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Well yesterday reminded me why DA is one of the best internet communities out there.  I really have not regretted joining this site and will never look back.  So many awesome artists and photographers, yes, but in general the PEOPLE here are, for the most part, absolute winners and I have to find any other website like deviantart! :dalove:

So a big thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday on my profile page: :iconiytj: :iconadriandunk: :iconlucyranelle: :icondieselpaws: :iconratinrage: :iconmouselemur: :iconsylverface: :iconjackie-sugarskull: :iconmorningirbis: :iconagent36496: :iconmagicbirdie: :iconjettereitsma: :icons-kmp: !!  :huggle: :heart: :hug: :blush:

And for my admin of :iconanimalsoftheworld:, next to our awesome members, nothing has made the group so successful as the lovely people who have helped me keep it running.  Everything helps me out immensely, even just voting.  But some have gone far above and beyond the "call of duty" and made the group shine.

This journal made my birthday extra special: animalsoftheworld.deviantart.c…

And so in return I'd like to do little features for my admin who posted it for me.  :huggle:  :iconlittleheartsplz:

:iconwindinthecoffeecup:- Taylor is a star and she always will be.  Her personality is rare, and even though I haven't met her in person I can be confident of that statement. Check out her awesome work and love for animals in her gallery!
<da:thumb id="472930747"/><da:thumb id="471864045"/><da:thumb id="420288556"/><da:thumb id="467845121"/><da:thumb id="432118311"/>

:iconpanna-cotta:- Ania is so sweet and helpful :) I'm so glad to have her on the team! She has a gorgeous gallery you simply must take the time to see!
Pink Spring by panna-cotta Early Spring Cat by panna-cotta Mr. Squirrel by panna-cotta A Wish by panna-cotta Too Hot by panna-cotta

:iconmouselemur:- Danielle and her sister Marisa have been an enormous help since the day they came on board!  The group is going smoothly because of them and I can't thank them enough for their support.  Check out the beautiful gallery, these two sisters have a passion for animals and visit zoos quite frequently!
Novel by Mouselemur Lazy Missy by Mouselemur Rocky the Climber by Mouselemur Snazzy by Mouselemur Responsive by Mouselemur

:iconlsouthern:- Lisa has great photos and she's been helpful to our group! Check out a fellow animal lover's photos :)
.:I Belong To The Day:. by LSouthern<da:thumb id="453059806"/> .:She Is Watching:. by LSouthern<da:thumb id="458784651"/> .:With These Eyes:. by LSouthern

:icontanikel:- Kristina has great ideas and started a rather wonderful feature for under-appreciated artists for :iconanimalsoftheworld:  She's also a talented photographer! Check out Kristina's gallery (aka Lucky!)
Curves by tanikel Henna by tanikel Sharing by tanikel A Girl Named George by tanikel

To all other members of my admin, thank you as well!
I cherish all of you! :huggle: :glomp: :icongwompplz:
I'm thinking of getting a used Canon Rebel T3 or T3i, and comparing the photos with my new 70D.  Sometimes I feel I did better with the T3 than any other camera. Is that because I don't have the skills yet for a more advanced dslr? Or am I just being super pixel-picky lately? Because I am still not satisfied with the pictures lately, and I feel some of my older work was far superior. A lot of my old work was using the T3 and 55-250mm lens.  The camera and lens were kinda slow, but man it was nice and sharp in my opinion.

Unngghhh...I just don't know anymore. I think the only way to find out for sure is to get an older camera and see if there is any real difference. :shrug:
Got my Tamron lens back's spiffy clean! :D  I tested it out today but I have yet to look at the results, but I'm sure I'll have pictures to share soon.

In the meantime I got me a MLPFiM DISCORD T-SHIRT and can't wait to wear it as soon as it arrives in the mail!   Found this awesome one and couldn't resist...Discord dancing like a chinese dragon in chocolate rain?  Perfect.
Ahhhh, chaos is magic. :love:

I found this after reading :iconhikariviny: 's journal, and thought it would be fun to do :3 So, why not, Imma gonna do it! :la:

What is your name? - Evelynne Joy Pine

Where are you from? - New Jersey of USA

How tall are you? - 5' 8" last I knew

When is your birthday? - August 10

What do you do for a living? - New Business Processor

For how long have you been drawing? I don't, I do photography, and been doing that steadily for about five years or so now.

What hair color do you have? - Brown

What is your Eye color? - Green hazel

What is your middle name? - Joy

Do you have any siblings? - Yes, two brothers.

Right or left handed? - Right handed!

Do you have any hobbies? - Photography, reading, nature walking, collecting MLP comics :D (I used to collect Sonic comics and have every one, including all specials, up until about 148 or so. Once they killed off the Ancient Walkers, I was done.)

