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Cutie Mark Teenagers

CMC and Spike at age of 15-17. So, I was drawing Scootaloo and suddenly the idea to draw them all as teenagers striked my head. I really like how this came out and I hope you enjoy. 

Scootaloo is still that pert tomboy we all know. She was adopted by Rainbow Dash and Spitfire when they married and currently lives with them. She kind of grew out of her scooter and skateboarding became her new pasion. She loves extreme and tries a lot of tricks and moves every day. She takes part in many competitions and she's got a big team of fans, incleding her own mothers, friend and her sweetheart Truffle Snuffle. Her wings never grew big and she won't ever be able to fly, but Scoots doesn't care and loves herself as she is. 
Also, she is very short which is normal for pegasi.

Applebloom didn't change much either. If only became taller and bulkier. She and her friends still help other ponies with their cutie marks, but now she focuses more on her own adventures and researches in life. AB is very determined and stubborn which help her a lot to achive her goals. She's currently not in any relationships and isn't interested in it, but one certain pink pony might have a secret crush on her.

Sweetie Belle is sweet and petite young unicorn who just started her singer career under the wing of famous countess Coloratura. After Sweetie finally decided she wanted to sing on stage, Rarity did everything so her little sis could be tutored by one of her famous clients. Rara is nice teacher and Sweetie really appreciates her.
Spike is her best friend and she just can't help but adore him. They share mutual crush on each other.

Spike's growth spurt was sudden for everyone as they thought that only greed can make a dragon grow, but they were wrong as dragons age very differently from ponies. Spike now is now a skinny awkward 17 years old teen. He is only two years older when CMC and he likes to hang out with them. He remains bipedal just like other gragons at his age, but he haven't grew any wings and never will because he's a bit different from other dragons.

I think those four would make a wonderful team and really want to mak an ask blog with them (which will feature other school aged characters). What do you think about this idea?
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Sweetie Belle looks so pretty!
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These canons please me.  Especially that hardcore Scootah.  B)
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Thanks! I was hardly inspired by your vision of Scoots ;)
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I will definatly draw more of these guys =)
MustLoveFrogs's avatar
Looking forward to your interpretation of Bloomy and her relationship, heh.
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aww pretty =)=)=) 
ooReiko's avatar
=)=)=)=)=) :huggle: =)=)=)=) you very welcome my friend =)=)=)=) :hug: =)=)=)=) 
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Spike looks awesome!
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I love these designs! They totally fit them! :D
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Thanks! Wanna chat at skype on Saturday?
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Sure! I'd love too! :D
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I've always thought that wings are a signal of biological maturity for dragons, its that because in the different occasions that he become big he doesnt grow wings, because he transformed in just a giant baby.
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Well, my headcanon is that Spike can't just grow his wings out of nowhere. But your headcanon is nice.
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Nice, also the idea for a ask block for them sounds really neat. 
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I´d love to see the ask blog. 
it´d be pretty cool if it took place around the time Twilight and Discord got together too. Spike´s reaction would be priceless
SilkyBell's avatar
If I make this ask blog, Twicord will most likely be featured in it ;)
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