The perfect example of an internet troll!
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Published: December 19, 2014
Ladies and gentleman...we have the perfect example of an internet TROLL right here!

<da:thumb id="498449193"/>
Why lookie, the little troll even disabled comments because he's too much of a coward to deal with the backlash of negative comments he would be sure to get.

That's right...and somehow the topic of Dislestia and art theft has something to with VEGANS!

Yes, because I hate ART THIEVES I am an EVIL, HIDEOUS meat eater!  :rofl:

Excuse me but this is so freaking hilarious and retarded I just had to share it. Even though I know I should ignore internet trolls it was just too good not to share.  ;) excuse me while I go back to eating my fried chicken, hamburger, or a nice piece of baked fish.  Because...I'm so EVIL.  

I'm part of PETA though. I swear it!!  Yes I'm part of PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS...right in front of psychopathic, butt-hurt vegans like this.  This idiot makes all other good vegans have a bad reputation as slandering, insulting morons who attack anyone who doesn't agree with them.
This is the same psycho, mind you, who posted pictures of a puppy being tortured so...yeah.  Cause... he's such an animal lover.  (And I don't know if I even believe his claims it was fake.)

ps- If you're wondering what this is all about I was supporting :iconfalleninthedark: because this troll was stealing his art, and then insulting him because he ate meat ??? err, yeah, cause one thing surely has to do with the other...  *blink*...but anyway, so some time ago said troll had put up horrible pictures of a puppy being burned alive, and even if it was fake it was still sick. So...suddenly out of nowhere now this little wonderful creation he put together up there....taking three people who don't agree with his art thievery...nothing to do with his veganism mind you...and putting words in their mouth.  I do believe he has serious mental issues...maybe it's the imbalanced diet from not eating enough protein...but who am I to say.
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MermanPotatoHobbyist Traditional Artist
You gained a lot of respect points with this post.
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InkHyaenaHobbyist Digital Artist
Just glancing at that gallery, is that person even allowed to show that picture of that cow? (I honestly don't know, considering DA's thing with blood and such)

Ahh, bad troll at that. But for the stealing of art...once an art thief, always an art thief.
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SilkenWindsHobbyist Photographer
Good question. But I reported him, so, we'll see how that goes ;)  Thanks for commenting!
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MouselemurHobbyist Photographer
The trolling and art thievery - and yes, the "payback" on people who dare point out that, hey, that art you submitted isn't made by you - seems to happen a lot amongst the newer members of dA :no:
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SilkenWindsHobbyist Photographer
Yes, that it does, unfortunately :(
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FallenInTheDarkProfessional Digital Artist
it's also the worst kind of troll, that doesn't even try to be subtle XD
still i don't remember ever telling i eat meat...i do.
but i was not bothered by his "veganism" but by his art thefts, do please report him though
you'll do dA much good.

also not tied to this "event" i'm a guy lol
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SilkenWindsHobbyist Photographer
My apologies for getting your gender wrong, I shall correct it :) LOL I made a wrong guess XD
And no I don't recall you even stating you ate meat but it just floors me that somehow this idiot takes your art, you complain about art theft, and then he accuses you of being a horrible meat-eater. Just bizarre. But he's a troll, and clearly looking for attention, even if negative.
:hug:  I will report him if that is your request :)  He's still an art thief.
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FallenInTheDarkProfessional Digital Artist
just wanted to clarify that ^^

i do eat meat, it's so delicious and moist __D:
but i also like eating vegetables so...does it count for something? it shouldn't.

at the first "incident" i would have said "let him be", now i just want everyone to report him if they can.
so please do, it would really be appreciated :)
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SilkenWindsHobbyist Photographer
:hug: I will!
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OliverBPhotographyHobbyist Photographer
Maaan, all that talking about meat and stuff got me hungry. Even though I just had breakfast!

Guess I'll have some meat for lunch... :giggle:
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SilkenWindsHobbyist Photographer
Yes! Have some nice pastrami on rye or roast beef piled high with some deli mustard, lettuce, tomato...yummy! XD
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