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Published: March 21, 2015
Hello to all who have been faithfully watching me :) I do apologize for such a looooong wait for another upload, but, I did already explain in a previous journal as to why this must be the case. Still, with some time on my hands this weekend and some recent pics from two of my favorite zoos, I finally do have some I have managed to edit and complete.  However I am going to make some minor changes, as I wish to further simplify the process and am trying to enjoy my hobby more than worry about every nuance of quality that more pro photographers seem to emphasize on. Let me say this...being that I am a well-experienced novice at best, with limited equipment and time, I do animal photography simply as an enjoyable hobby to pass my free time, and nothing more. I surely want to impress as best as I can, but at the same time, striving to always impress becomes more of a chore and less of an enjoyment.  When I unexpectly sold one of my jaguar photos to a company it was a nice surprise and bit of cash, but it's not my goal to sell photos, or I would put a whole lot more time and energy (as well as finances) into getting not just better equipment but also I would take classes.  Someday I DO want to take photography classes, but I actually want to dabble in people portraits if I'm going to do this for the sake of supplemental income.  Pet portraits are popular and I would like to do that as well.  For now though, I am self-teaching and just doing it for fun.

That being said I still feel as if I need to improve my main choice of lens, as the Tamron is becoming squirrely at best with focusing (even after sending it to the company for calibration adjustment), it is a very nice telephoto lens, but is not so great for indoor use unless there is exceptionally good lighting, and is also quite slow.  It's holding me back to be quite frank, as I become more and more frustrated with its limitations, and yearn for a far faster and far superior quality lens.  And as you all know, a lens of that caliber is going to cost big bucks.  Soooo....my goal is to simply save up for it, slowly over time, or until perhaps some unexpected funds come my way and I can do this little dream of mine.  I don't want to dissuade anyone from considering the Tamron 70-300 as a telephoto lens for their own use, it CAN take some exceptional pictures for a great price, but the hit-and-miss ratio, at least with my copy, can be VERY frustrating.  In other words the shot you do want doesn't come out right, and the shots you don't or the boring ones always come out best. ARGH. So it seems, anyway! LOL

Do understand that with each photo session I do take anywhere from 300 to 600 shots, and then at least eighty-five percent of those photos are deleted after being scrutinized on my computer screen once I get home.  
Whatever you see uploaded to deviantart is only what I consider the absolute best of the bunch.  Even then, I find myself pixel-peeping every single photo to death, and as I said before, this can take away the enjoyment of this hobby.

SO...no more super-scrutinizing from me, or trying to come up with fancy titles. I am now going to start with a number system, followed by the name of the subject, and perhaps a brief comment or two in the description. Occassionally, there may be no commentary at all. I have also started to use fill-flash for particular situations where it might be necessary, and I will mention if I have in the photo. Otherwise, I still do not use flash as a main rule and neither do I use Photoshop. My simple editing is done on Windows Photo Editor and my adored Photofiltre.

As always please respect my wishes not to use my photos without permission, although you are ALWAYS welcome to use as a reference, so long as you LINK AND CREDIT me for the source.  That is all :)

Enjoy the animals that I know you love as much as I do ;)

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