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12. Shattered - Xerath

I missed days T-T :iconlazepoolplz: I'm uploading the lot of them now though^^ 

I've been meaning to drew Xerath for months now, he was my second champ that I thought I could main (The first was Vayne. I now stand corrected and can play neither) and my third champion I ever bought (after Vayne, then Bard^^) I never got rpund to it, or procrastinated or something though^^'

I am not 100% happy with this... but I don't know how I would have done it better, to be honest^^' If I were to draw this, I would definitely would want to draw it in chalks.

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Xerath is from League of Legends, and belongs to Riot Games^^
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Oct 14, 2017, 4:11:46 PM
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Well, they certainly won't be coming back together again, that's for sure. 
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Hehe^^ He doesn't need to be whole to blast your hp bar with his arcane barrage!^^ I think he broke hundred of years ago though, tbh^^ hehe^^
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Oh... wait he's still separated but still lethal? 
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Yup^^ I do believe he was a really powerful mage who was locked away in a full body prison (like an iron maiden, but I presume without the spiked interior) which is the shattered pieces you can see around him.
But to make it worse, he was locked away for years and years and years (he's immortal) and went mad^^' (thus, a shattered psyche too)

But yeah, the pose I drew him in, is actually when he is pulling out his ultimate spell and killing enemy champions^^ 
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AH I see. What a character to be able to pull such things off. 
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