PC or Mac? - PC

Do you collect anything? - Yes! As stated above currently MLP comics, and also Windstone dragons, when I can afford them, but it's very slow-going.

Favorite drawing tools? - Don't draw.

Favorite movie? - The Neverending Story (original)...loved it as a child and even now it still touches me in a way I cannot describe and probably will never be able to. I have a big feeling Falcor is what started my love of dragons and fantasy.

Favorite Anime? -For a while I really enjoyed Sailor Moon Super S!

Favorite game? - Drakkan was a cool game, but I'm not into video games that much.  If you're talking board games I like Scrabble and Sorry, or if card games then it's UNO.

Favorite sport? - Not much into sports but I do like watching tennis.

Favorite color? - Purple in every shade, from light to dark.  I also really like grey and black.

Favorite food? - Probably a nice juicy hamburger XD

Favorite animal? - Squirrel!

Favorite number? - 7

Ever had a near death experience? - No, but I've had on one night what I can only describe as an overpowering sense of love from the Holy Spirit. It completely took me by surprise and I'm going to write about in my testimony.

Sexual Orientation? - Straight

Relationship status? - Single

Are you a virgin? - Yes...

What do you find attractive? -
This is a tough one.  I do like people who can communicate, have a sense of humor, and are good listeners.

What do you find unattractive? - Smokers, drinkers, and people who don't take care of themselves and look like slobs all of the time. Also if a guy is really boisterous, I don't like that either.

What features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? - Eyes and a great smile.

Do you believe in love in first sight? - Yes, although I haven't experienced it, that's for sure.

What do you wear to bed? - Nightgown, I can't wear 2-piece PJ's to bed, TOO HOT.

How many countries have you been to? - Outside of the US, only Canada.

Where would you like to travel? - England, France, or Japan would be cool.

Coffee or Tea? - Both!

Are you stubborn? - Sometimes.

Morning person or night owl? - Hmm...I don't like getting up early and I don't like staying up neither? :shrug:

If you could have one super power what would it be? - FLIGHT.

How many languages can you speak? - Just English.

Do you have any secrets?  Yes, and they're going to stay secrets! :giggle:
Well that was fun! And if anyone else wants to do this, just go ahead! I'd love to read it anyway.  ;)
My "baby" is at the repair center (a long overdue decision of mine), and I can't wait to get it back and see (hopefully) some major improvements! :la: It is being thoroughly cleaned and calibrated! I am keeping my fingers crossed this ends my focusing issues that I've been trying to work around for quite some time.  It's funny how long I thought it was just user error before I realized the whole deal with calibration problems that a lens can have.
As soon as I get it back and test it out, I'll update ;)
:iconcarnalclown: tagged me! :) (Smile)


1) You must post these rules.

2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.

3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.

4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.

5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.

6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 

7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.

8) No tag-backs.

9) You can't say that you don't do tags. 

10) You have the choice to make a journal entry! Comments if you prefer!


1- I love photography!
2- I've loved dragons since age five and am a huge fantasy buff.
3- I love coffee and tea equally and sometimes can't choose which to have!
4- I've discovered I'm an "old soul" and am fascinated by history and old movies.
5- I love chocolate but white chocolate makes me gag.
6- I enjoy all kinds of music, but have a fondness for classical.
7- I hate loud noise.
8- I don't deal well with the general public as they annoy me.
9- My favorite animal is a rodent and it's the squirrel! :3
10- I love pastel colors (especially violet) but as I got older, I began to really like earth colors. (Browns, oranges, greens, etc.)

Questions I got

1) Admit it, you're as perverted as I am aren't you? XD No, I'm not!! But I have a naughty streak sometimes, I won't deny it. :blush:
2) Do you travel frequently? Where? I do, and it's in my car, usually by myself, and to various zoos and interesting places to practice photography.
3) What's your favorite pastime? I enjoy nature walks, reading, and other quiet activities the most.
4) Do you prefer Disney or Warner Bros? I'd have to say Warner Bros.
5) Sci-Fi or Westerns? Both! I love Sci-Fi/Fantasy and a good Western is great!
6) Do you like Steampunk? Not sure, don't know much about it.
7) Ever cosplay? As what? I've never done it, but it looks like fun! I'd like to cosplay as an MLP character! :XD:
8) Would you make a deal with the devil to save a loved one? NO.  As a Christian, I would not.  Instead, I would pray to God about that loved one.
9) What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done? I'd have to say passing gas in public as silly as that happened once at work and it was LOUD. I was mortified.
10) Are you OCD and have to organize everything in your room/house in a specific way and if someone moves something do you immediately return to its place?
No but I don't like people messing with my stuff regardless...true Leo right here!

