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Thanks for all the birthday wishes I turned 40! Yikes! I know I’ve been sparse but the page is not dead...I’ve just been too busy to spend much time here. The Fall is coming though which is a great time for zoo photos, cooler weather is better for the animals and the photographer! I want to get a pro lens but it is taking a long time. Someday!
Hello to all of my watchers...I FINALLY have some new photos for you, taken on all new gear!  That's right I have traded all of my Canon gear and switched to Pentax!  Why? I don't know, it seems to me I could never quite master the Canon so I decided to try something new entirely. I heard good things about Pentax and so I made the decision to try all new gear and see if that improved anything.

Well I guess you will have to be the judge of that!  I LOVE the 55-200mm lens I use now for the zoo shots, because it's so sharp!  Also this lens is spot on with the focus making my task so much more enjoyable and rewarding.

I still have a lot of learning to do and want to go to photography school or take self-taught lessons.  Another idea my brother had was to be an apprentice and learn as I also would enjoy learning to do weddings or pet portraits.  As for gear I'm slowly but surely trying to acquire a fixed lens.  I would like to have this for both zoo and bird photography.

Enjoy the new photos and please do let me know what you think! I love comments and favorites and appreciate every one of them!


-As always, no flash, no Photoshop  (just simple editing) and no lack of patience. I try very hard to get the best shots I can with what I've got to work with.  Please do check out my gallery and thanks to all deviantart watchers for so many entries in my 50+ folder!  I really do appreciate it.  :huggle:
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Hey everybody!  I decided to do something a little different and make a journal about a recent and amazing trip to Longwood Gardens!  This incredible place has a fascinating history and is located in Pennsylvania.  If you are anywhere near this place or want to make it a day trip, I'm telling you it is quite worth it. The Conservatory alone is worth the trip!  Anyway, I went here for the first time during their Christmas decorations and WOW, was I ever impressed.  And since they change it up every year, I am definitely going to try and make it a yearly thing from now on!  I also go at least one other time in the year for Spring...the carpets of diverse flowers they have is just incredible.
But anyway, since I had SO many great photos of this visit I thought it would just be better to do an online photo album of sorts. Be warned, a LOT of photos will be in this journal. They are unedited and unsigned, because I consider them stock.

Oh and in case anyone asks, since I've been asked many times before, you are quite welcome to use any of these for reference, just please give me credit for the photo, that is all I ask, ok? Also if you liked the journal and want more like it, let me know! Great!  Now onto the wonders of Longwood during the Holidays!  :heart:

Right from the beginning, it's eye catching.

LGChristmas1 by SilkenWindsEven in winter, Longwood knows how to use available colors for a lovely display!
LGChristmas2 by SilkenWinds

Hard to find a bad angle in this place!
LGChristmas3 by SilkenWinds
Now THAT is a cool way to use pinecones!  :D
LGChristmas4 by SilkenWinds
One of my favorite parts of the flower garden walk, this very cool stone garden chair complete with gryphons! :drool:
LGChristmas5 by SilkenWinds

Ya gotta love ornaments made from nature...
LGChristmas6 by SilkenWinds

Nature provides its own natural decoration on a moss-lined tree stump!
LGChristmas7 by SilkenWinds
OK not nature (but wouldn't crystal flowers be awesome), but this is just one of MANY lighted plant fixtures for the spectacular evening Christmas lights display!
LGChristmas8 by SilkenWinds

