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Nebula Tutorial, Re-Loaded.

In the past.. I have submitted nebula tutorials, but I have come a VERY long way since then.

These 3 resources are NEEDED to complete the tutorial, plus they will help you with other space projects as well!


"Textured Brush Set": [link]
"Star Brush Set": [link]
"Small Planet Texture": [link]

Pardon my spelling on the tutorial, my keyboard is a pile of crap ;)
Enjoy, please fav if you like it, and show me what you get from this!
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thanks for the tut, but my ps version isnt cooperating :(
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Thanks so much for this! Really helped!
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Linked to from here: [link]
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Linked to from here: [link]
thanks will try it
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best tut of them all, and your brushes came in great handy! thanks for uploading it:)
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Finally! Now I got a method to help me with my postwork for my 3D pieces. Many thanks :D
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This tut works !!!!!
I was so happy to find this one !!! Thank you so much for sharing !!! You made my day.

I create this thanks to you : languishing planet
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No problem and thanks! :)
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Thank you, this is the few photoshop tutorials that actually WORK and are clear (others fail all the time =_= ) this is REAL step by step tutorial. :D

Thank you, I made this one with it -> [link]
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Btw! Iam one of the owners of a newer graphics site (, we are pleased to say we over over 130 tutorials, 6 already accepted on Pixel2life, over 620 members, and a great community in the short time we have been around. I would apreciate it if you would check it out and post your tutorials, if you have any problems/suggestions please tell me because your work seems great and I would love to see you around, thank you very much.
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amazing, very straightforward and this has to be the best results i personnaly have seen from a nebula tut. great work :) :)
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Love this tutorial.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
whoaaaa, im gonna use this one :p
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can you tell me what settings you used for each brush? I have Paint Shop Pro, not photoshop, so they won't load onto it :(
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I can't really remember, I used to have PSP8 also, and thesettings are toally different, sorry :(
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oh well, I'll fiddle till they look kinda the same :D thanks anyway
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Good luck! Thanks for the fav and watch!
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how do you load these brushes onto photoshop? :?
(I just got Photoshop not too long ago)
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how do you load these brushes onto photoshop?
gr8 gr8 :d just the brushes I was looking for :d
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