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Well I just received an email from a doctor I wrote to on a website which was mostly about holistic remedies.  Her response was awfully kind and in-depth for the simple fact that doctors can't often give medical advice over email.  But it was certainly nice for her to respond in the way she did.  Based on my explanation of symptoms, and the duration they've gone on with my age, she's not too convinced it's anything serious.  Mainly, it seems I have food intolerances and problems which could possibly be IBS (which I've long suspected anyway), celiac sprue (that would suck if true cause getting gluten out of your diet is tough...not to mention costly), and of course dairy intolerance which I KNOW I have.
So when I get around to seeing my GP I am going to show her this email. :)  It's also been suggested I discuss trying hormone therapy since my problems are eerily similar to my Aunt, who had endometriosis.  (And it went intestinal, not fun.)
I feel a little more confident about seeing a doctor now. I don't know why, but her email just really helped and inspired me to at least get tested properly. I'm as stubborn as a horse concerning doctors since in my past they've been less than helpful and often it was a pure waste of money.

I've started an "oil" therapy that I read about online, which involes Omega 3 fish oils and Vitamin E supplements.  These are said to be good anti-inflammatory treatments.  I really strongly believe that inflammation is a huge part of illness and why other problems start to begin with...when left untreated.

Heh, I should be a nutriotionist. ^_^  Well, until someone hands me money for school, that would be rather impossible, but the whole school thing is another story and I won't bore you with it...

Ok so I couldn't come up with a better title, who cares? lol  (Wow, better watch how I sound like Stretch there...)  Herlaris hath tagged me, yes she hath.
Here I go...

1. Do you like animals?
I don't like animals, I love them.

2. Have you ever met an online friend in person?
One, a penpal from England, and it didn't go too well. I realized the guy was NOT for me.

3. Are you athletic?
Not particularly.
4. Are you: thin, fat, athletically built etc?
I'm not fat, but not exactly model thin either.  Just average. :)

5. How much do you weigh?
About 135 lbs.

6. What's your height?
5' 8"

7. Shoe size?
Geh, I have kinda big feet, or at least that's what they tell me.  I wear size 8 or 9 ladies.

8. Girls - are you tomboyish, girly, normal, etc?
Uhm...I'm tomboyish at times but I can be girly too.  

10.How old are you?
28, but I'm often guessed at much younger ages.  I take that as a good thing, my parents look younger than their age, too.

11. When is your birthday?
August 10, 1978.  And yes, I do like August though it's a bit too hot at times.

12. Do you like to receive giftart?
Hells yeah, but I rarely do! I end up paying for art I want 90% of the time.

13. Are you sociable?
Great online but in person, I can be kinda shy. I have learned to be more bold as of late though, and have found most people like me more than I think they do. :)

14. Do you have many friends?
I HAD some good friends, about 3 growing up.  Then these people went and ditched me for whatever reason. (Okay one I just lost touch with.) My best friend ever, whose name was Amy, was the biggest stab to my heart. But well...there are always other people out there. I actually have more online friends than anything else.

15. What's your race?
Geh....human and only human.  I have Swiss/German and English background.

16. Do you like to talk on the phone?
I can talk on the phone for quite some time with my mom (^_^), or other family members, but I tend to be quite shy on the phone otherwise.

17. Are you single or taken?
Single.  And I've never fallen in love or even had the slightest inkling of love towards anyone as of yet.  I think it might be a very hard thing for me to find the right person, and I really don't know why, cause everyone I talk to claims I'm "pretty" and have a "great sense of humor", or even that I'm "clever".

18. Do you eat meat?
Yes, but I avoid red meat, mainly because it sits in my stomach like lead.  I adore fish.

19. Are you paranoid?

20. Do you read a lot?
Yes and books are one of the most wonderful inventions of all time.

21. Do you listen to music, what kind?
I like music which can spark the imagination.  So New Age stuff (instrumental) such as Cusco, Tangerine Dream, Ian Boddy's brilliant compositions, Enigma, etc.