My questions for you: (Completely random from my brain... lol)

1) What would be the number one thing on your bucket list?
2) Are you afraid of heights?
3) What's your favorite cold drink in the summertime?
4) Do you prefer to drive a car or ride a bike?
5) Would you rather read a romance novel (bodice ripper XD ) or a science fiction novel?
6) What's your favorite TV show currently running?
7) What's the best costume you ever wore on Halloween?
8) Favorite number? Why?
9) Give a brief description of your worst date. Did it change the way you think about romance in general?
10) What is your biggest goal in life?


Hey guys! I was doing reverse searches today to look for any possible art thievery and was surprised and psyched to finally see what my image "Judge and Jury" was  used for :D :squee:
Judge and Jury by SilkenWinds

It was used for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team! What an honor for me :) Especially to see the images on HUGE banners.  Thanks! :D

Tamron lens and now car issues?

Fri May 23, 2014, 5:11 PM
Skin by CypherVisor

EDIT:  Well...I did another test run with the Tamron lens today, since after four days of rain we've finally had some sun. (Except now, it's raining again as I write this -.- )  I tried many drive modes, shooting modes, apertures, yadda yadda....soooo....I had some pretty good results.  It seemed very hit or miss.  :shrug:  But sometimes the focus was spot on so I'm sitting here wondering what to do.  I guess I'll still send it in to Tamron, couldn't hurt.

But I'm also having car problems now :no:  When I fill up my gas tank the car starts running rough or even stalling at lights.  Today while driving around it got better but it's a weird problem. No lights coming on the dash.  SO I went to Mieneke but they didn't have time to do a thorough look at it.  Instead the manager told me I could try some Techron in the fuel system, he said it's the only one that works to clean fuel injectors.  Well so I go to Autozone...NONE left. Go to Target. NONE left.  I. Can't. Freaking. Win.  :faint:

Hello all watchers! :) Well I haven't been uploading much due to several reasons, but my main one is because my most-used lens, my Tamron zoom...isn't doing so great lately. It's always been a bit off with focus, but I've managed to work around it.  After owning it about two years now though, the results are getting more and more disappointing.  
Because Tamron has a six-year warranty though, I will be sending it in to see if they can calibrate it for me.  Or perhaps it even needs repair, but I think it's a minor (albeit thoroughly annoying) problem.
 I decided to try Reikan's FoCal software, but the results weren't great.  It could be partly my own error as I had to try three different places to get enough light to perform the test properly.  I got a -3 adjustment at the wide angle and a -6 at full telephoto....tried it out and... :shrug: I dunno, it SEEMS a bit better, but I still think the focus is just too soft all around. So off to Tamron it will go as soon as Memorial Day weekend is over.

It gets heavy use. but who knows, maybe it was defective from the beginning and I never really noticed it.

Case in point...I rented a 70-200mm L lens for a day last weekend and some of the results are WOW. :D Although I need much practice and a steadier hand (it's a HEAVY lens) I did manage to get some nice results....including my first hummingbird shot!  :aww:

But over all, not having as much fun as I used to.  Not sure what the issue is. Is it the lens? Me? The new 70D?  I just don't know.

Anyway, enjoy the few photos I do put up.  At least, I hope you will :)



Mon May 12, 2014, 8:18 AM
Skin by CypherVisor

For all fellow dslr photographers out there...check out this very informative article...…

Now for some this may seem silly or you might say "I already knew that", but keep in mind not all of us are so quick to catch onto things... LOL
Anyway...after reading this article, I said to myself, "Huh, always wondered what that button is for." I heard about "backfocusing" in the past but had no idea what it was all about.
So after reading this article I tried it out for Mother's Day yesterday and WOW.
90% improvement of beautiful, clear, in-focus pictures! :D I have great, wonderful memories and lots of nice pics to share with the family!
I do feel I am improving a lot anyway since I made a photo collage and also a nice portrait 8 by 10 for my sister-in-law featuring all her kids for Mother's Day of some of my fave pics from recent events and she loved it a lot!  I even have people requesting me to take photos for them :aww: I mentioned  to some folks at the Mother's day celebration that maybe I should make a portfolio of some of my best portrait pictures and use them to try and get actual paid work :) They agreed wholeheartedly so...I'm hoping this can be my future.
I don't do photoshop though, so I intend to practice, practice, and practice some more to get the shot as nice as possible in-camera. ( I do some minor editing with photofiltre but not much else.)