The Meadow Walk has some really cool features, like these little (bronze?) frogs on the railings, so cute! :heart:
LGChristmas9 by SilkenWinds
I love antique fences and gates!  Add some interesting foliage and it's certainly an eye-pleaser.
LGChristmas10 by SilkenWinds
First thing that caught my eye once I entered the Conservatory...the single most beautiful place in any gardens I have ever visited. No wonder Longwood gets visitors from all over the globe every year!
LGChristmas11 by SilkenWinds
The combination of holiday reds and greens blended in with Christmas trees was really a spectacular work of art, those are some amazing gardeners!
LGChristmas12 by SilkenWinds
Eye pleasing at every angle!
LGChristmas13 by SilkenWinds
Loved those icicle ornaments!
LGChristmas14 by SilkenWinds
LGChristmas15 by SilkenWinds
The beauty just never ends! :heart:
LGChristmas16 by SilkenWinds
Angles, angles, and more lovely angles...
LGChristmas17 by SilkenWinds
What a cute combo.  The "furry" plant is Dusty Miller.
LGChristmas18 by SilkenWinds
O Christmas trees, O Christmas trees, they're everywhere in Long-woood....♪♫
LGChristmas19 by SilkenWinds
For me this green one was just stunning...  *_*
LGChristmas20 by SilkenWinds
Gorgeous! I love the fancy ribbons they used.
LGChristmas21 by SilkenWinds
More glorious angles  XD
LGChristmas22 by SilkenWinds
Such eye catching designs!
LGChristmas23 by SilkenWinds
Each year Longwood has different themes.  This year seemed to be a musical instrument theme. Love the piano next to a tree, they go together quite well!  Check out all the tiny little gold lights!
LGChristmas24 by SilkenWinds
That tree was made for a mansion!
LGChristmas25 by SilkenWinds
The blending of the decorated trees with the natural plants was genius.
LGChristmas26 by SilkenWinds
A wind-up tree!  The key turned as it slowly spun around and played music!  :D (Notice all the instruments?)
LGChristmas27 by SilkenWinds
I'd love to be a guest at that Christmas party!
LGChristmas28 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas29 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas30 by SilkenWinds
I'd never want to open these presents, too pretty!!  :heart:
LGChristmas31 by SilkenWinds
Great idea for your own home decorating, right?  Why put all the presents under the tree when you could also put them by the banister? ;)
LGChristmas33 by SilkenWinds
The naps I would take here, maybe after a hot cup of tea and a good book... :sleep:
LGChristmas32 by SilkenWinds
Interesting angles and composition are always my goal in my efforts to improve!
LGChristmas34 by SilkenWinds
A gorgeous tree of red roses.  :heart:
LGChristmas36 by SilkenWinds
This pretty purple plant is a Spider wort.
LGChristmas37 by SilkenWinds

The other pretty plants mustn't be ignored, even during a Christmas themed event.  :)
LGChristmas38 by SilkenWinds

I loved the blues, purples, and greens set against the backdrop of the lit rose tree!
LGChristmas39 by SilkenWinds
This amazing Christmas tree was made entirely out of desert plants! :jawdrop:
LGChristmas40 by SilkenWinds
Longwood has a stunning collection of orchids I just had to visit during my stay.
LGChristmas41 by SilkenWinds
There were several trees decorated by kids, including handmade ornaments! Wow, nice art!
LGChristmas53 by SilkenWinds
More flowers set against a backdrop of the lovely Christmas trees. I believe these white beauties are lilies if I am not mistaken.
LGChristmas54 by SilkenWinds
The largest and most breathtaking Christmas tree in the entire Conservatory! :heart:
LGChristmas55 by SilkenWinds
As evening approached, more the lights came on, including this stunner. I am really loving the combo of pale greens
with shimmering gold! :wow:
LGChristmas56 by SilkenWinds
Close-up of that lovely tree.
LGChristmas57 by SilkenWinds
Even the chandeliers were decked out for the holidays.
LGChristmas58 by SilkenWinds
I could live here in a heartbeat!
LGChristmas59 by SilkenWinds
Greens, greens, lovely greens everywhere  *_*
LGChristmas60 by SilkenWinds
And what is green without the red??
LGChristmas61 by SilkenWinds
Once evening drew near, the outside displays started to come on! And they were spectacular!
LGChristmas62 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas63 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas64 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas65 by SilkenWinds
LGChristmas66 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas67 by SilkenWinds
One of my favorite captures when all the lights were on... ;)

LGChristmas68 by SilkenWinds
Neat effect caused by some fog on the lens!  XD
LGChristmas69 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas70 by SilkenWinds
*_* The rose tree,now all lit up and glimmering red and gold!
LGChristmas71 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas72 by SilkenWinds

LGChristmas73 by SilkenWinds
This final shot was outside with a very cool and unusual windchime tree that kept "singing" every time the breeze came by!
LGChristmas74 by SilkenWinds


Merry Christmas, Happy new year

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2016, 9:31 AM
I hope you all had a great holiday!  What are some 2017 goals you have? Mine is to get healthier (an ongoing struggle...), and continue to improve my photography!