22. Do you play any instruments?
No but I do love the violin.  And I'm going to get myself a Native American flute and learn how to play it.  The sound is so wonderful, my parents have one and it's mesmerizing.

23. How long have you been drawing?
I've tinkered with drawing on and off, but I'm just no good at it.

24. What's the meaning of life?
Well from a Christian perspective, I'd say it's to love one another and respect God's creation.  From my own perspective it's just to enjoy life for what it is.

25. Now tag FIVE of your friends! They MUST take this quiz and post it in their journal.

Eh, I won't tag anyone....sides all those I'd send this too probably have already been tagged! lol
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She has been framed, check it out here….
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You know how much I want to get Silkara's  new picture tattooed on my back? parents would kill me but still.....

Well, I shall try and be happy with the 2 I have now ^_^  I love my purdy "decorated" arms...and if you think I'd put anything but dragons permanently on my skin....

Okay maybe a pegasus, since they ARE my second favorite creature of fantasy...which by the way is a term I use loosely.

I would love to see some gift-arts of Silkara. Please anyone?  I can't offer a return gift-art since I can't draw, but I'm good at writing, and photography...shall I do a photo-shoot for you? lol

Someone asked me recently (in person) what my favorite thing would be to photograph or what I would consider the most amazing photo shoot.

Well imagine finding a real dragon on this Earth and it was friendly, and it posed for you.
I'd be using up eighteen rolls of film, or 2, maybe 3 512MB data cards for my digital camera...
I've decided to use Dragarta's "portrait" (for truly it's like Silkara was sitting there, posing for her) as my new DeviantID. That will be there a LONG time, if not permanently. LOL

Every time I look at this, I'm filled with such happiness.  I'm going to be receiving a signed print, and when I have it, I'll hang it over my bed so I can look at it every morning.
This makes my life more worth living, almost as much as seeing my precious new niece, Aliya. :) many cool things in a weekend!
First and foremost, my first niece was born May 11th, 2007.  She is 8lbs, 20 inches.  I am an auntie, YAY!!!  I've been very excited about this baby.  My sister-in-law is from Pakistan and so according to their tradition, Auntie is called "po-po"  (I don't know if that's the actual spelling, just how it sounds... "poe-poe" would be more how it sounds.)
Her name is Aliya. :)
I'm so excited, and I want to be sure to be a huge part of that baby's life!!  

The second great thing was my Silkara got her portrait finally finished by the supremely talented Dragarta.  (See my April 9th journal...)…
I have that beauty on my desktop and it will probably stay there a long time! :)  This has emotionally lifted me, both the birth of my niece and the completion of this pic...I'm hoping it's a sign of good things to come.
Somehow Silkara knew I needed to see her in a more stark, visual way.  Astral viewing is nice, but not nearly as vivid (at least for me), I tend to be weak in astral viewing, although Silkara would insist I do have a good hold on it.

Silkara has lately been trying to help me battle my "blackness" which she sometimes uses to describe my oppressor, the "Gliding Death", an evil entity who often comes in the form of a rotting crow.  This entity has plagued me with health issues and mental stress. I never knew that until I was more "astrally mature", if you will, and found this out from several astral entities who informed me that almost all humans have some form of negativity afflicting them, whether it be physical, mental, or something else.
Due to my strong imagination and mental strengths, I attracted a real bad energy, unfortunately.  The only way I can explain it is that I fling open doors to allow my imagination to soar, but sometimes this opens doors to bad things that I don't know how to block. When I was around ten or so, this nasty bugger found its way to me and has stuck.  I've been battling it since but when I turned 21 it really tried to get me.  I was very sick in 1999 and have struggled since. :( But well, I'm rambling here, and to some probably not making sense, so.....sorry if I confuse anyone!  
I know Helaris would understand, actually, she probably understands me better than anyone.