Of course this is not a criticism on PS users at all.  Some of the stuff they produce is amazing!!
It's just that I can't see spending countless hours editing photos, nor do I want to. Why not get it as right as possible in-camera and learn to take beautiful pictures without PS? It CAN be done.  Don't believe me check out THIS amazing deviantart photographer's pictures...NO PS WHATSOEVER and it blows the mind.
Talk about skill! Or maybe it's just a great camera? :) 

An example of samlin 's gallery:  FAMILY by SAMLIM

Whatever the case this deviant is an inspiration for those who don't want to use PS for whatever the reason may be.  I will stick to basic editing for my own photos, at least for now :)

Anyway, I'm feeling blessed and happy, and thanking God for a lot of positive things going on in my life. It's an up and down road, but even little silly things like learning about AF- LOCK can make life happier. LOL

Any questions, please do comment or note me! I love talking about photography after all, being the click-happy nut that I am. :lol:

Out with the Old, In with the New

Tue Apr 29, 2014, 6:57 AM
Skin by CypherVisor

I rather unexpectedly ended up with a Canon 70D. :) It's a nice upgrade from the 60D and the 18-135mm is SUCH a versatile lens...I will have fun experimenting with it's macro ability.  Tis the season for flower photos anyway... ;) And that makes me think of how nice it was Monday, I took a half day at work so I could get some personal matters attended to...and ended up going to the park for an hour and was SO glad I did...I saw lots of birds and enjoyed the sunshine on the pear tree blossoms :meow: ...but then I ended up at the camera store.  :XD:

Traded in the 60D (you served me well old girl), a battery grip and a lens, tried a used 7D first but had to give it back because it was having battery error problems, which I discovered is an issue with the 7D, so I didn't want an unreliable camera. But what photos I DID get, the 7D was very nice indeed.  Not trying to bash this camera at all just saying the one I had was having a problem.

So instead I got a new 70D kit with the above lens and I haven't had any time to really try it out yet but in the store I was having fun with it and LOVE how insanely QUIET the kit lens is. Wow. 

The weather unfortunately isn't going to be good most of the week though and this weekend looks iffy too. More on my mind right now though are the people who've been hit with the tornadoes very recently, my thoughts and prayers are with them.  :pray:…

So I have mixed emotions, from elated to sad, and now I'm just kinda glum as a result, and I'm sure you all know what that's drains your energy!

Well I should have some new pics up soon, I do have a few I'm still editing.  I am looking forward to prairie dog babies in May, so expect that coming up as well. :meow:

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Skin by CypherVisor

UNGH. >.<  I just found out from my aunt that the squirrel situation is more serious than we thought. Yes they are getting into the house...but it turns out...according to the pest control people we had come look at it, the roof needs a LOT of work, and there are a LOT of places on the roof they could get in.  They gave a rough estimate of about $2,500 to repair this, and could only guaruntee it for about two years!  :faint:

This is money my aunt and uncle do NOT have. I helped them and paid for the inspection fee when they came to look all over the roof and take pics, but I don't have $2,500.  I am thinking I might have to sell some stuff to try and help them.

Anyone interested in a practically brand new Canon 17-55mm 2.8 lens??…  It retails at about $880, I don't want to take too great a loss, and I know these lenses hold value, so I'm hoping to get $700 for it.
I don't want to go to's RIFE with scams and I can't trust that website anymore.

I would take payment with Paypal so it's secure on both ends. I have the original box of course and as a bonus a lens hood comes with it ;) 

I hate to do this sort of thing but this is such a financial burden on my aunt and uncle and they don't have a lot of money to begin with.  Not trying to sound like a sob story here but seriously if anyone is interested let me know.

The lens has no flaws and is like new... I got it only back in Jan.

My email is -

If you don't want to comment here about it feel free to email me and discuss it.  I also have some Windstone dragons that would be particularly hard to part with but for the right price I would.  
Email me or comment here with inquiries.

Thanks all!

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Lion Country Safari Photos

Wed Mar 26, 2014, 8:37 AM
Skin by CypherVisor

I'm home sick today so I've got some time to get up my favorite photos from Florida's Lion Country Safari. This is an absolutely wonderful drive-through safari that allows for some unique opportunities to get close to the animals. Bpth my mother and I really enjoyed it! :) And don't miss the walk-through safari, there is SO much to do here!  This place had some of the most numerous animal feeding opportunities with barnyard friends, giraffes, rainbow lorikeets, budgies, and plenty of fish food machines everywhere to feed the hungry masses of koi and catfish!  They were HUGE!  XD

Best thing was that the animals were courting, rutting, and some even had babies already.  It was a wonderful time and I'd love to go back in the future!

Enjoy the photos!

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Zoo Miami Photos

Wed Mar 19, 2014, 7:55 PM
Skin by CypherVisor

This huge, open-enclosure style zoo was a great zoo to visit.  Hopefully someday I can go back, because I missed one part of there much later than I wanted.  The best part for me was the "Wings of Asia" Aviary, it's HUGE. And SO. MANY. BIRDS! :dance:

The not so great...lack of identification!!  Wow.  I think there might have been a big poster guide but I can't remember. Still, I had to try and research to discover what the birds were. In a way, it was a lot of fun  :D

I'm having trouble with one bird though, a kind of duck.  It looks like maybe a wood duck species or a common merganser but it was hard for me to tell. Your help would be much appreciated, it is the picture of two ducks with brown eyes and reddish beaks, with white, brown (mottled) and grey markings.

