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My Bio
Photography is a passion of mine and someday I hope to have all pro lenses. Right now, I do the best I can with what I have. I have learned a LOT over the years, and my skills have vastly improved. However, much improvement is still needed. Regardless, I hope you enjoy my gallery, and I give a lot of heartfelt thanks to everyone on deviantart who supports me with comments and/or favorites.

The deviantart community is awesome! :dalove:

About that girl in the photo:

Hi there! Call me Ami online.
I have Fibromyalgia, and sometimes life is VERY challenging.
I love God, believe in Him, and consider myself a Christian.

I love all of God's creatures. :heart:

Well OK...maybe not mosquitoes.

Current tools of the trade:

Camera: Canon Rebel T6
Lenses used for the animals: Canon EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM; Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3 VC USD

Older photos: Canon 60D or 70D. Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 SP Di VC USD XLD was used for a LOT of photos and it was a great lens. I recommend Tamron.

About my photography: I only use natural light and rarely use flash. I do not use Photoshop and only do minor editing with either Windows Photo Gallery or Photofiltre (highly recommended). My style is extremely challenging because of this but I feel it is the best way to learn. My biggest tip to other photographers would be to get out there and photograph everything. Look above you and below you. The more you look around, the more wonders you will see.

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Hey hey ^^ I just saw you like Dark Crystal and especially the skeksis, too. Cheers!

Yes! I adore them nice to meet a fellow fan :wave:
Oh goodness I have just read through your profile and saw you have fibromyalgia too! well, what can I say? I absolutely can relate, Ami! :handshake: same here--I went undiagnosed for long years *since my teens--while I`m already 37 yrs old at current-- during which I was consistently accused of being "weak" "lazy" and "whiny" whenever I would find any difficulty into doing certain physical tasks or would feel pain while doing them (lifting weight, doing any physically demanding exercise and so forth were something I kept doing, but it was physically strenuous and painful for me, and even if I would carry on and not complain, my physical exhaustion and pain were evident, so I´d be just deemed "lazy" or "whiny", "too young to say I felt tired and achy like an old lady" ---) wasn´t until last year´s end  that a doctor mentioned fibromyalgia to me and told me he suspected that was what I had. Later, they performed the scarce tests which would allow them to diagnose it via discarding other illnesses (such as rheuma, arthritis and so forth) ran a psichiatric aptitude test on me +to make sure I was not psycho-somatising* and finally went for an electroencephalogram. 
The readings indicated the pain I feel is real and physical, and originates in a "short circuit" on my central nervous systrem (to put it simply)--so-- I can absolutely, completely relate! it sometimes can be extremely challenging +especially given how it entails more than just constant random  pain and also comes with feats as memory loss, exhaustion, mental fatigue and so forth ^^; 
I truly understand you, and wished to let you know you´re not alone at it :handshake: 
Please take care, stay strong, and keep loving art! it´s a fine and worthy motor to keep going even through this challenge! :hug:

Thank you SkekLa! It’s terrible you have it but at the same time wonderful to know someone can empathize. Although I was never officially diagnosed by a doctor an off duty nurse I met during a pool party tested me using the pressure point test and everything was SO sore. She diagnosed me on the spot.

YES the constant assumptions you are just lazy or weak are so annoying and hurtful, people really don’t understand. I have Hashimoto too which is an autoimmune thyroid problem and it just makes everything worse. I have ups and downs, but this year in April my dad passed unexpectedly and I was sick (a flare up I presume) and out of work for three months. Went back to work Nov. Ungh if only everyone could understand! Thank you for the support though it means so much! *hugs* I will pray for your good health and improvement!