I hope you all will enjoy some new ones I put up and there is more to come in the near future.  :)

On a side note, I could use your prayers.  I just haven't been feeling well at all the past several weeks after doing pretty well for quite some time.  I can still get to work and function, but I am frustrated to be struggling to maintain a decent level of well-being after what I've been through and how many long years I have fought. 

Thank you all in advance :)

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Finally some photos!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2016, 12:32 PM
Hey everyone, well it's about time, right?
I uploaded some photos today after such a long hiatus. Actually the backlog I have is incredible, it's gonna be a while before I get through everything.  I had problems with my computer once I moved, having to factory reset it (after spending hours trying to get it to backup files and it kept failing), thankfully I had a Clickdrive that still worked and I was able to back up all the photos before the reset.
Anyway, just a few for now but more on the way.

I have to say I am not happy with something. Whether's it's me, the lens, the calibration, or perhaps even the camera itself, I am not getting the results I usually expect. It could be the lens. I may revert to my trusty old Tamron, it's slower but always seemed to have more satisfying results for me.

Enjoy and give me your thoughts on these if you have time. :)
Meanwhile I enjoy my new house but man was it EXHAUSTING getting through October.  With the health issues I have it was even more tiring...and I think I suffered for it.  I haven't felt very well these last couple of weeks, my body is probably shot from all the lifting, cleaning, running to the stores, etc.  Moving is torture, just pure TORTURE.  I don't plan on doing it again for a VERY long time...this is going to be home for who knows how long!  (Thanks mom and dad... :heart: )  But next time I will be hiring movers! You better believe it! LOL  I'm gettin' too old for this crap!  XD

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A special message

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 11, 2016, 12:13 PM

edit: How funny, moments after posting this, his new account is gone. LMAO I have to laugh, it happens fast now.  XD
Hey fellow deviants, I changed my DA ID to an old one with that sweet Paso Fino horse I met years ago named Montego.  It's a special memory and I did this to send a stern message to the ignorant little troll who keeps taking THAT picture and defacing it.  That message is, no matter how much you do that, it means nothing. You cannot take that memory away from me, you cannot change the fact it was a happy time, and you cannot turn it into something it is not.  You can continue to scrawl your three-year old drawing ability all over it. You can curse at me, mock me, spew lies about me, and do whatever you want while you cower behind your desk and smirk, thinking you are immune to retaliation.  You post all the time how "it's not a crime to steal art"...and now it's not ok to have a negative comment?? Hmmm...why of course you can have a negative comment, but maybe the problem is that you are downright cruel and ABUSIVE to fellow humans.  It's not ok to abuse animals, but it's ok to deface, lie, cheat, steal, and smear fellow human's reputations, right?  And why? OH I know...because they may or may not follow your views on animals and whether or not we should eat meat.  OH I'm not a VEGAN, therefore I am a MONSTER.  The only PROBLEM is YOU...and you will fail to see it each and every time because in your own cowardly little way, you disable comments so no one can argue with you or even try to make a sensible point. Why do you do this? Because you know that NO ONE supports you.  Maybe others are vegan, but they surely would not support your method of HATE SPEW to try and get others to join their movement.  Do you even know what that means? Probably not.  You don't because.... eres un idiota!!
OH. There was a bit of Spanish for ya too! (And I mean no offense to anyone speaking Spanish, this is aimed soley at the troll.)
You have chosen several innocent people and decided you will harass them online. Did you know online harassment is a crime? Someday your ass is going to get arrested or maybe even karma will just come back to bite you. And remember the pictures of the burning puppy you posted some time back? (Real or not, it was sick.) So much for loving animals, you lying sack of crap!  You don't love animals either if you post shock pics just to get attention!  Ignorant lunatic.  Grow up and learn a few things, like I don't know, some morals.
Anyway, I'm not really angry despite this rant, just frustrated.  And it's not just about me.  This psychotic person has been attacking and harassing anyone he chooses, mostly those he believes are not vegan. And I say BELIEVES, because he knows none of these people personally and ASSUMES he knows everything there is to know about them.
Well enjoy your little fantasy world while you can, maggot, because reality is going to bite you hard in your ass some day, and then we'll be the ones smirking.