Enjoy the photos! :aww:

ps- The updated devianart ID picture was taken at the Lion Country Safari, which has one of the best Lorikeet feeding encounters ever.  Some of the birds looked at me funny if I tried to kiss them, some tried to bite me, and others didn't seem to care.  Loris are a lot like cats... :lol:

Disney is not for the weak! lol

Sun Mar 9, 2014, 12:27 PM
Skin by CypherVisor

Disney was awesome, but EXHAUSTING.  :faint:   I will get either a pin or a bumper sticker that states, "I survived four days at Disney".  I tried to be reasonable with the amount of pictures taken so that I don't have to feel as if I was swimming in a lake of digital photographs when I get home.  Got some nice character meet and greet photos including with the mouse himself, but personally I liked Chip n Dale myself :D

This next week will be chock-full of animal goodness, however and this is where the real fun (at least for me) will begin.  I have a car rented and will be heading to the Lion Country Safari, Seaworld, and the Zoo Miami!  I am really excited about the zoo it is supposedly very big and totally open-air style which should mean great picture opportunities. :D

I chose Seaworld over Miami Seaquarium for many reasons.  A few are that 1) currently both are around the same price (Seaworld is having special $50 weekday tickets) and Seaworld is much larger, and 2) the Seaquarium reviews aren't great.  Lots of people saying it is small, somewhat shabby, and Lolita's enclosure is super tiny for such a big whale.  So, I chose Seaworld instead since there will be more shows and other fun stuff to do.  I look forward to meeting the infamous Shamu for the first time :D

<i>ps- Please do not bother to mention the movie "Blackfish" or go on about animal abuse at Seaworld. I am aware of the controversies surrounding it. But I have decided I will go there at least once and judge for myself what this park is all about.  The only thing I do agree with is that Tilikum needs to stop performing altogether as he has killed more than one person.</i>

More animal photos...yay! :D

Sun Feb 2, 2014, 3:28 PM
Skin by CypherVisor

My goodness. Yesterday's photo outing was truly blessed.  I had to actually stop and thank the good Lord for such an amazing day.
I have a ton of good...even great photos...and I'm by no means bragging. I guess what's happening is that my talents are getting better. I hope so, and I hope you'll think so too!

First off I did some test runs on my new Canon 17-55mm f/l 2.8.  This is really not the kind of lens for wildlife unless said wildlife happens to be very close. ;)  But it is a beautiful, sharp lens! WOW.  Really...I'm no pro but that lens blew me away. I'll be using it more for portraits and landscapes, however.

And you know what I think my Tamron lens got jealous. Because it's performance yesterday was stellar! I have no other way to explain it other than maybe that lens is just dodgy and works when it feels like working.  :XD:

Well I'm SO tired now, feeling pretty bad today...just overall bleh and kinda's probably hormones acting up which has made me feel very up and down lately.  *sigh* On a more personal note (all men can stop reading here) my one breast has been having burning pains now that started out of nowhere two weeks ago and so I scheduled an appointment with a gyno, but I have to wait a month!!  Do you know two other doctor offices said they don't even take ANY INSURACE anymore?!

Yeah thanks Obama and your wonderful Obamacare.  Longer waitng times, less coverage, doctors not even taking's all so wonderful. Oh yes it is.  *SIGH*

Anyway...onto the photos.  Again, I hope you'll enjoy them. I'm tired and sore and overall exhausted but it was all worth it.  I'm praying I can stay mobile and that my health won't get worse.  But it just feels like I'm really struggling lately.

Trying not to be down though, a positive attitude is always key. ;) I'm SO looking forward to my March vacation and a chance to go to Miami zoo! :D  


2 Lenses for Sale :)

Thu Jan 30, 2014, 4:52 AM
Skin by CypherVisor

EDIT: The lenses are SOLD.  The 18-55mm was traded for a "nifty fifty" at a local camera store, and the 28-135mm sold on eBay for a lot more than I expected! Woot! :w00t: 

Hey guys! I am going to be selling my 18-55mm kit lens (asking $50, has both caps) and 28-135mm medium telephoto lens. (asking $100, has both caps and canon lens hood)  The first one is like new the 2nd one is in good condition (I bought it used, has a small scratch on lens surface, which does not affect image quality, also has a small piece of plastic missing on one of the threads where the hood attaches, the hood still attaches fine). If anyone is interested note me, I'd be willing to discuss sales here before putting them on eBay if there are no takers.
I'm also selling an HP Pavilion Enterntainment Dv6000 laptop. (asking $100) It's been factory reset, and works fine, but has one burnt pixel on the screen.  All sales are through Paypal only.  Send to

Let me know! :meow:

No Pain No Gain

Sat Jan 25, 2014, 4:14 PM
Skin by CypherVisor

EDIT: Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know, in case anyone was interested, that I decided not to keep the lens.  While I'm sure it is capable of great shots, the heavy weight is just too much for me...I'm still feeling it from yesterday.  I then had a tough choice about what to get instead.  I already have a 70-300mm Tamron that has served me well, it's just it's not too great in low light and is a bit slow.  However I had to seriously consider my usual, everyday shooting conditions...which are normally outdoors and with good light. replace the Tamron makes little sense at this time. In the future I plan on getting Canon's 70-200mm and get an extender.  I'll just have to learn manual focusing for that.