But anyway, for now I'm in a good mood (even if JUST getting over a nasty cold) and I'm hoping for a positive change soon when it comes to health matters.
Well it just gets better, don't it?  Couple days ago I developed a sore throat and it's been pretty lingering.  I think it's starting to break up but my throat is all sore and clogged up making me feel like I'm gonna I'm so tired.... :sleep:

I'm certain that the stress of the fire incident plus other ehm...womanly reasons have allowed me to succumb to this virus, bacteria...or whatever it is.

Thankfully it's not bad enough to stop me from doing what I have to do, although yesterday sure sucked, I felt my worst.
I did enjoy the nice weather though.  Sunny and in the 70s!  It's about time Spring decided to stick around.

Today I'm off to my Aunt's house to celebrate Grandma's 89th birthday!  Wow.  My Grandpa on my mom's side just turned 90 and now my Grandma (dad's side) is turning year we'll be celebrating another 90th!  *whew* I sure hope I can live that long.
Of course right now I feel like someone in their 80s myself....

And on a more positive note, Foster's is back on!! Weee!  FINALLY there is the start of Season 5.  ::snuggles her Bloo::  :hug:
Why the HELL are people so STUPID???

I just witnessed a huge fire last night, right across from my building, and watched in sadness as 50 people or more lost their apartments and all their belongings.  Some had retreated to my building as they watched the flames with tears in their eyes....there was even a little boy about nine or so behind me, crying because he thought his teacher would be mad that he lost his homework in the fire.

I watched as the building fell apart and the roof collapsed.  The walls still stand, but the inside is an empty shell, completely burned out with the exception of the basement area.

When I came home today, I learned the cause of this tragic fire.
Read this article....…

Did that make you mad?? Well it should have! Who the F*** does that to look for something??  It's called a LIGHT SWITCH, people!!!


I'm sorry, but I don't care if it's an "accident" or not.  It's actually called showing some common sense, which clearly this person did not have!!!

Here is a website showing some actual news footage.  I think you should watch it, just to see what one person's stupid decision did to so many others.…
I love Dragarta! :heart:  Well no I don't mean ROMANTICALLY...I'm just showing my adoration for this person's talent and attitude.  Very friendly soul and a huge dragon lover, so, well that automatically makes that person A-OK in my book.  ;)

Hey and while I'm at it....

YAY for Helaris!
YAY for RedDrgn!
YAY for Mooncookie!

Okay okay you get the point.

Silkara has been rendered near perfectly by Dragarta.  I wonder if that was meant to be.  It took 18 years for the right artist to come along and get that face right. I mean it's near EXACT to what her face looks like.  When I saw Dragarta's art, it emotionally gripped me in some way, so I knew there was something about her style every time I looked at her drawings.

When I receive the finished piece, it will be hung up and treasured for many years to come.
Thank you, Dragarta, for sharing your special talent! :heart:

So how would you feel if you got a card from you grandparents on St. Patrick's Day (by chance) and it contained....

a check for $10grand?

Seriously. I'm not kidding.

My grandpa is going to turn 90 and so he gave cards to all his children and grandchildren with a check for $10grand in each one.



I'm still speechless about it, and unable to even sort my emotions out properly.
My grandparents have always been generous with gifts for birthdays and Christmas, but that just blew me away.

I really don't know what else to say on it.  

I love you grandpa, hope you live to be 100! :heart:  :hug:
Well lookie....I gots me some time off!  Heh, of course like the crazy idiot I am, I actually volunteered to work some hours has been NUTS as of late.  I consider that a blessing though, it garuntees my job and lots of overtime, so I'm not complaining.  Of course work feels like a second home (and not necessarily one you like) but hey, doesn't everyone feel like that sometimes?

In car news.....I wanted to thank those who cheered me up. I really appreciated that.  My health was BLAH for about a week cause I was so emotionally roiled, but I'm doing better now. :nod:
Thank you all, really, thanks from the bottom of my heart. :heart:

I'm dealing with extremely tight finances now, so my current problem is finding ways to cut down on expenses.  Thankfully, it will get better over time, or as I hope it goes down every six months, yearly raises, and maybe even another promotion this year if I stay in good terms with the boss.  :D

Heh, and of course b-day money.  That's not until August, but I'm countin' the days. :)  Neh actually, I don't want to rush Spring or Summer.

And HOLY CRAP, Spring is just around the corner! :dance:  Whoo hoo! Bring on the flowers!!  

He he, do forgive me, I'm just looking forward to the end of winter and to more time spent outdoors.  I'm ready for sunshine, chirping birds, and a whole slew of excuses to go get my camera and do some photography...the site needs an update with some new stuff. ;)

New Car, Too Long in Coming?

Tue Feb 20, 2007, 3:46 PM
I got a new car. So why do I feel so depressed?

Well, it all happened quite fast.  On Saturday I realized my 1990 740 Volvo had a bad heater core, and suddenly I was smelling antifreeze and having a bad case of window-fog that wouldn't let up.  So I had to keep windows rolled down (which didn't help much) and freeze my ass off everywhere I went.
When I learned the repair job was about $8-900 and nobody wanted to do it because of the labor involved, I was like, "NO."  Forget it.  Time for car to go.  17 years old and needs to retire. Now.

Don't get me wrong, I loved that car, really I did.  It was a gift and I was always very appreciative of that and what my family did to help me out.  But over the roughly 3 years I owned it I spent quite a lot fixing it and finally realized it just wasn't worth it anymore.

Now I don't have the best credit, so unfortunately I found leasing out of the question for that reason.  My only option really was financing.  I knew I wanted a Kia or maybe a Chevy, those were my two options and I had previously driven rental Kias and loved them.
I did about 2 hours of research online and thought that for my budget, it was going to either be the Kia Rio or the Chevy Aveo.  
I test drove both and they were very nice, peppy little cars.  
Well to make a long story short, I eventually went with the Kia Rio and tried to get the best deal I could manage.  When the deal was close to finalizing they told me the payments would go up some because of taxes.  I did refuse and said I couldn't afford any higher payment nor could I afford to put more down.  After much negotiation (and with my brother with me) I finally got what I thought was a good deal.  Not only that they upped the warranty to a 6-yr 100k versus the 3yr warranty it originally had. (This is a 2005 Rio.)
I was happy with the deal, I got the car.  But the whole process was very stressful and emotional because my other brother (who was not with me but on the phone) did not like the idea and kept telling me to go elsewhere. I spent the whole day going elsewhere, and I was getting drained both mentally and physically.  I did take my brother's advice and insisted on a 5yr plan versus a 6yr, because the interest difference would be significant.  Still, he wasn't happy with it.  Now he seems very upset with me and I'm just plain lost, feeling like I'm close to breaking down and not knowing why....or how, to stop it.  I've never felt like this in my life.
I do like the car, I like the deal I got (the warranty getting higher was great, my biggest want was not having to pay for expensive repairs and this covers me for a long time!), but my brother was furious and I could tell by his emails he didn't think me very smart.
I don't know.  I should have driven away with that gorgeous white Kia (with grey interior..::drool:: ) and had a smile on my face.
Rather, I was depressed, and it wasn't because of the car.

PLEASE FULL VIEW! lol  I truly feel that in order to get the full effect of the photos (and detail), that full-viewing is necessary. Just needed to stress that. ;D
I've uploaded a TON of stuff, so please do check it out and let me know what you think!  I so appreciate all the lovely comments and faves I've received, thank you all!  :love:
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All right, this here is the new page.  The only reason I switched was because I was getting bored of the old name and it didn't make much sense anyway.  This new ID is directly associated with the dragon pictured. :)  Silkara has been with me since...well, as long as I can remember.

I will of course keep that old page up, cause I have LOTS of photos there and I don't care to try and transfer them all.  I will try to get a few things put here as soon as I can.

I hope to see all my watchers come here!  Pwetty pwease with dragonberries on top! ;)

And just in case...old page was