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Secret Summoner Thingy for Amxen-No-XV

My participation in :iconleagueoflegends:'s Secret Summoner event^^
:iconamxen-no-xv: is my recipient, so... I hope you like it^^

I know you said Void or Shadow isles for the example, so I hope you don't mine that I chose Zed and Kayn, I've wanted to draw something of the pair since I've grown fond of their community personalities (as opposed to their cannon)

Last time I draw something with a mouse, I vowed never to draw with a mouse again. I failed. This was drawn by mouse, and once again, I am vowing never to draw with mouse again^^' So I apologise if the quality is not there Q.Q I tried^^'

Another note, this is the first thing I've ever tried that vaguely resembles a comic^^' I hope I didn't screw it up^^'
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Probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Also, as a Jhin main, I feel as though an art rant is in order.
I am a mouse artist, and that is no impediment. Quality comes not from the tool you use to create the artwork, but the amount of heart, soul, and effort you put into it. Does my work with the blades differ in quality than my work with Whisper? No. Whisper is merely an improvement in the tools used to create my masterpieces. Quill and ink, hammer and chisel, brush and paint, music and steps... All merely tools to create artwork in its many forms. An artist is not defined by the tools they use. They are defined by what they create.
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Very eloquently put, Jhin would be proud^^ I'm glad you liked it anyway^^
I maybe should have put this, but I meant I am inexperienced with doing something this big with a mouse, as I am a traditional artist mostly, so I was just asking for a little slack^^ 
On the bright side, I learnt a great deal experimenting with effects and brushes and even had to redraw the first few panels since I'd improved by the last panels and was unhappy with the first few again^^'

On a slight tangent, Jhin is to op with the new stormrazor Q.Q