So I narrowed it down to three different lenses. I'm going on vacation soon to Disney for the first time and I thought to myself "A shorter zoom is probably going to serve me better, and especially for indoor or low light like taking evening portraits. For that reason alone and because I already have a 70-300mm for wildlife, I narrowed it down to these:

Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, Canon EF 135mm f/2 L USM, and the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 L USM.

The problem with the two latter ones, as amazing as they sound is, well NO IS.  I need IS because I hate tripods and rarely use them.  Also I can't imagine trying to tug along a tripod with all my other gear when trying to shoot at Disney. It's back to the same problem of TOO MUCH WEIGHT.  For me this is really a problem because of my Fibro and I underestimated how heavy the 100-400's by far heavier than any of those three I mentioned.

After much thought I went with the 17-55mm. It has great reviews, is pretty much like an L lens according to users, and has great low light capability.  Plus I discovered that I already had the lens hood for this and didn't even know it! :XD:  This is because when I got my 60D I traded for it and got it used. When I asked the seller at the camera store if he had any other stuff that came with it he gave me the EW83J lens hood!  So I just tucked it away somewhere in a box and kept it there! Low and behold, it's made for the 17-55! Go figure! :D've learned a valuable lesson in doing a little more research and thinking about what I need or don't need.  After all photography is more of a hobby for me and not so much a profession. I do love the idea of selling photos, and I HAVE...but I think in the end it's more skill then the lens, don't you think?

That being said I still wish the 100-400mm beast would have worked out, I really do. It IS an awesome piece of glass.  Just...not practical for a walk-around lens, despite the awesome 400mm reach which is essentially a 550mm or so on the crop sensor 60D.

Gotta love Amazon though, their return policy is amazing, and I've already ordered the other lens so I'll have it in plenty of time for vacation. I've read a lot of reviews, and the 17-55mm sounds great!  (And at least TWO POUNDS LIGHTER! LMAO)


Oh man I am so SORE.  The Canon 100mm-400mm L lens has officially KILLED me.  That lens is a BEAST. :faint:
For someone with Fibromyalgia that is a tough lens to get used to, weight-wise.  But I must prevail!! I MUST!

Why?!  BECAUSE IT'S MY FIRST PRO LENS!!!  :dance: :dance: :la: :dance: :dance:

And I just tested it out today!  I got it used...saved me nearly $400 to do I have to make sure it's OK before I decide to keep it for good.

And I AM CRAZY. Yes I am...because I tested it out in 20 degree weather and it was snowing pretty much the whole time!  I think I was one of maybe what, fifteen people at the Bronx Zoo today?!

But you realize the winter is AWESOME for animal activity, and even better, the deer are rutting, so I got some shots of that too!  This was heavily overcast, windy, snowy, totally craptastic weather for photography (beautiful for the eyes though) so talk about challenging myself and this lens to ridiculous levels.  Yes it's an L lens but it's not gonna perform like magic in these kinds of conditions, and I'm no pro.

Sooo....despite all of that....I do have some very good shots, and I would like your opinions on them. :D

Also thanks to all of you who commented on my last photo journal, I'm really surprised those wolf photos were popular. I will upload some of the ones you all chose and thanks again for all of your support.  I have a pro lens now (if I keep it), but I think a monopod is going to be a must, and loads more practice as well.  I'm actually really excited to try this lens out in the Spring in much better weather! :D  CAUSE WINTER CAN GO TAKE A HIKE NOW!!  Oh crap's still only January.  *SIGH*

(Hey maybe I'll get my arms all beefed up if I keep using this metal and glass monster...that's one benefit right?  Well either that or my arms will fall off...I'll keep all of you updated!)