Have a big hug and a kiss and a GREAT DAY!!  :D :D :D

So many photos so little time

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 13, 2016, 7:35 AM

Hi guys!  :3  I have SO many photos I want to upload and having a lack of a proper computer setup where I am currently is so frustrating!!  I've gotten the shutterbug biting me again too and trust me when I say I could easily upload like a hundred new pictures...after the year it takes me to edit them! XD
If only summer of 2015 never happened... :no: ... it would have never quite backlogged like that.  Ah well...I want to forget it and move on.  I also want to say all the nice comments and encouragement strangers give me is quite touching at times.  I have met some of the BEST people on devianart! :dalove: Seriously!  Anyway, know that I appreciate all of you right back!  
I WILL have more photos soon! I can't say when, but I WILL! This account is not dead.  ;)  lol


SORRY all that this never happened. I have a few issues going on when it comes to uploading photos.  1- I am still recovering and have a tough time getting out there. I HAVE been out at some zoos but not as much as I'd like. I have a large backlog of photos as well, all which need to be sorted for the best ones, edited, etc.  You all know the kind of aggravating and tedious time THAT takes to do.  2- When weekends come I rarely want to spend time on a computer because I spend time on a computer all day at work!!  3- Poor setup where I am currently living.  I don't have a real desk and I do all of my photo editing on my tower.  My laptop does not have the screen quality I need nor does it work with the same tools I like to use for editing.  
I am moving probably by end of this year. I hope at some point to really get back in the groove again when I have a new place, a proper setup, and hopefully even more improved health.  ;)

That being said I will still try to get one or two up sometime soon if I can.
In the meantime I have quite a bit in the gallery for you to look at.  As always feel free to use my photos for references, just link and credit is all I ask.  :heart:

Hello everyone :) I just wanted to write a quick update and tell all of my watchers that I intend to upload some new photos over the Memorial Day weekend at some point.  I thank all of you who are still faving and watching me, I appreciate it so much ^_^ I hope you will enjoy the new photos. I am back to going to zoos and such on occassion, praise God I am able to do this again.  It has brought some happiness back to my life and I am fighting still to get more health improvements through new doctors, diet, etc.
Thanks to all of you who wished me well and prayed for me too :3
Exactly one day after my last journal I became very ill.  I won't get into it but suffice to say I have improved somewhat although every day remains a struggle.  I can't thank :iconmouselemur:  enough for keeping my group going for me.  I hope to get back to it more often soon but it will never be the same.  My goal this coming Spring is to do at least one zoo trip for new photos.  It would be a miracle after already six months of illness.  Your prayers would be much appreciated and thank you!
If you are on facebook check out  Angels for Juliana.  That girl will melt your heart and help you through the worst times.  Her family documents her struggles almost daily and through it all Juliana sustains a positive attitude.
Well praying definitely helps :) I've realized I have major hormonal issues (female type issues) and I seriously need to see a doctor. I may need to consider HRT as I am sick of going through this anyway when I am single and have no desire for children.  (At least not at this time in my life!)
Anyway, I am feeling less depressed today and trying to just get myself motivated to take better care of myself and think more positively.  
I saw Insidious 3 and was pleasantly surprised...pretty good movie!  It tied in the storyline nicely with the other 2 installments so it kind of redeemed itself.

