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I got bored waiting for a 3D render at work, so I tried to paint something in MediBangPaintPro for the first time (and with an Intuos 4 instead of my normal Huion GT-190 and on work Mac desktop instead of my PC laptop). So semi-unfamiliar tools all around! I'm not used to such a limited tool (Not multiple layer select and such) but it was fun. I definitely won't be replacing Photoshop and Manga Studio with this, but it works in a pinch and, considering it's free, it's pretty good. 

As for the picture itself, I just wanted to draw grumpy Twiluna baby unhappy about daily wing hygiene. I figured with light coated family members on both sides (Shining, Twilight Velvet, Celestia), there's a good chance the kid could have a light coat too. It's hard balancing how genetics tend to work, recessive genes and such, and the prevalent convention of just mixing the parents' colors. So, all of this unnamed baby's colors are her parents except her coat. It helps that both families are more or less in the same color groups (blues, pinkish grays and purples) and not something vibrant like the Apple family colors.

If you're the type who has fun with OC's or just naming things in general, I'm totally open to name suggestions.
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i always love making oc and making up names its super fun ^^ i was thinking..for the foal SeleneStar?