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Masterchief 2

487 Views… <-- December 24, 2014
Three years progress (sorta)^^
Completed in two hoursish for my course^^ I Know I owe people things, a lot of people a lot of things T_T and I haven't forgotten!! I'm just having to do a lot for my course atm^^'
Charcoal, a little pencil and a white oil pastel^^
I was often told my other masterchief was a little faint, and there was no background, hopefully that's improved here^^ Due to what were doing in the course at the moment (ie. not hyper-realism), this one I've focused less on making sure every detail is in, and more on giving the impression of its existence and hoping it works just as well^^'
I'm kinda proud of this one^^ 

And now it can be bought on stuff, because I need some form of income Here! -->…

As before, Mastercheif is from the Halo series, owned by Bungie or Microsoft (not sure which)
And please don't steal it^^' Stealing is bad!^^'
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I've no idea about Masterchief, but I really like the drawing.
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HEhe^^ Thank you^^ It's still one of the pieces I am most proud of^^
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Oh no.... You did not do that.... You have just made an amazing drawing of my Favourite Character Of All: Master Chief!
I can not thank you enough for doing this.... 
Thank You! Huggle! 
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hehe^^ I'm glad you like it^^
kostas1348's avatar
I don't like it... I Love It!
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Hehe^^ Even better!^^
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your realistic art is absolutly amazing
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Great work! I love the dynamic strokes that you used! Love the deep helmet detail too! Drawing with charcoal must be so relaxing ^ ^
Silkythecat's avatar
Thank you!^^
And it is, as long as you block out the infernal squeaking^^' 
Earphones for the win!^^
RAMWOC87's avatar
Earphones can make anything better! :heart:
Silkythecat's avatar
Oh yes! Background music irl needs to be a thing! ^^
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It's great your drawing, it's great as it looks, the drawing is beautiful, you're very talented
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