And I was right, Whannel IS a LIAR.  HA HA  Let's just say, he said a certain character was not in the movie, but he was.  Even if only for three seconds. ;)

Now if they make a 4th, I want more backstory on said character. Heck he needs a whole movie just about him... XD
What is it about life, that sometimes I just don't feel like living it anymore?  At age 36 this is a disturbing thought in my mind.  But I feel trapped by a lot of things, I'm not going to go into it in any detail, but life is like "ho hum" anymore.
I don't even seem to be enjoying photography as much as I used to.  I think that if it wasn't for the games I play on my ipad or MLPFiM to give me some cheer I really wouldn't know why I bother with anything.
Sounds like depression I know, but that doesn't seem like the only thing going on here with me. I think I have to do some serious praying, there isn't much else I can do at this point.
Anyway to all who continue to leave nice comments on my photography, thank you! :heart: I really appreciate that and it does lift me up a bit.

edit- Which reminds me, I have some new photos, but I haven't processed them yet. Hopefully I can get that up soon.
And I might have become a little more down today after hearing my cousin (2nd cousin?) Donald passed away today. I knew him not particularly well but he was a very sweet man, energetic, and made an Elvis CD for me after a visit not too long ago. Then...he just died suddenly after moving just earlier this month.  *sigh* That won't add cheer to your day, that's for sure.
Ok this is just a brief review, but I do love the comics so why not? ;)

I thought this was very interesting to learn of Queen Chrysalis' exploits and her invasion of ancient pony cities, AND of her origins although they didn't explain that too much....was it some kind of place where leftover magical sludge formed by uhm...something?...that just created these changelings?  Like "primordial ooze" or something of that sort?  It made little sense to me, although it was an interesting concept.  It does however nix any idea of Chrysalis being a former regular pony or anything of the sort...she said it herself, she was born that way! o.0;

But seriously this comic made me lose all faith in our little alicorn Twilight Sparkle. Really Twi, really, did you fall for the oldest trick in the book and allow Chrysalis' little pity-me speech get you to open a freaking high security door to give her a book?  I mean come on, talk about stupid. I thought Twilight was smarter than that, but apparently not.
Somehow though she defeated Discord and somehow Tirek as's a wonder to me, it really is.  So now Chrysalis is free again, GREAT GOING TWILIGHT.  If I were Celestia, I'd be hoofin' mad.
Also I wish they could have come up with a better escape plan (the writers) for Chrysalis because it's kinda "old hat" and overused at this point....not original at all.

On that note I DID enjoy the comic series especially Tirek's story...because it was SO COOL to get to see Scorpan! XD  And I really liked that story with the trapped unicorn and everything, now I want to know who that unicorn stallion was and if he escaped.  I also think they could continue that story bigtime like showing how Scorpan went to Equestria to warn them, and ended up befriending Starswirl.  Would be an epic little mini-series of comics if you ask me!
Hello to all who have been faithfully watching me :) I do apologize for such a looooong wait for another upload, but, I did already explain in a previous journal as to why this must be the case. Still, with some time on my hands this weekend and some recent pics from two of my favorite zoos, I finally do have some I have managed to edit and complete.  However I am going to make some minor changes, as I wish to further simplify the process and am trying to enjoy my hobby more than worry about every nuance of quality that more pro photographers seem to emphasize on. Let me say this...being that I am a well-experienced novice at best, with limited equipment and time, I do animal photography simply as an enjoyable hobby to pass my free time, and nothing more. I surely want to impress as best as I can, but at the same time, striving to always impress becomes more of a chore and less of an enjoyment.  When I unexpectly sold one of my jaguar photos to a company it was a nice surprise and bit of cash, but it's not my goal to sell photos, or I would put a whole lot more time and energy (as well as finances) into getting not just better equipment but also I would take classes.  Someday I DO want to take photography classes, but I actually want to dabble in people portraits if I'm going to do this for the sake of supplemental income.  Pet portraits are popular and I would like to do that as well.  For now though, I am self-teaching and just doing it for fun.