Wolves at Play

Tue Jan 21, 2014, 1:59 PM
Skin by CypherVisor

Hey all! :wave: I have today a little photo journal to share with you :3  This time around, the photos were not the greatest quality and not suitable for uploading (IMHO anyway), but I didn't want to trash them either.  So...I did the best I could in fixing them up and decided to share them here. :D Basically I went to TB zoo the other day and braved the cold to try and get at least a few good photos. The day was overcast but the real problem was the Plexiglas. I'm very disappointed because it was very dirty (smeared with dirt and probably not cleaned in a long time) and hard to find any clean spots.  The wolves kept moving so it made it even harder. Therefore the camera had a hard time focusing and using manual was tricky due to the constant movement.
Still they were very active and frolicking about. The resulting photos had too many adorable poses and cute expressions for me to pass up the sharing opportunity!  The wolves here are all brothers and there are four of them.  (Only three present that day.) Two are Greys (white) and the other two are timber wolves, my personal favorite. :D

Do let me know if you want me to actually upload any of these.  While I am getting extremely picky about my own photos lately do give me your opinions and let me know. Also feel free to use any of these for references.

Here they are! :la: Enjoy! 

OH! And I want to dedicate this to a few wolf-loving deviants who inspire me everday with their amazing photography!  That would be :iconlupinicious:, :iconwoxys: and :iconwind-princess:.  :love:


 photo fullwhite_zps2c0126b7.jpg  -Alpha male grey wolf.  (Please note GREY can be many variations including WHITE.) Their coats look so much better in the winter!
 photo justtokeep13_zps24377009.jpg- Alpha struttin' his stuff. :meow:
 photo gangup_zps663f15be.jpg- Time to gang up on the poor Omega.  He's a rather lovely timber wolf.
 photo gangup2_zps1fcebbf3.jpg- Trying the adorable pose.
 photo justtokeep_zps0515296a.jpg- Trying the SUPER adorable pose.
 photo justtokeep5_zpsf4d0aa70.jpg- "Hey bro watch that tender spot...!"
 photo justtokeep7_zpsf794417d.jpg- Muzzle "wrapping" is a form of greeting, and in this case probably submission too!
 photo justtokeep6_zpsc56252ce.jpg- That's a very uncertain
 photo gangup3_zps67c0448c.jpg- Whose got the bigger, badder canines?
 photo justtokeep8_zps028d055b.jpg- Playful and adorable Omega!
 photo justtokeep9_zpsb0d30cfb.jpg- Good thing this is a male so we can't say he's being "unlady like". LOL
 photo justtokeep11_zps2c258678.jpg= Tussling with a dominating brother. Sheesh.
 photo justtokeep12_zpsa939fcec.jpg- I don't even know... :XD:  Wolves have great expressions!
 photo PALS_zps0380b03a.jpg- Alpha and Omega....and Omega there looks a bit nervous.
 photo justtokeep14_zps0a5a6cc1.jpg- "You're my best pal." :heart:
 photo justtokeep15_zps82a55b79.jpg- More greeting in dramatic wolf fashion.
 photo justtokeep17_zps3f81a79a.jpg- The quality of this is pretty good but another similar photo was better.  I do love the sense of brotherly bonds here as they play.
 photo justtokeep18_zpsf8ae4544.jpg- "WAIT, DUDE...did you see that?!" "What?" "HA HA made you look!"  :XD:

 photo male_zps3fee1865.jpg- And this one is a shot of a male species of pheasant? that I cannot identify. It's a new bird at the zoo, with some females too, but they did not have any signs up.  Can you help me figure it out?  (I'll buy you a piece of internet cake to the first to correctly identify! :D)

Movies and March

Thu Jan 16, 2014, 7:31 AM
Skin by CypherVisor

Well as usual the theater experience is hard for me...I finally have a name for it, MTS, or "Movie Theater Sickness".  It comes not from motion sickness no...I don't have motion sickness issues. It comes from the POPCORN.  Yes, it is a well known fact and growing issue that several people get sick from theater popcorn...supposedly it has something to do with being allergic or intolerant to the ingredients in the butter topping.  (And not necessarily the liquid stuff if it's dried on the popcorn which gives it the yellow color, same effect.) Even the smell bothers me, I mean a lot. There has to be something to this because at home when I eat popcorn I don't have that problem.  Though it's usually just lightly salted, no butter.
Anyway....that makes going to the movies hard for me.  I did go to see "Frozen" recently though and I liked it...a LOT. I watched it with my niece and nephew, and my dad.  Even he liked it! XD
I think the overall gorgeous animation did it for me but the storyline was good, and I really enjoyed the characters, especially Sven the reindeer. :)  I have a thing for cute Disney animals!  (Bambi being one of my favorite classics.)

Just recently though I went to see Paranormal 5 and BLEH.  What a total waste of my money!!!  I was an idiot and got some popcorn (this was just before I discovered why I get sick in theaters a lot) so I started feeling really bad but the movie was just TRASH.  I couldn't get through half of it. Now I actually enjoyed the first two movies and I don't remember the cursing every five lines...let me ask that how we should be potraying our Latino-American people? As loud partying, obnoxious people cursing every other second?  Yes maybe it's true for many of them but still...I found it offensive, actually, and I'm not even Latino.

It was rated R I think but just turned me off. I left.  What a waste of nearly $20 though I was really mad about that.

*SIGH*  Well anyway....some time before that I had seen "Secret Life of Walter Mitty".  VERY GOOD.  That was a GREAT movie.  And hilarious!  If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. Thankfully I got through that movie fine, I didn't eat popcorn though X)  I had candy! lol

Then last night I purchased "Life of PI", a movie I have been wanting to see for a while.  I was BLOWN AWAY!! That movie is incredible!!  And I gauruntee it is the most unique and beautiful movie you will ever see!  And I bet you never thought a bengal tiger could have a name like "Richard Parker".  :giggle:  For a photographer the movie is like visual eye-candy, and all of the animals just made it more fun.  I don't want to spoil anything, but one of my fave moments in this movie was Meerkat Island.

In March I am going on vacation! :boogie:  And this time for the first time in my working history...for TWO WEEKS!  YAY!!!

No it's not Aruba or Puerto Rico (that would be awesome for photography) it's back to Florida...but this time to Disney!! I'm so excited!  We already booked a hotel and are going to explore Disney for four whole days!  :w00t:  I am psyched for this trip! :XD:  Also on my plans are more horseback riding (hoping for a beach ride this time), going to the safari , any zoos I can find, and gardens for photography.  I'll probably be renting a car for two or three days so I can just go out on my own and do craploads of pictures.  That is the No.1 thing I look for on vacations, so I'll see what I can find. I would love to go back to Jungle Island, something I remember doing as a young teenager years ago when we went as a family to Florida for my parents' 25th anniversary.

As for basic sightseeing I would really like to go explore Miami.  Maybe I might luck out and spot a famous person or two. :XD:

Hey if anyone reading things has some tips about what to see and do in Florida, especially great photo opportunities, please do let me know, I'd be grateful!

Happy New Year- Feature Time!

Wed Jan 1, 2014, 12:50 PM
Skin by CypherVisor

:wow: The new year is here already?! Sheesh, where did 2013 go?? It came and went so fast I can't even remember half of it. :no: AHHH, does this happen when you get into your 30s?? Suddenly my days are flying by...I don't want to be aging too fast here! ;)

So for 2014 my New Year's resolution was to figure out how to use my journal skin again!! :lol: And I did! Ha ha. I dunno it had to do something with StashWriter, which is pretty new, and everytime DA changes something it's like learning the website all over again. :roll: I hope DA will be satisfied with the way things are for a while! :nod:

I did a nice feature for :iconanimalsoftheworld: for the New Year...we celebrated our VIP members who donated points to our group by featuring them ;)

Now I'll do a nice random feature from my favorites gallery! Been wanting to do this a while, because I swear that favorites gallery is getting HUGE. It's hard not to fave everything I see with so many talented photographers and artists in this community! And I'm quite sure I haven't seen half of it!

So here are photos and arts of some fantastic deviants out there that I have faved. :dalove:
Horses :icontinyheartsplz:

stallions by Olga5 hmmm.... twister-horse by Vikarus Expance by Vitaly-Sokol Horse under the trees by Thubakabra Black and white by Vikarus

Birds :heart:

Four birds a perching. by sweatangel Orly ? by StudioTamago<da:thumb id="361957263"/> Flight of the Fish Eagle by MorkelErasmus<da:thumb id="362064372"/>

Bunnies  :meow:

Canids :iconfoxplz:

Felids :iconkittycatplz:

Pets :iconfurryhugplz:

<da:thumb id="255272812"/> Electrikitten by thrumyeye Biskit by KiwiTakeFlight Elsie Cat by micromeg Labrador Retriever Puppy in blue by Kirikina

So Many Little Kitties by breanna-rae hold me by vi-ol-et<da:thumb id="31578752"/><da:thumb id="324946344"/> Kittens in play by meow15

Other animals :love:

Spring! by thrumyeye What is that by PictureByPali Morelia Spilota Cheynei Close-up by OrangeRoom<da:thumb id="351658122"/> Rainbow rainbow on my face by woxys

Animal Art :rose:

<da:thumb id="341320675"/> Arctic foxes by EsthervanHulsen Bat by JennyHaslimeier Deinonychus by InkHyaena<da:thumb id="386032006"/>

<da:thumb id="398421499"/><da:thumb id="404173237"/> BlueJay Layer Paint by charfade Pathfinder Closeup by jocarra WINGS OF PRECISION - BALD EAGLE by MartinWilneff

Mythical Creatures

RARE 2014: Halloween by rajewel Woops by JessicaMDouglas Ho-oh by Ruth-Tay<da:thumb id="142147567"/>

Thank you everyone for making my DA experience so amazing! I hope you will enjoy this feature as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: