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I saw this photo and instantly was awestruck. This fantastic photographer is so talented and has a way with capturing the fantastic cheetah on photos. The black and white is a great effect and the "paleness" of this photo just seems to add character and atmosphere. It's a beautifully composed shot with great bokeh and crisp detail. I like the somewhat curious gaze of the cheetah as if she is contemplating whether to get up and go for a sprint or perhaps just settle down for a nap! Most of all the photo is visual eye-candy that brings it above your "average" photo. Most definitely worth a lot more critiques Rene is an underrated photographer by far not sure if he is in magazines or not but his photos belong there!
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clippercarrillo Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thank you, Evie, for what is a thoughtful and especially kind critique. What pleases me most is that you appreciate how much artistic "risk" went into the image, because I was so afraid of spoiling the impact of the original file, which I had spent days to acquire in order to capture the cheetah in the proper soft light. Of all species, the cheetah declares what must be a racial memory within me of dangerous beauty; something to be acquired within ourselves that demands control, if we are to survive. Likewise, the survival of the cheetah as a wild creature would validate that humans can control themselves to the point of leaving wilderness alive. Thus the imperative that this image succeed is terribly important to me, and all the choices that I made in it's creation were something that I worried over greatly. That you liked it enough to write this critique gives me great relief. Thank you for the gift of your good attention.
SilkenWinds Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh you're quite welcome, when a picture touches me like that, I must write about it! :hug:
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