That being said I still feel as if I need to improve my main choice of lens, as the Tamron is becoming squirrely at best with focusing (even after sending it to the company for calibration adjustment), it is a very nice telephoto lens, but is not so great for indoor use unless there is exceptionally good lighting, and is also quite slow.  It's holding me back to be quite frank, as I become more and more frustrated with its limitations, and yearn for a far faster and far superior quality lens.  And as you all know, a lens of that caliber is going to cost big bucks. goal is to simply save up for it, slowly over time, or until perhaps some unexpected funds come my way and I can do this little dream of mine.  I don't want to dissuade anyone from considering the Tamron 70-300 as a telephoto lens for their own use, it CAN take some exceptional pictures for a great price, but the hit-and-miss ratio, at least with my copy, can be VERY frustrating.  In other words the shot you do want doesn't come out right, and the shots you don't or the boring ones always come out best. ARGH. So it seems, anyway! LOL

Do understand that with each photo session I do take anywhere from 300 to 600 shots, and then at least eighty-five percent of those photos are deleted after being scrutinized on my computer screen once I get home.  
Whatever you see uploaded to deviantart is only what I consider the absolute best of the bunch.  Even then, I find myself pixel-peeping every single photo to death, and as I said before, this can take away the enjoyment of this hobby. more super-scrutinizing from me, or trying to come up with fancy titles. I am now going to start with a number system, followed by the name of the subject, and perhaps a brief comment or two in the description. Occassionally, there may be no commentary at all. I have also started to use fill-flash for particular situations where it might be necessary, and I will mention if I have in the photo. Otherwise, I still do not use flash as a main rule and neither do I use Photoshop. My simple editing is done on Windows Photo Editor and my adored Photofiltre.

As always please respect my wishes not to use my photos without permission, although you are ALWAYS welcome to use as a reference, so long as you LINK AND CREDIT me for the source.  That is all :)

Enjoy the animals that I know you love as much as I do ;)

Grandpa, I pray you are in heaven right now and embracing grandma Rozie once again! Thanks grandpa for being in our lives for so long....for nearly 98 yrs on this earth.  You have children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who all remember you and loved you for who you were.  You had much to give and your family and relatives have many happy memories.

The last of my grandparents is gone...but with that said I will cherish the memories and thank God for the time I had with all of them.  And with my brother's wife expecting a new little one...we are forever reminded that when one person's door of life closes, another opens. 

Hugs and kisses grandpa...someday we will all see you again!

My laptop died, so I got a new one. X)  I was literally told by Best Buy that I had to physically destroy the laptop to protect my personal info because the hard drive is attached to the board, so fixing that thing for $300 something when it was only $200 to begin with was so not worth it.  So I got a new laptop, and it's HP this time. It was a great price and has a disk drive. I'm hoping with a new set-up on a couch my leg won't start hurting me (which it's doing even now) and I can spend a little more time trying to work on photos.  Like I said before I still won't be on as much but I do want to get back into photography in the Spring especially while doing walks as I'm sure that will help the sciatica problem I'm dealing with.  The problem has been linked to my bed, it's sagging in the middle and I don't have slat supports underneath.  I am putting too much strain and pressure on my hip area (I'm a side sleeper) and also my lower back so this is causing the issue, according to people I've spoken with.  SO...long story short, I need to fix my bed! LOL  Since with Fibromyalgia your muscles strain and tire easily, it's essential to have proper support and that includes not just the bed, but your chair at work, your car seat, etc.  *sigh* I wouldn't wish Fibro on anyone!
I hope you are all doing well. Winter...I'm done with it! Woke up to scraping ice off my car this morning. _._  UNGH.  Looking forward to spring buds and new baby birds. :3  Soon...very soon!  But inbetween that I will be going back to Florida in March on vacation to the Keys!  I'm hoping to have some good photo opportunities down there! :)
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Well this year was not such a great start for me, had to already miss a day of work due to a bad cold I spent all of last week trying to get over.  I'm still not 100% over it but at least I'm starting to feel better.  I want to apologize to all watchers looking for new pictures...clearly I've not updated in a long time, even though I do have some stuff I could put up.  Truth be told due to the fact I must decrease my time spent online, there will be much less frequent updates.  I will be coming on deviantart only to check on my group AnimalsofTheWorld and keep that updated as much as possible.  The problem is I spend enough time on a computer at work that I don't want to spend further time on a computer at home.  My PC is not the greatest setup either I have a tiny work space in my small bedroom and often sitting in the stupid folding chair I have (even with a cushion) starts to give me sciatica pain down my right leg.  It gets extremely uncomfortable working there.  My only recourse is to get on my laptop and sit on the couch which is more comfortable, but still, my goal is to spend less time on the computer. I have other things to do with my life and not to mention a plethora of health and family-related issues that's putting a bit more stress on me. One thing I will elaborate on is weight gain I've dealt with in my 30s....I need to lose a good 30lbs now and I'm looking into ways to start at that journey.  

None of this means photography is out of my life...hardly. I am not as active with that either lately but I still enjoy it and will probably get to visiting zoos again at the return of Spring.  Winter is not my favorite season at all, and like most people I prefer indoor activities at that time.

So all that being said, thanks to those that continue to watch me and support my group, I really do appreciate it and thank the deviantart community for all the happiness they have given me :)

God bless you all!  :huggle:                    
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Ladies and gentleman...we have the perfect example of an internet TROLL right here!

<da:thumb id="498449193"/>
Why lookie, the little troll even disabled comments because he's too much of a coward to deal with the backlash of negative comments he would be sure to get.

That's right...and somehow the topic of Dislestia and art theft has something to with VEGANS!

Yes, because I hate ART THIEVES I am an EVIL, HIDEOUS meat eater!  :rofl:

Excuse me but this is so freaking hilarious and retarded I just had to share it. Even though I know I should ignore internet trolls it was just too good not to share.  ;) excuse me while I go back to eating my fried chicken, hamburger, or a nice piece of baked fish.  Because...I'm so EVIL.  

I'm part of PETA though. I swear it!!  Yes I'm part of PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS...right in front of psychopathic, butt-hurt vegans like this.  This idiot makes all other good vegans have a bad reputation as slandering, insulting morons who attack anyone who doesn't agree with them.
This is the same psycho, mind you, who posted pictures of a puppy being tortured so...yeah.  Cause... he's such an animal lover.  (And I don't know if I even believe his claims it was fake.)

ps- If you're wondering what this is all about I was supporting :iconfalleninthedark: because this troll was stealing his art, and then insulting him because he ate meat ??? err, yeah, cause one thing surely has to do with the other...  *blink*...but anyway, so some time ago said troll had put up horrible pictures of a puppy being burned alive, and even if it was fake it was still sick. So...suddenly out of nowhere now this little wonderful creation he put together up there....taking three people who don't agree with his art thievery...nothing to do with his veganism mind you...and putting words in their mouth.  I do believe he has serious mental issues...maybe it's the imbalanced diet from not eating enough protein...but who am I to say.
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So I saw the teaser trailer....hmmm...seemed real promising with the Tiptoe Through the Tulips theme maybe hinting that Lipstick Face is back, right?

Copied this from an article with an interview with the new director:

  • Leigh Whannell is the writer and director of 'Insidious Chapter 3.' (Photo :

In a recent fan interaction, Leigh Whannell, director of Insidious Chapter 3, revealed whether the red faced demon from the first chapter would return in the prequel.

Fans Will Be "Thrilled" By Insidious 3


During the special Facebook fan interaction, Whannell was asked a question about whether fans should prepare to be pushed to the edge of their seats by the creepy monster, which was unnamed in the movie.

"I'm gonna go ahead and say no. Spoiler! No, it's an all new creature," he wrote in response.

Elise Will Be A Ghost In Insidious Chapter 4?

When the question was asked again, Whannell went ahead and spilled a bit more stating that "there's an even scarier demon."

Really? REALLY?!  Well then guess what, I won't be seeing it. Just like I didn't see the 2nd.  James Wan left, didn't finish the trilogy (he may later on but that's to be determined) and my favorite character is once again skipped over when he could be the most fascinating aspect of the Further.

