you can still see it a bit on the paper, so I can use the pencil sketch as guidelines to my colouring.

4) Josy was an Australian Shepherd, so here goes some orange fur.

5) Starting with grey fur. Not much to say at these stages ^^;

6) Darker grey. Listening to a lot of podcasts, and using my new drawing table (which is almost upright) for the first time...

7) The more I draw, the more it looks like a real dog. Rendering every small detail is key IMHO.

8) Starting with the eyes, and adding some light browns.

9) Golden brownish fur in the ears Heart 

10) Starting with really dark grey.

11) Adding more dark grey and black.

12) More and more rendering, going over all the colours several times, until she looks the way I want her to look.

13) Adding a background that makes the drawing fit the frame. Adding that background colour into the foreground as well (here and there) so the foreground doesn't seem detached from the background.

14) Signed, cut out and framed. Done! (And then wrapped since it was a gift.)

RIP Josy! Heart 

Update: Here is a better picture of the finished drawing!

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