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Weapon Meme - Verena by Silieth Weapon Meme - Verena :iconsilieth:Silieth 1 4 Verena - Compendictionary by Silieth Verena - Compendictionary :iconsilieth:Silieth 1 0 Verena - Sin Meme by Silieth Verena - Sin Meme :iconsilieth:Silieth 0 0 Verena - Faceclaim Meme by Silieth Verena - Faceclaim Meme :iconsilieth:Silieth 1 1 TMM - Verena by Silieth TMM - Verena :iconsilieth:Silieth 3 3 Frederick - Sin Meme by Silieth Frederick - Sin Meme :iconsilieth:Silieth 0 1 TMM Motivations Meme - Frederick by Silieth TMM Motivations Meme - Frederick :iconsilieth:Silieth 1 0 Asha by Silieth Asha :iconsilieth:Silieth 1 0 TMM Age Meme - Tal by Silieth TMM Age Meme - Tal :iconsilieth:Silieth 3 1 Tal - Faceclaim Meme by Silieth Tal - Faceclaim Meme :iconsilieth:Silieth 0 0 Tal - Sin Meme by Silieth Tal - Sin Meme :iconsilieth:Silieth 1 0 TMM - Tal by Silieth TMM - Tal :iconsilieth:Silieth 2 2 Motivation Meme - Imryll by Silieth Motivation Meme - Imryll :iconsilieth:Silieth 1 0 TMM - Imryll by Silieth TMM - Imryll :iconsilieth:Silieth 2 9 Imryll - Faceclaim Meme by Silieth Imryll - Faceclaim Meme :iconsilieth:Silieth 1 5 TMM - Frederick by Silieth TMM - Frederick :iconsilieth:Silieth 0 9
I really do appreciate your comments and :+fav:s! :heart:
Commissions: ON HOLD…
Art Trades: Ask Me… :la:



TMM - Verena
Despite her surprisingly carefree attitude and openness, Verena refuses to discuss her upbringing - although she always makes clear that she wasn't born under the Qun. Judging by her knowledge on the languages, you can assume she'd spent fair amounts of time in the Tevinter Empire and Anderfels.

Outside of her profession, she comes across as a friendly and caring individual, who likes to keep their friends close.
She seems to have a couple of them to visit in Anderfels.

With her physique, she's an... unusual assassin, but she doesn't let that deter her in working toward balancing her reflexes with strength. She prefers comfort over looks in her choice of clothing, but she sure makes up for it with the flashy weapons she favours.

Lvl 10 Rogue: Assassin +2sp, 1 spec

Wanted Person – The character has a prize on her head. For what reason? Bounty hunters don't care! A GM should feel at liberty to throw in random bloodthirsty bounty hunters after the character. Wanted in: Tevinter

Damsel in Distress - 
Does she look rich? Do she got the booty? Whatever the reason, the character has been cursed with the fond attentions of every professional kidnapper east of the sundered sea. If any character is to suffer kidnapping or other uncomfortable bondage on a quest, this is the sure pick.

Just Shut Up! - 
Whenever the character mentions something bad, it happens... Maybe. Unspeakable horrors follow the words "what's the worst that could happen?" It is advised to have the character stick something in their mouth during quests.

Bluff (Proficient)
Insight (Proficient)
Medical Knowledge
Poison Making (Proficient)
Herbalism (Proficient)


Poisoner - 
The assassin is an expert at handling poisons, and may carry a single poison in a quickly accessible belt or wristband, becoming able to use that poison during combat with a tier 1 attack made in the same turn. This specific poison must be explicitly listed in the characters inventory. The assassin also has exceptional sleight of hand for stealthily slipping poisons into foods. This talent adds 1 poison item slot on top of those provided by Poison Making.

Bodyhandler - 
The assassin is trained at moving dead and unconscious bodies noiselessly, as well as hiding them inconspicuously even with inadequate cover, or propping them up to appear alive and well when viewed from afar. The assassin is also able to easily move bodies larger than the assassin herself, only excluding the heaviest targets.

Murderous Stabbity - The character grips a target by the neck or shoulder, and unleashes a rabid chain of up to 5 stabs on the target, at the kind of speed only possible with a small blade. The stabs must all be on the same target. To use this talent, the character must catch and grip the target, easiest done in ambush moments.


Master Stealth

Proficient Deft Hands

Evasion - 
The rogue puts all her skills to play, just trying to frantically evade attacks and spells, consequently gaining a great chance at evading all but the sharpest aimed attacks. May be combined with moving and a basic attack.

DUAL-WEAPON: (stilettos)

Flurry - 
The character makes three quick attacks at the target, at slightly lowered damage.


Grappling - 
The character has experience with tangling right up close with many kinds of adversaries, and her grappling moves are decisive and quick. The character should be able to defeat less trained enemies of roughly comparable size in a wrestling match. A player should mention this talent when making any grappling attacks!

Two elaborately decorated stilettos (+ice enchantment)
Even more elaborately decorated scythe
Black studded leather armour
3 poison flasks: venom, stinging powder, toth cocktail
1 flask of venom hidden in the wristband
Light crossbow
2 Health poultices

1 sovereign

5 quest points
Faceclaim Meme:
Sin Meme:
Weapon Meme:
My apologies for losing touch with all of you for so long, but my personal circumstances had kept me busy enough, and right when I thought it all should be calm enough for me to drag my ass and do some serious work. This weekend will be no different, but I see no major obstacles on my horizon for the next week, so let's all hope for the best!

Here I'd like to ask all of the cool people waiting for their commissions if you're still interested in them or if anything changed (like your financial circumstances for example) and they'd like to back out for now.

Current commission list!

:iconroluevasreisa: 1/4 in progress (lineart)
:iconwirls: 0/1
:iconqueen-scribbles: 0/2

---part for the curious---

So, as to what's keeping me busy. I'm taking care of my apparently damaged mental health and I have hope that this summer I will get some major help with this, as I am to begin an intense therapy. *getting pumped* This requires me to look for another accommodation, as we made no arrangements with the owners for a stay over summer...

Aside from that, I, The Person Most Annoyed With The Sounds Kids Make That You'll Ever Know, had become an aunt and since I promised my sister that I'll make her child the first I'm going to actually like... I'm steeling myself. Imma be a good aunt. Wish me luck!

And if that wasn't enough happenings, I also took a 3 month old rabbit under my care, and since he requires lots of attention and I am inclined on making him(or her) very happy - a considerable part of my day (and money ><) is being spent on rabbit things. (I do so with pleasure <3 feel free to ask for pics!)

But! Things had began to calm down a little and I even made a couple of drawings (of questionable quality) :dummy:! Therefore I should be more that ready to work on the commissioned pieces after the weekend c:
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