This is so irritating, like Nightcrawler having yet to come back in the X-Men franchise (PREQUELS, PREQUELS EVERYWHERE...SICK OF IT!!!)  and that last movie was totally lame...I hated everything about it but this is about Insidious, not X-men...

So I want I really want to know is...why did they play his "theme song"? What is the point of that? To trick hopeful fans into believeing he might be coming back but he isn't?  *sigh* I'll tell you what...until James Wan comes back onto the scene I won't be watching any other Insidious movies. I didn't see the 2nd either.
I'll wait until they decide to finish the trilogy with Wan as director and continuing the story from the 2nd. Then I'll watch the 2nd at that point.

Does anyone else play this game? I have 4 friends right now but I need more in order to open up more land...I'd really hate to have to use gems which usually means having to spend money to get them.
If you do play the game I can friend you on Facebook and then invite.
I of course would accept all offers of help on your end, too. :)
(This game is a little annoying with even certain buildings requiring either friends or gems to open.)
Thanks all!
Well yesterday reminded me why DA is one of the best internet communities out there.  I really have not regretted joining this site and will never look back.  So many awesome artists and photographers, yes, but in general the PEOPLE here are, for the most part, absolute winners and I have to find any other website like deviantart! :dalove:

So a big thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday on my profile page: :iconiytj: :iconadriandunk: :iconlucyranelle: :icondieselpaws: :iconratinrage: :iconmouselemur: :iconsylverface: :iconjackie-sugarskull: :iconmorningirbis: :iconagent36496: :iconmagicbirdie: :iconjettereitsma: :icons-kmp: !!  :huggle: :heart: :hug: :blush:

And for my admin of :iconanimalsoftheworld:, next to our awesome members, nothing has made the group so successful as the lovely people who have helped me keep it running.  Everything helps me out immensely, even just voting.  But some have gone far above and beyond the "call of duty" and made the group shine.

This journal made my birthday extra special: animalsoftheworld.deviantart.c…

And so in return I'd like to do little features for my admin who posted it for me.  :huggle:  :iconlittleheartsplz:

:iconwindinthecoffeecup:- Taylor is a star and she always will be.  Her personality is rare, and even though I haven't met her in person I can be confident of that statement. Check out her awesome work and love for animals in her gallery!
<da:thumb id="472930747"/><da:thumb id="471864045"/><da:thumb id="420288556"/><da:thumb id="467845121"/><da:thumb id="432118311"/>

:iconpanna-cotta:- Ania is so sweet and helpful :) I'm so glad to have her on the team! She has a gorgeous gallery you simply must take the time to see!
Pink Spring by panna-cotta Early Spring Cat by panna-cotta Mr. Squirrel by panna-cotta A Wish by panna-cotta Too Hot by panna-cotta

:iconmouselemur:- Danielle and her sister Marisa have been an enormous help since the day they came on board!  The group is going smoothly because of them and I can't thank them enough for their support.  Check out the beautiful gallery, these two sisters have a passion for animals and visit zoos quite frequently!
Novel by Mouselemur Lazy Missy by Mouselemur Rocky the Climber by Mouselemur Snazzy by Mouselemur Responsive by Mouselemur

:iconlsouthern:- Lisa has great photos and she's been helpful to our group! Check out a fellow animal lover's photos :)
.:I Belong To The Day:. by LSouthern<da:thumb id="453059806"/> .:She Is Watching:. by LSouthern<da:thumb id="458784651"/> .:With These Eyes:. by LSouthern

:icontanikel:- Kristina has great ideas and started a rather wonderful feature for under-appreciated artists for :iconanimalsoftheworld:  She's also a talented photographer! Check out Kristina's gallery (aka Lucky!)
Curves by tanikel Henna by tanikel Sharing by tanikel A Girl Named George by tanikel

To all other members of my admin, thank you as well!
I cherish all of you! :huggle: :glomp: :icongwompplz: