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I have a lot of ideas for original characters that I would like to see put in perilous situations.
I would like to bounce a few of these off of you, my viewing public.
Some of these ideas are horrible and some are hilarious and some are horribly hilarious!
(Or maybe hilariously horrible!)
Nonetheless I really want to try this!
I have three categories of types because I make up stories both in some scifi sense and in a fantasy sense. Sometimes the two mingle. But mostly I like...:
1)- Anthropomorphic characters (extremely sexy animals)
2)- Alien (extremely sexy lady aliens)
3)- Supers (extremely sexy lady supers)
I'm always willing to listen to suggestions or ideas but in the end... "I do what I want!!!" (so please don't be offended if I don't use your idea)
First up!
Of the incredibly sexy and flexible clan of the Shibari Ninjas Are the "sisters", Foxy Knots and Kat Honey.
Foxy is a true red fox, all natural! Tall for a fox, 5'7" and 120#.
Kat is a curvy kitty with loads of orange red curls. 5'6" and 135#. Always seems taller because of her penchant for wearing extremely high heels, (7").
Both are very athletic and toned and in shape with long beautiful legs! As such they love to show off their legs and bodies, short skirts and other revealing clothes.
Next up are the space faring explorers from the Orion Nebula, accidently stranded here on Terra Firma.
Oola, Oona and Oofala and even though all three were birthed in the same egg chamber and share a lot of genetics, there are very noticeable physical differences. In particular Oola has three breasts and three eyes and three fingers and one thumb. Extremely long and muscular legs, unusually thin waist, (by human standards) and a large red crest, sail shaped like a Mohawk on the top of her head where there is no hair. Her skin has a blue cast to it although she bleeds red, (they all do).
Oona is part cyborg and the captain of the team even though second oldest after Oola. She earned her promotion after the accident that stranded them on earth when she saved her team by throwing herself in harms way to protect her sisters as the SIM Portal disrupted and exploded. She was the most human appearing of the three and now has one good eye and a huge variety of artificial eyes her fairy-like NAN-bot can provide for her in any given situation. When she has time and reason she can cover up the metal parts of her face surrounding her eye and look very human, except for the very prominent crest on the top of her head and fore head, (not as big as Oona's though), but a cleverly jaunty hat can hide that, no problem! Extremely white in color but can still pass for human. (with one emerald green eye).
Oo fala is very alien looking and can not hide in plain sight like her two sisters... Four arms and six breasts and built for war! She has the most human coloring of the three but her mood can make her go from flesh tones to yellow to bright red to cool or bright green! Yellow is excited, red is angry, cool green is contented and bright green is turned on. The crest on her head is just a bumpy ridge and barely noticeable under her long straight red hair that she often braids.
Thirdly is the witchy trio of Halloween town. Super powered witches with the job of fighting hot sexy demons from a demonic dimension known as Kraaunn. Occasionally they will also face off against other supers that are being controlled by the demons that use asphyxia magic to boost their attacks. Not wanting to use there own names but not serious about the super hero gig but obligated by tradition and family they have chosen the names of Pumpkin Spice, (very exotic features with dark burnt umber skin), Sinnamon, very obviously indigenous Native American, long black hair, tall and athletic and lastly, Spooky, the gothic ballerina, ghostly pale with almost white hair and big red lips.
Wardrobe: Pumpkin Spice loves short frilly skirts in bright colors and lots of fishnet, from her fingers to her toes if she can! And for fun she wears a big striped withes hat on her huge mound of big light brown curls! High heels, (the higher the better), boots are often her preference. A bright glowing wand, usually glowing blue. She also carries an animated noose.
Sinnamon wears leather harnesses and sometimes gloves, always high heels and shortest skirts and tons of cleavage of ample breasts. She carries a small whip that can be magically manipulated and a long black wand that gives off a bright white light.
Spooky, who is always floating a little off the ground, has a stylized black ballerina look with dozens of black lace tendrils always wafting about her. Her whites eyes and pale skin make her look often dead.


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